7 Effective Ways to do Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization is a very important part of SEO. There are a number of ways to do off-page optimization. It requires more time and more hard work. But thing is that you should apply your efforts to right way.

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What is Off-Page Optimization?

It is an important question. Off-Page optimizations mean you are marketing your links or blog over the internet. If you have more incoming links, your blog would get more traffic. And by doing this practice you will see a huge increase in reputation of your blog.

This time I want to share my best 7 effective ways to do off-page optimization.

do off-page optimization

#1 Submitting Your Sitemap to Search Engines

You cannot ignore this part of off-page optimization. No blog/website can survive for long time if sitemap of that blog/website is not submitted in search engines. You can create sitemap of your blog manually. But it requires some technical coding. There are also many websites offering free sitemap generation.

After creating sitemap you should submit it to search engines. The main search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. You must submit your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

#2 Do Off-Page Optimization by Commenting

Commenting is also a part of off-page optimization. But it requires some extra care and time. You would be asked how commenting can be a part of off-page optimization. It can be, when you are commenting on websites that are relevant to the subject or niche of your website.

#3 Submitting Website to Directories

It is an old way to do off-page optimization. As someone says “old is gold”. It is correct. But people talking website submission is nearly dead. But it is not true. Directory submission is still effective way to do off-page optimization. You all need to be careful selection of category you are going to choose.

After successful submission your website can get a huge traffic from those directories. Some of big directories are DMOZ, Zoominfo, One Mission, and Yahoo Directory. There are also a number of directories offering paid listing to do off-page optimization.

#4 Forum Posting

Forum posting is also best way to do off-page optimization. You can join forums and add your website links in profile area. While forum discussion try to drive traffic to your blog/website. I want to share my list of best dofollow forum with you.

#5 Submit Articles to Article Directories

If you have some extra time then write your unique articles and submit to article directories. Article directories are very popular to get traffic from. There are a number of free article directories. Among them Ezine and Article Base are good one.

#6 Get Traffic from Question and Answer Sites

Question and Answer sites are closely related to forums. But Q & A is being used especially for finding answers for different questions. You can do off-page optimization using these sites. You all need to choose relevant category and give answers to questions with links to your blog/website.

#7 Social Bookmarking

After publishing your article you must submit your link to popular social bookmarking site. These sites are extra beneficial for your off-page optimization. But remember you should select appropriate tag while submitting your links to social media sites. You can do off-page optimization on famous bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, etc

Extra But Regular Efforts

These are most common ways to do off-page optimization. There are some more practices you can do for off-page optimization. Like making videos, sharing images, giving classified ads, joining online communities, joining groups on Facebook etc