Six Tips to Avoid SPAM and Block SPAM Emails

Filtering the SPAM emails in order to decrease the risk of being hacked your email and online accounts. Spammer uses different ways to hack your online system and their favorite ways are sending SPAM emails and giving SPAM comments on websites and blogs. Some people did not know the actual meaning of SPAM and how they reaches to you. Some people asks me What is spam? SPAM is the electronic version of Junk Email. It refers to unsolicited and often unwanted email messages. They waists your precious time and interrupt your important work.


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How to Spam and how Spammers reaches you

Spammers can be easily reaches to you by using different techniques. Because you are giving your email address to everyone who asks for it using catchy words. And also some website are there who are selling your email addresses for the sake of some cents . But I cannot share the name of those. May be there is huge list of website who are doing these type of unethical works. Then purchaser of your email address use different software or email clients to send you SPAM emails. They include the links which may harm your online privacy and also for your machine on which you are visiting that link(s).

We should adopt some habits in order to avoid these problems. There are a number of ways to reduce the quantity of SPAM.

How to Reduce SPAM Emails

  1. Do not give your email address arbitrarily
  2. Before submitting your email address online, look for a privacy policy
  3. Do not follow link(s) in SPAM messages
  4. Use privacy settings on Social Networking sites
  5. While signing up for some online accounts and services, be aware of the section that provides an option to receive email about other products and services.
  6. Report unwanted messages as spam or junk. This would help to train the mail filter so that such messages are not delivered to your inbox.

Hope you will find these tips helpful for you. Give your comments if you know any other tips to stop spam emails.