How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows on Startup

To Disable Startup Programs you can simply delete them from startup folder. Or if the programs are running in back-end processes then you can deactivate or disable programs through msconfig tool. In my previous tutorial I shared the way, how to auto-run programs in windows. I want you to read that article, because that will help you to better understand your problem. Sometimes we manually put our applications and programs in startup folder. So that on every restart they start automatically. So to get ride of all kind of possible issue with auto-run programs, go through the tutorial below.

Reference of last Tutorial Auto-Run Programs

If you talk about the file you just added before in last tutorial. Then it is very simple to remove this file from auto-run. Just delete this from startup folder. But not all applications and programs you can remove from auto-run program on startup. Because many of the programs are listed hidden from startup folder.

Delete Startup|Auto-Run Programs on startup in Windows

You can access startup folder using any 1 out of 3 methods below.

Method # 1

To locate Startup folder copy and paste the following highlighted link in address bar of any folder.

[su_note radius=”8″]C:\Users\Mobashhir\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup[/su_note]

Method # 2

Alternatively you can open the start up folder by following way. Click Start and the click All Programs. Find Startup folder and right click the folder and then open.

disable startup program

disable startup program

Method # 3

Open Run by pressing Windows + R and type “shell:startup” (without quotes)

disable startup programs

After you access the folder, just simply delete the applications and programs from start-up folder.

Disable Startup Programs|Auto-Run on Startup

You need to access windows configuration tool to disable startup programs. To access the tool, follow the steps below.

  • Click on windows start button
  • Search for “Run”
  • Then type “msconfig” in search area and press “OK”
  • On second step, you can also search for “msconfig” instead of “Run”

disable startup programs

Above all search terms should be typed without quotes. After you open system configuration tool, click on “Startup” tab and un-check all programs which you want to disable. Click and apply and now on restart auto-run programs will be disabled.

disable auto tun in windows

How to Disable Auto Run Programs on Startup in Windows YouTube Video Tutorial

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Extra Job:

Boosting up your computer speed

Talking about to do some extra work with your windows speed. A number of people are looking for the subjected solution most probably, to increase windows speed. I recommend a little extra step to make your computer extra fast and smooth on startup. And also you can escalate with one of my tutorial. Where you can find the solution to remove all unnecessary software and applications, from your windows. Microsoft offers a free tool to fix windows speed issues. See here How to Speed Up Windows using Microsoft Fix It

increase windows speed

Open to system configuration tool using same method listed above. Click on “General” and then select option “Diagnostic Startup” and click apply. This fix will remove all unnecessary software and applications to run on startup. Unless you select them in startup tab. I hope this tutorial on disable startup programs will help you to get ride of auto start applications in windows.


How To Auto-Run Program on Startup in Windows

Auto run program on startup in windows 7, windows vista, windows 8 and windows 10 is almost same. This built-in windows option gives freedom to AutoPlay any software or program. But in some case people don’t like this option. It depends on nature of work you are doing. If you are home user then this option might not be useful for you. Or you may find this option, a cause of more CPU usage at startup. But auto run program on startup is helpful in all those cases where you must run any program on startup etc. People use this option with torrent application or network engineers use this option to run their network applications automatically.

In this tutorial I will also show you, how you can remove unnecessary applications from startup. Because auto run program on startup has two different cases. See below image to better understand.

auto run program on startup in windows

In above image I have multiple applications, which are running the time when I took this screenshot. And most of them are starting automatically whenever I will start my computer. Because I don’t want to run these application again and again. For Example; I am downloading a file using torrent. So as soon as I will start my computer, torrent application will automatically start. It means torrent is under auto run program on startup. But it will not show up in Startup folder. Later I will show you how you can disable auto run program on startup or how to disable startup program in windows.

Auto Run Program on Startup in Windows

I will give you an example. And then I will show you how to do this. Suppose I want to run Microsoft Word, whenever I start my computer. To do this auto run program on startup I will add Microsoft Word file in Startup Folder.

Method # 1

To locate Startup folder copy and paste the following highlighted link in address bar of any folder.

[su_note radius=”8″]C:\Users\Mobashhir\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup[/su_note]

Method # 2

Alternatively you can open the start up folder by following way. Click Start and the click All Programs. Find Startup folder and right click the folder and then open.

disable startup program

disable startup program

Method # 3

Open Run by pressing Windows + R and type “shell:startup” (without quotes)

disable startup programs

After you open startup folder. Right Click on empty space in folder and click shortcut, click browse and locate your file. Click next and then give a name to your shortcut and finish.

enable shortcut

create shortcut

You have added Microsoft Word into auto run program on startup. To take effect you need to restart your computer. Once you restart your computer you will see Microsoft Word will open automatically from auto run program on startup option.

Alternate way to add auto run program on startup folder

Now suppose I have an Excel document and I want to put in auto run program on startup folder. And you will find this simplest way. Just open startup folder using any one method given above. And copy and paste shortcut file into that folder. See video to better understand auto run program on startup.

Enable Auto Run Programs in Windows YouTube Video Tips

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How To Disable Auto Run Programs on Startup in Windows

If you talk about the file you just added before, it is very simple to remove this file from auto run. Just delete this from startup folder. But not all applications and programs you can remove from auto run program on startup. Because many of the programs are listed hidden. I have covered a complete article in order to delete auto run program on startup. See here How To Disable Auto Run Programs on Startup in Windows


How to Enable Autoplay | Disable AutoPlay Options in Windows

In windows we can manually enable and disable autorun and autoplay options. Autoplay and autorun most of the time affect the windows speed. AutoPlay is built option in Windows. And it lets you choose users which program to use for various kinds of digital media applications, such as music CDs or images/pictures from your any digital camera memory card etc.

enable autoplay win windows

If you are looking to stop AutoRun or looking to start a program automatically other then digital media, then you should visit the following page.

How To Auto Start|Stop any Program in Windows

Lets talk about the enable autoplay option for digital media, like CDs, Memory Card, DVDs, Images or Pictures etc.

How to Enable Autoplay Option in Windows

This method is same in almost all windows from Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and most probably for Windows 10. To enable this option, you need to follow some steps.

  • Click on Start button.
  • Open your windows control panel.
  • Find the option Autoplay.
  • Or click on Start and then type autoplay in search box
  • Or copy and paste this in address bar of any folder [su_note radius=”8″]Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\AutoPlay[/su_note]

disable autoplay in windows

After you open if you are interested to play all media files automatically then click on first option.

[su_service title=”Use AutoPlay for all media devices” icon=”icon: check-square-o” icon_color=”#000000″ size=”20″][/su_service]

This is also applicable for other media software and programs. There are multiple options to play with like you can change the settings for following. Audio CD, DV Movie, Pictures, Video Files, Audio Files, Blank CD, Blank DVD, Blu-ray Disc, DVD Audio, Super Video CD, and Mixed Content etc.

How To Disable AutoPlay Software or Programs

There might be different understanding from this heading. Some people looking to stop some AutoPlay software or programs. Because some unnecessary software inject into your Startup folder and automatically start, when you start windows. To handle this kind of problems you take help from this page.

How To Stop AutoStart AutoRun any Program in Windows

Talking about disable AutoPlay of digital media. If you would like to stop all digital media to start automatically. Then you need to go to same location and need to uncheck the option.

  • Click on Start button.
  • Open your windows control panel.
  • Find the option Autoplay.
  • Or click on Start and then type autoplay in search box
  • Or copy and paste this in address bar of any folder [su_note radius=”8″]Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\AutoPlay[/su_note]

If you like to stop all media services to stop auto playing then uncheck following option.

[su_service title=”Use AutoPlay for all media devices” icon=”icon: square-o” icon_color=”#000000″ size=”20″][/su_service]

How to Enable Autoplay | Disable AutoPlay Options in Windows YouTube Video

[su_youtube url=””]

To understand more about AutoPlay

Whenever you enable AutoPlay option, you can choose what should happen when you insert different types of digital media into your computer. For example, you can choose which digital media player is used to play DVDs. And if you disable AutoPlay, windows will ask you to choose what you want to do when you insert digital media into your computer. Like Video DVD etc.


How to Speed Up Windows using Microsoft Fix It

Speed up Windows with the help of Microsoft free tool. This tool name is “Microsoft Fix it”. This tool helps us to remove corrupted and broken registries from windows. It helps to uninstall corrupted programs from windows. And it also helps to fix the potential issues in your laptop and computer.

The main function of this tool is to troubleshoot install or uninstall issues in windows. Microsoft fix it runs on almost all kind of Windows based operating systems.

Following is list of Windows support “Microsoft Fix It”

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2012 editions
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

How to use Microsoft Fix it to Speed up Windows

Before we start I want to explain further how it is useful to speed up windows.

speed up windows free

  • It detects corrupted registry keys and these registry keys used to control data in windows.
  • It also helps to fix and troubleshoot the problems occurred during new installations.
  • If you are facing problem to uninstall programs or your control panel is giving you restrictions to uninstall programs then this tool makes your life better.

There are two ways to use Microsoft fix it. You can either directly run this program to detect problems or you can also download to use in other operating system. Visit the following link and follow the instruction in ongoing screens.

Speed up windows sounds easy now. Write us in comment to get support. And do remember to help others by sharing this post.

speed up windows free using microsoft fix it


How to Repair and Avoid Hard Drive Bad Sectors

We can repair bad sectors from hard drive. Repairing process did not need any software except window’s default repairing options. First of all we should need to know about bad sectors?

What are Bad Sectors

Bad sectors on hard drives are sectors that are physically damaged and those sectors can no longer be accessed by operating system.

What kind of Bad Sectors are Reparable?

There are two types of B.S; physical and logical bad sectors.

Physical bad sectors are same as I have written above. Physical bad sectors are irreparable. But we can recover large amount of data from physical bad sectors. There are some special ways to recover data. On the other hand logical bad sectors are reparable in nature. Logical bad sectors can be recovered by using different operating system commends or other windows utility software.

How we can Repair Hard Drive Bad Sectors

There are a number of ways to repair them from your hard drive. You can download different utility software to recover them. But today I want to show you how you can recover bad sector using operating system commands.

Repair Using Operating System

Repairing process using operating system is super easy. You all need to follow some simple steps to repair these sectors from hard drive.

  • Before proceeding close all programs running in operating system.
  • Right click on drive you want to remove B.S from.
  • Then click on Properties.
  • In Properties select Tools

Repair Bad Sectors

After selecting Tools you will see 3 options.

  • You need to click on Check Now under Error Checking

A new window will popped up. In this you will see two check boxes. Check both boxes and click on Start button. Now windows start checking errors from your hard drive. After locating problems, window will automatically repair them. To do this you has to check “Scan for and attempt recovery for bad sectors” option in before hitting start button.

Remove Bad Sectors

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It may takes more time depend on your hard drive space and your RAM memory size. So be patient and let system repair bad sectors. Once window complete the process you can resume using your system. I recommend restarting windows after repair B.S.

How to avoid Bad Sectors

Main reasons of bad sectors are power failure, low voltage or light fluctuation. So I recommend using a backup supply system like UPS for your operating system. And you can avoid bad sectors by doing regular disk fragmentation task in system.

Avoid Bad Sectors

I want to give more suggestions to avoid these problems.

  • Never unplugged /switched off power supply directly if your system is running.
  • Always shut down your system before unplugged power supply. So this will reduce chances of damage.
  • I also recommend using windows software to repair bad sectors if required.

[box color=”green” icon=”accept”]Hope this tutorial will help you to repair logical errors from hard drive. Please share with your friends.[/box]


Two Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get High Rank

SEO Plugins for WordPress are playing a major role for WordPress SEO. As I mentioned in last post “Best SEO Rules for Single Post and Single Page Optimization” I will share 2 Best SEO Plugins with you those are extremely helpful for you if you are using a WordPress Blog. Because the functionality of these plugins are so easy and effective for Search Engine Optimization of WordPress. I will also explain how you can use these SEO plugins. The plugins I am going to discuss in this post are; All in One SEO Pack and Meta Tags Optimization.


The first plugin, All in One SEO Pack is known to approximate a 90% of WordPress Bloggers. But not all knows the actual use of this plugin to get maximum results out of it.

If you implement ‘what I am going to share with you’ I am sure you will soon find your WordPress blog in search results with a continuous progress. After using this mt blog has reached to Page Rank 1 and I am sure with the help these plugins I can increase the reputation of my blog day by day. It is a good achievement for any of webmaster to get Page Rank 1.

You can download these plugins by clicking on following links

All in one SEO pack

Meta Tags Optimization

How to Use All in one SEO Pack Plugin

I am using free version of All in one SEO Pack Plugin and I could not test the functionality of pro version. For me free version of All in one SEO pack is sufficient if you learn how to use this WordPress Plugin.

All in One SEO pack has three parts.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords

If you plan to use All in one SEO pack then please keep in mind you are now working on two Title options. One for Search Engine optimization and other one for your Post Title.


Don’t be. I am here to explain the matter.

Consider the example of this post. The title of this post is “Two Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get High Rank” It is a title which shows the subject of this article or post.  And you can see in the title bar of your internet browser, title of this post is different “WordPress SEO Plugins: To Get High Page Rank” because this title I have written in ‘All in one SEO pack title bar’ and this second title is also visible in search engine instead of first title.

Why I have used two titles?

The reason behind of using two separate titles is to get maximum traffic out of two catchy titles. First title is for human beings like you and the second title is for search engine robots. The first title includes the words which will be visible when I comment on any commentluv enabled blog and people reads it and second title is keyword rich title because I have used one keyword in my second title ‘WordPress SEO Plugins’

On the other hand if you are satisfied with one title and want to use single title in the search engine too then copy the whole title and paste it into ‘All in one SEO Pack’s title space’. And if you want another title to show in search engine for the same post then use another title in ‘All in one SEO pack title’

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How to Write Description in All in One SEO Pack

Description of your post is automatically selected by search engine and you can also use your own choice custom description or summary of your post in All in one SEO pack description box. In description you can write up-to 160 characters maximum. And minimum characters length is 120 characters for better results. It is recommended to start your description with a keyword.

How to Write Keywords in All in one SEO Pack

It is very simple to write keywords in All in one SEO pack.

  • You can write up-to 5 keywords in keyword area.
  • All keywords should be comma separated
  • Do not use a comma after fifth keyword

Meta Tag Optimization Plugin for WordPress

Meta tag optimization plugin is directly integrated with All in one SEO pack. It will not work if you have not installed, All in one SEO pack.

Why we use Meta Tag Optimization Plugin?

Meta Tag Optimization Plugin is used to confirm whether you have written your SEO data correctly or not, in All in one SEO pack.

See the image below I have write title, description and keywords in All in one SEO pack but Meta Tag Optimization Plugin shows error.

Now I have made necessary changes as I wrongly put a comma after last keyword and I did not start description starting with keyword and title includes no keywords.

Look out still Meta Tag Optimization shows error in Title. So what I need to do as I have used Title correctly using one keyword and title is no more than 64 characters.

To resolve the issue I will now put a separator after keyword to highlight the search engine that Title includes this keyword so search engine robots gives priority to this keyword


Now all done and at least my post is now optimized for search engine.



How To Change Windows Taskbar Position and Icon Size

Windows taskbar can be modify in order to looks good. In windows 7 and windows 8, taskbar is slightly capture more space than windows XP. So the user has less space to work with other applications. Most of people did not bother to experience different sizes of taskbar icons available in windows 7. For those who did not familiar with it, will find procedure to change the size of windows taskbar icons and procedure to change taskbar position on desktop below. Original size of taskbar icons when you install new window 7 is looking like below screen shot.

Modify Taskbar

And after customizing you can change your windows taskbar position and icon size like below example screen shots.


Windows 7 Tasbar Icon


You can freely customize it by following below steps.

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Changing the size of Windows Taskbar Icons:

This method is same for windows 7 and windows 8.

  • Right click on taskbar
  • Click “Properties”
  • Alternate track path
  • Go to Start and then click on “Control Panel”
  • In Control Panel click on “windows Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • A window will open name “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • In this window under Taskbar Tab check the box “use small icons”
  • And Click on Apply to view the changes.

Now if you want to use icons of windows taskbar same like windows xp then follow the steps.

In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties select option “Never Combine” from a drop-down of “Taskbar Buttons”

Windows Taskbar Other Customization:

Now if you are crazy about customization then you can also change the location of taskbar on your desktop. You will find all options under in the same window under the heading “Taskbar location on screen”

windows taskbar


Finally you can also change the idle behavior of windows taskbar to hidden mode by selecting “Auto-Hide the windows taskbar” box

I know these are simple tips for those who are well familiar with Windows 7 taskbar options but for beginners these are fruitful.

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How to open Big Software, Applications and Games in Less Time

While working with software and applications on computers or laptops we used to open different software, applications and games etc… Some of them are used to open with a lot of time, like Corel Draw, Need for Speed, Adobe Photo Shop etc… It will slow down the processing speed of Windows while opening. Today I will give a very small and useful tip to overcome this problem.

You all need to follow certain steps:

  • First makes a shortcut of that application or software you want to open instantly.
  • Right Click on shortcut.
  • Click Properties.
  • In properties select Shortcuts.
  • Under Run Select Minimized from drop down list. (as shown in figure)
  • Click Apply

Increase processing speed


You all done.

Now you will feel a big difference in program opening speed.

Happy Learning



How To Send EXE File Through Email

Send exe file through email is not a big deal. First of all we should know Electronic Mail is known as E-mail and by using Emails we will send digital information to one or more people. Sending Emails is the best way to communicate over the internet. We will never neglect the importance of the Email Services. Earlier there was a system in which both sender and receiver should be online to send or receive Email. But in modern world Email can be stored to Email Provider Servers for as long as the user wants. Email server sends receive and store digital messages on them for future use and user did not need to be online simultaneously.

Send EXE File Through Email

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Everything on the internet or in real life has some certain rules and in Email Services there are also some certain rules. One of them is, “user could not send EXE files through Emails”. Because there are certain risk of sending EXE files through Email.

Some risk area:

  • EXE files may include viruses
  • EXE files may include malware
  • EXE files may include harmful content
  • EXE files may have a larger size


Now the question is how we can send EXE files through Emails?


How you can send EXE files through Email

Although as discussed above Email Servers do not allow sending EXE files through Email. But there is a process to send EXE files in Emails. The user can change the extension of EXE file with the help of file compressor. File compressor will compress the file to different format which can be sent through Email. For instance I am using WinRAR to compress my files. WinRAR is commonly used software and freely available over the web.

How it Will Work?

Suppose If want to send an EXE file in Email then follow the steps below:

  • Install WinRAR on your system
  • Then right click on that EXE file you want to send in an Email
  • Click on “Add to Archive”
  • Make your desired changes if you want and click “OK”

After Archive has done you will see the file size of that Archived file will less than original file.

Now attach that archive file in Email and Send

Hope this will helps you.


How to Set Windows Drive Icons to Default

Microsoft provides us facility to change windows drive icons according to user requirements. Users often change drive icon to their own choice. They love to modify things on the computer. And sometimes things damage or corrupt system files and folders. The same has been happening with me. When I used to drive icon change software and try to change drive icons which are more than beautiful to default icons. But that software damaged my default icons and also did not load custom drive icons. This was a bad thing for the beauty of my Windows PC software. Drive Icons were corrupted by that software. But for me it was not difficult to get back windows default icons by editing registry keys. I did change them. I think if you are reading this page then obviously you also want to change drive icons to default. OK let’s start working. Follow the below steps or see video for detailed work.


Recover Windows Drive Icons

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Recover Windows Drive Icons

  • Go to Run and type regedit
  • Open Regedit.exe
  • Then open these keys one by one


  • Now if you want to recover all drive icons in single go then delete DriveIcons key or modify one by one drive keys
  • Suppose I want to change my C drive icon to default then after open DriveIcon select drive C then in the right pane window double click on (Default) and in pop up window delete everything from Value Data option.
  • Now Click Refresh in My Computer and enjoy default windows drive icons.

Hope you will be happy now to get back windows drive icon

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