4 Ways to Download YouTube Music Videos Online

Facebook and YouTube music videos can be downloaded while streaming online. And you don’t need to pay even a single dollar. No need to download any paid software. Download YouTube music videos is free of cost. But you have to read terms and conditions from where you are going to download.

If you are prohibited to download any specific video then I suggest, not to download that video until unless you don’t have permission.

On my Facebook  connections a lot of friends asking same kind of inquiries like;

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Okay! Let’s talk about how to download YouTube videos. I am going to share 5 different ways to download.

How to download music from YouTube

(Method # 1)

If you are interested in downloading online videos from YouTube or Facebook then, you can visit

This is amazing website. And downloading procedure is so simple and effective. From this website you can also download YouTube video playlist in one click.

download Facebook and music videos

Open the website and copy and paste video link from YouTube. After pasting the link in download box, select the video quality. I recommend to set default quality. Reason why, sometime if you try to select higher quality than the available video format. Then there might be a chance to loss of actual video quality.

Music Downloader

If you wish to download music from YouTube instead of video. Then you can select the MP3 (audio file) check box. By checking this box you will get music file in Mp3 formate from YouTube. The whole above procedure is also applicable for Facebook. You just need to copy video link from Facebook and rest of the procedure is same.

Youtube Music Videos Downloader

How to download a YouTube video online

(Method # 2)

Use Torch browser to download all of your favourite videos from any website. Torch web browser is exactly the same look and feel like Google Chrome. But it has some extra features like, media grabber and torrent built in extension. But here we are only interested in media grabber. Because this media grabber works on almost all kinds of video formats for online videos. To explain the exact procedure that how it works, I have created a video tutorial to better understand it.

See the video tutorial below and download torch browser from following link.

Facebook and YouTube Music Videos Online

(Method # 3)

There is another great website, which is best in downloading online videos. Find the link

If you talk about websites providing services to download online videos with links. Then this website is having number 1 rating in my views. Because from this website you can download almost all browsers extensions. These extensions provide you direct video download links.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Mobile, User JS, Yandex Browser, Opera 11 – 12, Opera Next, Safari, Chromium

Above listed browsers are compatible with the extensions available on savefrom website. If you are mobile user then you can download Firefox Mobile extension from this website.

Here are some screenshots taken from developer website.

Dailymotion Videos


A complete tutorial for these tools is available here.

How to download videos from YouTube

(Method # 4)

Last but not least; ClipGrab is also one of best software to download videos from all famous video links. In order to use clipgrab, you need to download a free software from, install that software in your PC or MAC book.

Copy your desired video link from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Dailymotion etc. Paste the copied link into ClipGrab. You can also select quality of video. If the video is having minimum quality range as per your selection, then this software will give you video with same best quality.

Final Words; there is endless websites and ways to download videos from YouTube or other famous video websites. But not all are working fine. I will be coming back with more great tutorials. So stay in touch by subscribing this blog.