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Download all Facebook Pictures Videos & Messages

Facebook pictures videos & messages can be downloaded from your Facebook account. While going through subjected process you will get 2 types of things. First and most obvious you can download your Facebook pictures videos & messages. And the best thing is, you can also recover your deleted Facebook pictures videos & messages. So I am sure this sounds good for you. There is no need to buy any paid software to recover deleted data from Facebook. Facebook itself providing you option to download and recover your Facebook pictures videos & messages.

How to Recover Facebook Pictures Videos & Messages

Before going through the process, I want to tell you what you can recover / download from your Facebook. The good news is, you can recover / download almost everything from your Facebook account. So this thing is not limited to Facebook pictures videos & messages.

Here is list of Facebook data you can recover / download.

Get Start to download Facebook pictures videos & messages

So all you need to do is, follow the instructions below.

Go to the settings by clicking top right drop-down arrow and then settings. (You can also access Facebook settings by visiting following link

stop friends posting

  • Now click on “Download a copy” link.

Facebook pictures videos messages


From the next page click on “Start My Archive” button. After clicking you will be ask to type your password. Just type your password and click “Submit”

So here you see, Facebook is asking password. It means you have maximum Facebook security for your personal data. So you can recover / download Facebook pictures videos & messages securely.

Learn about Facebook Account Security

In the meantime you will also receive an email to cancel the request. Means, if you change your mind then you can go to your email account. Open the email with subject “Facebook download request”. And now click on link given for cancellation of request.

From above pictures; after finishing the last step, Facebook will take some time to collect your data. It depend on, how much data you have in your account, and how much data you have deleted already.

Facebook will again send you email with data recovery of your Facebook account. The subject of the email will be “Your download request is ready”. So now open the email and click on the link given in email. You will be redirected again to the step number 4 from above pictures. Now no need to be panic. Just click on “Start My Archive” button again and submit the password. Your download button will become ready. Just click on “Download Archive” button.

You will be redirected again to the step number 4 from above pictures. Now no need to be panic. Just click on “Start My Archive” button again and submit the password. Your download button will become ready. Just click on “Download Archive” button.

Download Facebook Files[signinlocker][/signinlocker]

Downloading will start now. The file size also vary, and it is totally depend on data whatever you share. So finally you will be having all of your Facebook pictures videos & pictures in your device.


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Top Illegal Things on Facebook You Don’t Know Ever

Want to know what are illegal things on Facebook? Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms today with a growing number of millions of subscribers. Facebook is always changing its company user policy and not everyone could perhaps cope with its terms of conditions that continue to expand, grow and updated once in a while in order to embrace the ever changing trend in the use of social network sites.

illegal thing

There are many illegal things that you cannot do from Facebook and it might be helpful in knowing these in order to avoid your account from being banned on the site. In order to help you save the efforts of searching about the illegal things that you can do on Facebook, here are some of the things that Facebook finds to be illegal thing on their site that you might not know ever and it will catch you by surprise to find your account as completely banned on Facebook.

Sharing and liking contests are illegal things on Facebook

Facebook does not allow contests like sharing and liking a particular page on the site as this is widely abused by many online marketers these days as they ride on the website’s popularity in the internet. First of all, Facebook is not a marketing site basically. It is a social network that promotes social interaction among online users that connect the world in a single site. While you can create a Facebook page to promote your organization or business, the essence of share and like contests on Facebook is subject to abuse because the site is being used as a voting mechanism for marketers for business promotion which is not a Facebook brand.

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It is important that when using the Facebook for your promotion scheme, you should mention that the contest is not related to Facebook and any information that you collect from the contestants is not given to Facebook. Facebook required by its terms that any contest should be conducted on a Facebook app which is a third party application not directly connected on the Facebook website. It is also illegal thing to contact any winner through Facebook facilities like chats, instant message and posts.

Illegal things that you can do using Facebook Advertisement

Any video or flash presentation that you display on Facebook is required to encourage viewer interaction. It is illegal thing to post flash and videos that your viewers will not find relevant and significant to view. So if you post videos that are useless without anyone viewing it, your post will be most likely removed from Facebook. Any content that you post on your Facebook ad should be true and not fraudulent or misleading otherwise your account will be completely banned from Facebook.

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It is too basic to remind you that you should also write with the proper grammar when advertising on your Facebook page which is a requirement for all Facebook users. Your ads should also provide a relevant and functional landing page that will direct your visitors to a different page other than that of Facebook. The failure to comply with these Facebook terms will constitute an illegal activity on the site.

Word count limitation on photo captions and texts

One of the common places where a Facebook policy violation occurs involves the posting of cover photos on a Facebook user’s profile. Facebook has updated its company policy involving the texts on cover photos. While you are still allowed to include a call to action on your photos, it would be illegal thing to use texts that would be more than the image or cover photo itself. This 20 percent text rule is commonly violated by many businesses that are using the Facebook page and they remain unaware that they are already doing an illegal Facebook activity that would endanger their business from the risk of getting banned from Facebook.

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Use Social Media to Market your Business

Marketing your business requires creativity and the right combination of strategies. Among the strategies that you should employ to bring in more customers and improve your brand name is social media marketing. Although the method of getting your name out through social media is different than traditional marketing strategies, it is a powerful tool to reach your company goals.

Use Social Media to Market your Business

Market Your Business with these Social Media Tips

Getting Discovered

A simple way to use social media for your business is through diversification. Open accounts with a wide variety of social media websites. Do not stick to only the most well-known names because it will limit your reach and prevent you from connecting with customers who prefer other outlets.

According to Media Bistro, roughly 15 percent of consumers look for local businesses through a social media website. Media Bistro continues by stating that around 71 percent of consumers are likely to buy from businesses that they follow online. Even if you are just starting out, setting up accounts and updating the information on a regular basis will help you reach customers in your local community. Your business becomes easier to find, especially if you provide local services.

Update Information Regularly

When you are dealing with online customers or you are trying to improve your brand, regular information is a key part of marketing. suggests that you post updates on a regular basis before you start looking for friends. It is not enough to have a company page on social media accounts. You need to give your followers and friends information to retain them for any length of time.

If you are unsure about the best content, then focus on your area of expertise. For example, if you are running a retail company for beauty products, then give your followers tips to deal with different problems they might face. Subtle advertising is more effective than outright discussion of your products or services. Allow your customers to figure out that your products are the best for their goals. Focus on giving them the tools to make a decision and maintaining professionalism in your approach.

Ask for Feedback

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, particularly when you are trying to market via social media. According to Yahoo Small Business Advisor, consumers mention brands to their friends, family and co-workers through social media roughly 90 times per day. You want to get customers talking about your brand and a simple way to get started is asking for feedback, suggestions or areas that need improvement on your social media page.

When you are given suggestions, reply to the customer or potential customer to show that you are thinking about the idea. Even if it is not possible to apply the suggestion, your customers will appreciate that you took the time to think about it and will tell others as they become more comfortable with your brand. 

Build On Customer Relations

After you have established your social media accounts, you will notice that your customers make comments, follow your posts or add you to their friends list. After you get your name out there, it is then time to focus on building up your relations with customers.

Reply to any comments that you receive on the business account. Address concerns, thank customers for their comments or answer questions about products as promptly as possible. Building up a reputation for courteous service and prompt answers will add to the number of times you enter conversations online. It is beneficial to your company because word of mouth helps bring in new customers and allows your business to grow. It also ensures that your customers come back for repeat services or new products.

Marketing through social media is not complicated, but it does require careful planning, updating and work to maintain relations with your customers. With the right combination of new content and replies to customers, you can make a solid impression that builds up a positive reputation.

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How to Marketing Your Blog Via Facebook Social Media Strategy

Today, I have one tip to talk with you about how to marketing your blog using Facebook social media strategy. Well, I think that everyone knows about this social platform and maybe you are implementing business and doing internet marketing your blog with this platform. You know? It is not only one of biggest and potential social media platforms. But it will be new amazing search engine Facebook Graph Search which all bloggers and internet marketers have to put more eyes implementation friendly blog SEO optimizing.

Facebook social media strategy

With the Facebook social media strategy you will gain many benefit direct and indirect from doing business. It is a very important way to marketing blog and business effectively. If you did not started yet I recommend to you start it from now. And here three elements do not miss for integrating business strategy.

#1 Started with profiles page engagement

Setting up profile page is ways to getting started with Facebook social media strategy. There were many people thinks that it a very simple idea and you already had one. Great! I know everyone is using currently Facebook. I just want to make sure that you profiles are related to your business and ability to marketing blog effectively. Within your Facebook profiles please fill out completely information related interests to your business and career such occupation, interested, address, and other related information. To make sure everything were done right of all and correctly. Please remembers to keep the information relevant is way to engage right people!

#2 Facebook social media strategy fan page

Facebook fan page is an important factor for keeping connects and engages right audiences. This is simple process of how to marketing your blog with Facebook but be sure your fan page could promote your business well such building trust and brand image. As bellow snapshot is my business fan page.

Whenever users clicked like your fan pages mean that they interested in your contents inside page. Thus, they want to receive new update information from your fan page. If you have a lot of people like your Facebook page it mean that you could increase high conversion rate and easy to interact with those people. But how to get more people like your Facebook page? Lol! We will talk about this magical question next post.

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#3 Group Discussion

It is recently new feature for Facebook social media strategy, with group discussion it allowed users to spread information and discuss with other users by join groups. Also, it is one of important element that you should not miss it. The group discussions are really best place to marketing your blog on Facebook. I have strong recommended creating your own group for own business as well as join others related group. You will gain more benefit from the groups such more ability to interact with other users outside your network and increase quality blog traffic via Facebook group discussion.

Right now it is your turn

I never want to right this topic because I thing that it is not unique idea for Facebook social media strategy but I think that I have to aware about this 3 important element. Because these 3 important elements are what we should not missed. Moreover, right now Facebook not only one of important social media platforms but it is new search engines which we should careful about it. I have write a guest post about Facebook graph search but How to optimize friendly blog SEO for Facebook graph search will come up next.

Oh, any opinions about this Facebook social media strategy? Or you can add your own in comments.


How to Add Twitter Follow Widget in Blogger and WordPress

Twitter follow widget can be used in both blogger and WordPress. The method is super easy. You all need to follow some steps to add twitter follow box in blogger and WordPress.

Benefits of using Twitter Follow Widget

  • You can use twitter follow widget without installing a plugin.
  • Your page speed will not disturb.
  • Code is equally useful for blogger and WordPress users.
  • You will get more twitter follow using this widget.
  • Method to use is so simple.

twitter follow box

How to Add Twitter Follow Widget in Blogger

Follow the below steps to add twitter follow box/widget in blogger.

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Then click on layout.
  3. Click on add a gadget in your widget area.
  4. Select a HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  5. Copy this code.
  6. Paste the code in gadget.
  7. Give name to gadget if you required. Then save.
  8. Now see the widget area by loading any page.

How to Add Twitter Follow Box in WordPress

In WordPress you can add twitter follow box/widget easily in widget area. Like in blogger adding twitter follow widget in WordPress is quite easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance
  3. Now click on widgets.
  4. In widget area select a TEXT widget and paste the above copied code into it.
  5. Give name to widget if required then save.

Customization of Twitter Follow Widget

You may customize this widget easily. Locate the [highlighter color=”yellow” ]mrmubi2[/highlighter] and replace this with your own twitter username. You can also modify the width and height of this twitter follow widget easily. Locate the 300 and replace it with your own required width according to width of your widget area. I have set the widget height 250px. To change the height of widget change this value according to your requirement.

If you need any help then write in comments. Leave your comments if you like.

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Elevating your Business with Social Media Marketing

There are many ways to promote our business but out of them social media marketing is probably considered as the best option to reach out to a worldwide audience. It is inexpensive and also the best way to reach out to over a billion users.