How to Repair and Avoid Hard Drive Bad Sectors

We can repair bad sectors from hard drive. Repairing process did not need any software except window’s default repairing options. First of all we should need to know about bad sectors?

What are Bad Sectors

Bad sectors on hard drives are sectors that are physically damaged and those sectors can no longer be accessed by operating system.

What kind of Bad Sectors are Reparable?

There are two types of B.S; physical and logical bad sectors.

Physical bad sectors are same as I have written above. Physical bad sectors are irreparable. But we can recover large amount of data from physical bad sectors. There are some special ways to recover data. On the other hand logical bad sectors are reparable in nature. Logical bad sectors can be recovered by using different operating system commends or other windows utility software.

How we can Repair Hard Drive Bad Sectors

There are a number of ways to repair them from your hard drive. You can download different utility software to recover them. But today I want to show you how you can recover bad sector using operating system commands.

Repair Using Operating System

Repairing process using operating system is super easy. You all need to follow some simple steps to repair these sectors from hard drive.

  • Before proceeding close all programs running in operating system.
  • Right click on drive you want to remove B.S from.
  • Then click on Properties.
  • In Properties select Tools

Repair Bad Sectors

After selecting Tools you will see 3 options.

  • You need to click on Check Now under Error Checking

A new window will popped up. In this you will see two check boxes. Check both boxes and click on Start button. Now windows start checking errors from your hard drive. After locating problems, window will automatically repair them. To do this you has to check “Scan for and attempt recovery for bad sectors” option in before hitting start button.

Remove Bad Sectors

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It may takes more time depend on your hard drive space and your RAM memory size. So be patient and let system repair bad sectors. Once window complete the process you can resume using your system. I recommend restarting windows after repair B.S.

How to avoid Bad Sectors

Main reasons of bad sectors are power failure, low voltage or light fluctuation. So I recommend using a backup supply system like UPS for your operating system. And you can avoid bad sectors by doing regular disk fragmentation task in system.

Avoid Bad Sectors

I want to give more suggestions to avoid these problems.

  • Never unplugged /switched off power supply directly if your system is running.
  • Always shut down your system before unplugged power supply. So this will reduce chances of damage.
  • I also recommend using windows software to repair bad sectors if required.

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How to Secure Your Wifi from Hackers

Wifi network is not secured as compared to wired network. The reason is that wifi signal can easily reachable to hackers if they are in range of your wifi network signals. So, why we use wifi? The answer is very simpler, wifi is much cheaper than wired network and network area remains clean from wires also there is less chances of damage network material. With wifi network you can modify network settings in order to prevent hackers to use your network traffic. Things are very easy.

Hack Wifi Network

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Stop Hackers to Hack Wifi Network

To secure your wifi network I am giving you some tips to avoid hack to reach your network access.

Changing Antenna Placement

There are some strategic changes you can adopt in order to reserve your wifi signals within your range not others. If you place your wifi device somewhere near outdoors or near window then hackers can catch signals easily. So place your wifi device at center of your building of home or office. Locating wifi device at center of building will help you providing strong signals all over building and you can use anywhere within range.

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Above is only a strategy to get full available signals from your wifi device. Now I will guide you how you can make wifi more secure by changing some network settings.

Wifi Network Security Settings

Disable DHCP

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and it used to configure network devices. So it means if you activate or enable DHCP on your wireless network then hackers can configure your wifi device. So it is better to disable DHCP.

Disable SSID

Same like DHCP I strongly recommend change the SSID code and disable broadcast on SSID.

SNMP Settings

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management System. By default it will be available on public network. As name show it is a network management system so it holds all wirless and IP related information. So disabling SNMP will help you, otherwise hackers can get necessary information from it.

Must use WEP

WEP stands for wireless encrypting protocol. As it encrypt the traffic on your wireless network. So must use WEP in your wireless settings.

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How to Protect Your Facebook Account

Securing your Facebook account was hard before past years. Because spammers and scams were on high before, Facebook introduces new security measures for their users. But in these days everyone is 99 % safe by using new Facebook security options. It is a great Facebook Help. If you are unaware of how to secure your Facebook account by using Facebook new security measures then read below lines.

Facebook Password

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First change your password and do select a strong password as much as you can. To know about whether your password is strong enough please read my article.

Check if your password is secure

How to Change Facebook Password

To change Facebook login password is quite easy. These are the steps to be followed in order to change Facebook account Password.

  • Login in to your facebook account and then click on “downward arrow” (located top right of the Facebook page as shown in the above image)
  • Click on “Account Settings”
  • Click on “Edit” located at the fourth line at the end of “Password”
  • Follow the instruction and click “Save Changes”

How to Secure your Facebook Account Login

You should activate secure browsing for Facebook in order to prevent scams and spam.

  • Go to “Account Settings”
  • Click on “Security” located on right side menu
  • Then click “Edit” located at the end of “Secure Browsing”
  • Then tick the box and click “Save Changes”

Make Facebook Password More Secure

Here is 99% secured way login your Facebook Account.

For this you should have your own cell phone with active connection.

  • Go to “Account Settings” then Click on “Security”
  • Click on “Edit” located at the end of “Login Approvals”
  • On Pop-Up window click “Setup Now”
  • Enter your password in next popped-up window and click “Submit”
  • In next popped-up window select your country and enter your phone number (without zero) on which you want to get verification code on every login and click “Submit”
  • You will soon receive your confirmation code on your phone number.
  • Now enter that confirmation code in next popped-up window and click “Confirm”

Now if you are using your personal computer/laptop/mobile for Facebook then you can allow Facebook login without confirmation code by giving names of your device. After clicking “Confirm” in the previous step you will be asked to enter your device name on which you are currently logging in on Facebook, enter your desired name and click next otherwise close that window.


For Android and iPhone users can set a “Code Generator” for their device if they do not want to receive confirmation code through text every time on login. You will be asked code generation in the very last of above mentioned process if you skipped then you can access and download “App” by following steps. Account Settings/Security/Login Approval → Edit/Setup Code Generator.

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How to Check your Password is Secure

Have you ever thought about your password is secure enough? If no then think about it. It has most importance if you are an active internet user. Can your password be unable to hack? It is not an important question for those who have no importance of their online account. It is most important for those who have an online account and they communicate on the internet with their online accounts. I check my password strength with an online tool; they say your password can hack in 70 trillion years. It’s amazing. It means my password can be broken but it will take 70 trillion years. Shocked? I think yes. I have checked my password strength with an online tool and they say they do not save your passwords. Tool name is How secure is my password.


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Secure Password


How Secure is my Password?


About this tool: This tool will tell you about how much your password is strong and how much a normal computer will take time to break your password. As said earlier they said they do not save your password but I recommend before recommend that tool do not check your original password, Check password which is not actual but near to actual. Suppose I have a password “howtowords123” my password has 10 initial alphabet characters and then 3 numeric characters so I will check accordingly like “howtolearn321”. So it’s my part. Now your turn to check your password;


And have fun.

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How To Make Windows Firewall User Friendly

Maximum users using Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 etc., But they used different third party software as a firewall. It’s interesting because they never believe on built in firewall in windows. It’s amazing; question is why this is so?

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Because Microsoft has not included any tutorial on how we can configure Windows Firewall to allow or block things. And also there is neither any third party software is available to control or configure Microsoft Windows Firewall.

Reason Behind:

  • Windows Firewall Configuration which is set by default is not secure.
  • And also there is no setup available to make it secure and usable.
  • Bad user interface: as no one knows from where it can modify or set up rules according to our requirements.
  • Insecure accessibility: as multiple malicious can disable it easily.
  • For an instance till now this is useless.

Make Windows Firewall User Friendly:

People didn’t know good features inside built in firewall of Microsoft Windows. According to our findings we believe Windows firewall is good to use and provide us a better security. It can be user friendly by making some changes and installing a third party software which will enable all hidden good features of built in firewall.

You all need to install Tiny firewall softwar on your computer which is freely available over internet to enable those features.

After installation you will find Microsoft Firewall is better than other third party firewall software. There are lot of good features are included which are required and sufficient to fulfill our needs. Now we will control multiple settings with multiple options and great thing is we can also set firewall start and end time according to different application and software.


How to Hide User Accounts from the Welcome Screen

There are two options if you want to hide User Accounts from Welcome Screen, and this trick will work for Windows 7 and Winodws Vista. As you know, on boot up, Windows 7 and Vista gives you a Welcome screen with a list of user accounts created on the computer. Such a list is available only in the case such accounts have been password-protected. If you don’t like to display your user accounts and want to hide from others or in order to protect your privacy, then you are on right place to learn a trick to display only the fields to inster the username and password, in perfect Windows XP style. Here are steps you may follow if you want to hide user accounts from welcome screen in Windows Vista and Widows 7. 1.

hide user account

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 Hide User Account

  • Click Start
  • In the Search field, type regedit.exe and press Enter
  • Open the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware MicrosoftWindows CurrentVersionPolicies System. (If having some problem then see the video below)
  • In the right side, double click the DontDisplayLastName and set its value to 1 (one)
  • Click OK to confirm
  • Restart the computer for the change to take effect

In case above trick not worked on your system then you have second option in order to hide user accounts from welcome screen:

Alternate way to Hide User Acoount in Windows

  • Click Start
  • In the Search field, type regedit.exe and press Enter
  • Go to your Windows registry and open this key: HKEY_Local_Machine SOFTWAREMicrosoft Windows NTCurrentVersion SpecialAccountsUserList
  • Now, right-click the UserList folder located on the left pane and from the menu, select New –>> DWORD (32-bit) Value
  • Name the new DWORD as the username you want to hide and click OK
  • Restart the computer for the changes to take effect

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Now you will see user accounts will disapear from Welcome Screen.



How to Check Suspicious Website for Malware

There are millions of websites which are violating the copyright act and busy in distribution of suspicious software and content without permission of original producer or company or have Malware on websites. Google has taken a step to check and find those websites. Google visits websites regularly to check them if they are violating copyright act and busy in the distribution of copyrighted content or having Malware on them.

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Suspecious Website


Google will provide following information on websites.

  • Current Listing status of Website
  • Are Malicious software are hosted on main domain or sub domains
  • And some more information about Malware content.

If you want to check your own website or any website whether that was suspicious for Malware or not. Then all you need to follow some certain steps.

Copy following code to your browser web address

Then type your Website Address after “= sign”

For Example:

If you want to check Google. Then you will type

Advisory Provided by Google will gives you results.

Hope this will help you with safe browsing.

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