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How To Use Multiple Numbers on WhatsApp

Use multiple numbers on WhatsApp: You can use multiple numbers on WhatsApp with the help of 2 extra WhatsApp 3rd party applications. This is a trick and it is so simple and safe. You can only be able to use this trick on android phone.

[su_note radius=”8″]Before going through with tutorial. Let me give you brief summary, what we are going to do?[/su_note]

The WhatsApp you are already using is default WhatsApp application. And the color is green. Okay! so we will install two new WhatsApp applications. And both new WhatsApp application color is purple. We will verify our three numbers step by step. So please follow the steps carefully. 🙂

This process is fully optimized and safe for your WhatsApp data and mobile. You will not lose your WhatsApp data by following these steps.

Use Multiple Numbers on WhatsApp

What you need to do is, take backup of your whatsapp chat (First Number) from original green WhatsApp. Taking backup is most important step here. If you don’t know, how to take backup of WhatsApp, then follow the instructions below.

Step # 1 :- Tap on whatsapp menu and tap settings, then tap chat settings. From chat settings, you need to take backup of WhatsApp chat. This step is important to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp. And your data and chats will not deleted.

take whatsapp chat backup


backup whatsapp chat now


use multiple numbers on WhatsApp on android



Step # 2:- Go to Android phone settings and tap on “Apps”, find Original WhatsApp green app and open it. After you open WhatsApp from Apps option, you need to clear files. You can clear data by tapping “clear data” button. This is also required in order to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp.

use multiple numbers on WhatsApp
Go to Settings and Tap on Apps
how to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp
Find Original Green WhatsApp
use multiple numbers on WhatsApp now
Clear Data

Step # 3:- Now install the first 3rd party application from link below. The application you are going to download is replica of original WhatsApp. Having same functionality and user experience. In order to download the app, click on download link, and download APK file. After you download, it will be saved in your download folder, which you can access through file manager.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef662d” size=”5″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: floppy-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”2px 0px 0px #000000″]Download New WhatsApp # 1[/su_button]


install blocked apps


[su_note radius=”8″]If you are facing problem while installing new WhatsApp then follow below instructions to install.[/su_note]

  • Go to Mobile Settings.
  • Then Security Settings.
  • Check Unknown Sources

how to install block android apps


use multiple numbers on WhatsApp

Step # 4:- Now open the new WhatsApp application and verify your first number again. Please make sure; only verify that number which you already takes backup on original app, otherwise your number will not verify. After verification, new WhatsApp number 1 will ask you to restore data. Tap on restore data, you all chat messages will restore. Your first number is ready to use on first downloaded new WhatsApp application.

restore whats app data


use multiple numbers on WhatsApp

Step # 5:- Now open original green WhatsApp application again and verify your second number. After verification you need to send two or three messages to your friends from original Green WhatsApp application. This step is also important in order to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp. The reason why, we are doing this. Because we are going to take backup again. So repeat step # 1 and step # 2 again to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp. (Take backup from original green WhatsApp application and clear data from App Info for original WhatsApp.)

Step # 6:- Download second 3rd party application from the download link below.


[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef662d” size=”5″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: floppy-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”2px 0px 0px #000000″]Download New WhatsApp # 2[/su_button]


Step # 7:- After you install second new WhatsApp application. Just verify second number and restore data again on second new application.


Step# 8:- Open original WhatsApp and verify your 3rd and last number.

use multiple numbers on WhatsApp

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You can use multiple numbers on WhatsApp now


Hurray….!!! 😛

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Best Free Android Phone Launcher Download – Solo

Solo Launcher is best free Android Phone Launcher. This launcher is having all premium features for free. There is no need to pay for extra features. Solo launcher is not showing ads. In this tutorial I will show you, how you can download this launcher. And how you can get full benefits out of this android phone launcher.

I recommend you to download this launcher from the Google play store. Because other app stores are not providing 100% secure mobile apps. They are injecting their own ads in mobile apps. For those who don’t know, how to configure Google Play store, they can read my tutorial. “Configure Google Play Store”

Download Android Phone Launcher

So, downloading process is pretty much easy. To download this android phone launcher, you should have active internet connection. The size of this launcher is 4.8 MB. So if you are going to use your mobile data to download this solo launcher, then you must have sufficient data.

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  • To download this launcher, Go to the play store and type Solo Launcher or click here to download solo launcher.
  • After you download, just open this launcher and “set as default launcher”.

Android Phone Launcher Basic Settings

To put the launcher on default, you need to follow the steps.

Open the solo android phone launcher after installation. Or if you already open this launcher and want to set  as default. Then click on menu button and tap solo settings.

Best free Android Phone Launcher
Image 1


Now tap on “Set as Default Launcher”. A new selection pop up will open.


Download Android Phone Launcher


From the below selection box, tap on “Solo Launcher” and tap “Always”


Android Phone Launcher download free


Your solo android phone launcher is now ready to use. You can explore many premium features of this launcher for free. Solo launcher is also providing beautiful free wallpapers for your android phone. To access the free wallpapers, just tap on menu button and then select wallpaper.


Android Phone Launcher wallpapers


In my next tutorial, I will be having deep review for this solo android phone launcher. So subscribe to this blog or like our page on Facebook.