Social Media

Getting People to Tweet Your Content Is a Piece Of Cake Now!

Without any doubt, you will find a lot of social media marketers, who prefer to have the ready-made content so that they can easily spread it amongst the others. Of course, it takes high efforts to make the content working and noticeable to the world after making it available to everyone.

Tweet Your Content

According to the research, there are around 90% of the people, who rely on the already available content and never makes of their own. This becomes worse, when you get to know that you have to nudge them for spreading some link or content over the social media. However, it is as it is.

Now here comes the 9% of the gender that is actually spreading the content with some responsibility. They share, promote, and spread the information about any of the brands, person, or for the cause that they think is the finest. These sorts of individuals are called Warden of the information. It seems like that we can rely on them.

After this introduction of 90 & 9%, let’s find out those, who are those 1% remaining.

They are the minds behind the content that we share, spread, and promote. Simply, they are the master brains behind real writing, filming, designing, and creation of the content.

To Whom One Should Focus!

As we have already discussed that the 90% are really not interested in what are you doing. They are not going to share the content or even a single link, as they do not care.

Therefore, we must focus on those 10%, who actively working. They are the individuals, who care about spreading the contents. They are responsible for getting the more readers and users on your posts and links. They derive the useful strategies and the tactics to attract the consumers.

Moreover, they know that how can they even make the idle 90% twitter followers to share the links and tweets.


Let’s discuss some of the powerful tools and ways to make them spreading the content.

     Create and Click

–         By visiting, when you want to create an automatic Tweet, you just have to click on to the generate tab after writing the text, a link will be available for you to place in, anywhere you want.

–         When the person clicks the link, a message will drop into your Compose box, click on it and post.

This is the easiest way to make people share the message via Tweeting it. Lazy people will find it fun.

 Tweet & get paid

–         You can download the Tweet download button and URL, just by filling up the form at in order to get your own personal Pay.

This method will definitely attract the users to visit your site and share your message. You can pay them via e-book or can gift them anything online.

  Ask when you want to

–         The last push that you need to give to the users is to ask them once in a while about doing this favor for you. Asking them on a daily basis will reduce the impression. Be humble, polite, and nice to them so that they will do it for you instantly.

In nutshell, asking people to Tweet your content is not something difficult but it just little your little effort along with the implementation of appropriate strategy.