How to Repair and Avoid Hard Drive Bad Sectors

We can repair bad sectors from hard drive. Repairing process did not need any software except window’s default repairing options. First of all we should need to know about bad sectors?

What are Bad Sectors

Bad sectors on hard drives are sectors that are physically damaged and those sectors can no longer be accessed by operating system.

What kind of Bad Sectors are Reparable?

There are two types of B.S; physical and logical bad sectors.

Physical bad sectors are same as I have written above. Physical bad sectors are irreparable. But we can recover large amount of data from physical bad sectors. There are some special ways to recover data. On the other hand logical bad sectors are reparable in nature. Logical bad sectors can be recovered by using different operating system commends or other windows utility software.

How we can Repair Hard Drive Bad Sectors

There are a number of ways to repair them from your hard drive. You can download different utility software to recover them. But today I want to show you how you can recover bad sector using operating system commands.

Repair Using Operating System

Repairing process using operating system is super easy. You all need to follow some simple steps to repair these sectors from hard drive.

  • Before proceeding close all programs running in operating system.
  • Right click on drive you want to remove B.S from.
  • Then click on Properties.
  • In Properties select Tools

Repair Bad Sectors

After selecting Tools you will see 3 options.

  • You need to click on Check Now under Error Checking

A new window will popped up. In this you will see two check boxes. Check both boxes and click on Start button. Now windows start checking errors from your hard drive. After locating problems, window will automatically repair them. To do this you has to check “Scan for and attempt recovery for bad sectors” option in before hitting start button.

Remove Bad Sectors

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It may takes more time depend on your hard drive space and your RAM memory size. So be patient and let system repair bad sectors. Once window complete the process you can resume using your system. I recommend restarting windows after repair B.S.

How to avoid Bad Sectors

Main reasons of bad sectors are power failure, low voltage or light fluctuation. So I recommend using a backup supply system like UPS for your operating system. And you can avoid bad sectors by doing regular disk fragmentation task in system.

Avoid Bad Sectors

I want to give more suggestions to avoid these problems.

  • Never unplugged /switched off power supply directly if your system is running.
  • Always shut down your system before unplugged power supply. So this will reduce chances of damage.
  • I also recommend using windows software to repair bad sectors if required.

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4 Secrets to Increase Online Reputation and Become Successful Blogger

Increase online reputation is an important key to become successful blogger on internet blogging business. Did you know? Well, I know what you was answer, I am the same to you as well. To be a profession internet blogger require us to do many works in order to present ourselves to both online readers and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other. Thus we have to increase online reputation and build a good brand image of our personal blog which are requirements of this new online presented.

Increase online reputation

The internet blogging business is hot war business which all of us are right fighting at a frontier with our competitors or people around the world, right now. I please aware you that, now a day thousands of newbie bloggers attended to the internet market and are struggling to make a personal blog survive and being become successful blogger by their increase online reputation and getting presents themselves to online readers. While other successors are striving to be a sustainable in the internet blogging business thus it mean that now is very difficult and hard-working to win internet blogging competition.

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How to Optimize Website Images Using Yahoo

Images optimization is very important for better search engine optimization. Google loves and support a fast loading of the website. It also helps us in the field of SEO. Webmaster use big size images because they do not want to compromise with the quality of image. Many of bloggers and webmasters fail to decrease the loading time for their pages. And they totally ignored images optimization. Although there are a number of ways which we can adopt to decrease website page loading time.


In fact, Google tends to reward sites with compressed images and fast loading. Many people use programs such as Photoshop or Gimp, manually compress and save in other formats. An excellent service to make everything automatically called Smush IT, a free service offered by Yahoo! to lighten the images to be included in a site.

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Here is a well known service Yahoo Smushit which can help you to optimize your images by decreasing images size. By using this service you are not compromising with the quality of images.

How to use Yahoo Smush It to decrease Image size

The operation is very simple: just click on UPLOADER and upload your required image to compress. Once the process is complete you will have to download your new image compressed and optimized.

Other option is you can also upload the image using URL tab.


You will say its good, “but I should seriously have not used this service directly. It takes hours! If not days!! if I used this service directly visiting Yahoo SmushIt website. I am using WordPress and Yahoo SmushIt is available in a free plugin. Thats great so upload any images of my website/blog is simple as 1,2,3!!

Compress Website Images with WordPress Plugin

Here we find solace in a particular plugin for WordPress, Download WP, that does this automatically. This plugin is able to process images with our algorithm to compress and SmushIt. This plugin clean unnecessary weight without any change in appearance or removing visual quality.

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Once installed, you will not have to configure anything. The plugin will do the job automatically.
Click on “Media “of the administration panel of WordPress for each image you can see, the data relating to its compression.
On the right you will see a word “ now!” which means that your images has yet to be compressed.

Clicking the image will be sent to the voice service and will be automatically charged on WordPress. To optimize all the images you need to click the words under the heading Media “Bulk “, which will send your entire image to the service.

[box color=”red” icon=”wand”]Note: (The time of this practice varies according to the number of images on your site, so if you have many go to the bar and wait for the process to be finished )[/box]

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4 Websites to Check Copyright Content

This is a critical issue if Google bots found duplicate and copyrighted content on your website or blog. As we all aware of copying of copyrighted material are crime so we should not copy any other website’s content. I want to highlight some ways to check the theft material from your website. And also many of webmasters offer guests posting in order to boost up blogging experience and make some sense to take part in the race of PR ranking in Google. But most of them are not aware of the best way to check whether the same content is a copyrighted material or not.


Okay let me tell you the way of how you can check the copyright content published from your website or you can verify whether a guest post is a copyrighted material from any other website before published on your website. There are many websites which are offering services to check the copyright and pilgrimage.

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Websites To Check Copyright Pilgrimage Material


From above listed website Google search engine is the best way to check the copyright and pilgrimage. You just only need to search same paragraph of your article. You can search different lines of your article from top middle and from last paragraph in order to check whether someone copied your material or not. This procedure is also helpful for those who want to verify a guest post is a copied version or original one. Here I want to mention if you enclosed your searching paragraph or line in inverted commas then Google will provide you result of exact searched paragraph details.

The second listed website also provide your details by following the same way as mentioned above. So you have more option to verify your content.

Get A Free Domain and Cheapest Web Hosting Plan by Visiting Below Image Link

Third and fourth above listed websites work is different from other. You only need to enter your website or page URL to check your words are appearing on other blogs or websites. I hope these links will definitely help you find the thieves. So if you found a thief then you definitely have two options available. One is you can contact to that person who uses your written copyrighted material for the content removal. And if he agrees to remove all theft words then its fine otherwise second option is always available for you or you can use it straight away. A second option is you can make a complaint against the thief. Google has no tolerance for those who are not following fair rules of webmaster world so submit a Google DMCA complaint. It is a lasting solution to make things work for you.


How to Secure Your Wifi from Hackers

Wifi network is not secured as compared to wired network. The reason is that wifi signal can easily reachable to hackers if they are in range of your wifi network signals. So, why we use wifi? The answer is very simpler, wifi is much cheaper than wired network and network area remains clean from wires also there is less chances of damage network material. With wifi network you can modify network settings in order to prevent hackers to use your network traffic. Things are very easy.

Hack Wifi Network

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Stop Hackers to Hack Wifi Network

To secure your wifi network I am giving you some tips to avoid hack to reach your network access.

Changing Antenna Placement

There are some strategic changes you can adopt in order to reserve your wifi signals within your range not others. If you place your wifi device somewhere near outdoors or near window then hackers can catch signals easily. So place your wifi device at center of your building of home or office. Locating wifi device at center of building will help you providing strong signals all over building and you can use anywhere within range.

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Above is only a strategy to get full available signals from your wifi device. Now I will guide you how you can make wifi more secure by changing some network settings.

Wifi Network Security Settings

Disable DHCP

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and it used to configure network devices. So it means if you activate or enable DHCP on your wireless network then hackers can configure your wifi device. So it is better to disable DHCP.

Disable SSID

Same like DHCP I strongly recommend change the SSID code and disable broadcast on SSID.

SNMP Settings

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management System. By default it will be available on public network. As name show it is a network management system so it holds all wirless and IP related information. So disabling SNMP will help you, otherwise hackers can get necessary information from it.

Must use WEP

WEP stands for wireless encrypting protocol. As it encrypt the traffic on your wireless network. So must use WEP in your wireless settings.

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How To Change Windows Taskbar Position and Icon Size

Windows taskbar can be modify in order to looks good. In windows 7 and windows 8, taskbar is slightly capture more space than windows XP. So the user has less space to work with other applications. Most of people did not bother to experience different sizes of taskbar icons available in windows 7. For those who did not familiar with it, will find procedure to change the size of windows taskbar icons and procedure to change taskbar position on desktop below. Original size of taskbar icons when you install new window 7 is looking like below screen shot.

Modify Taskbar

And after customizing you can change your windows taskbar position and icon size like below example screen shots.


Windows 7 Tasbar Icon


You can freely customize it by following below steps.

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Changing the size of Windows Taskbar Icons:

This method is same for windows 7 and windows 8.

  • Right click on taskbar
  • Click “Properties”
  • Alternate track path
  • Go to Start and then click on “Control Panel”
  • In Control Panel click on “windows Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • A window will open name “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • In this window under Taskbar Tab check the box “use small icons”
  • And Click on Apply to view the changes.

Now if you want to use icons of windows taskbar same like windows xp then follow the steps.

In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties select option “Never Combine” from a drop-down of “Taskbar Buttons”

Windows Taskbar Other Customization:

Now if you are crazy about customization then you can also change the location of taskbar on your desktop. You will find all options under in the same window under the heading “Taskbar location on screen”

windows taskbar


Finally you can also change the idle behavior of windows taskbar to hidden mode by selecting “Auto-Hide the windows taskbar” box

I know these are simple tips for those who are well familiar with Windows 7 taskbar options but for beginners these are fruitful.

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How to open Big Software, Applications and Games in Less Time

While working with software and applications on computers or laptops we used to open different software, applications and games etc… Some of them are used to open with a lot of time, like Corel Draw, Need for Speed, Adobe Photo Shop etc… It will slow down the processing speed of Windows while opening. Today I will give a very small and useful tip to overcome this problem.

You all need to follow certain steps:

  • First makes a shortcut of that application or software you want to open instantly.
  • Right Click on shortcut.
  • Click Properties.
  • In properties select Shortcuts.
  • Under Run Select Minimized from drop down list. (as shown in figure)
  • Click Apply

Increase processing speed


You all done.

Now you will feel a big difference in program opening speed.

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How To Send EXE File Through Email

Send exe file through email is not a big deal. First of all we should know Electronic Mail is known as E-mail and by using Emails we will send digital information to one or more people. Sending Emails is the best way to communicate over the internet. We will never neglect the importance of the Email Services. Earlier there was a system in which both sender and receiver should be online to send or receive Email. But in modern world Email can be stored to Email Provider Servers for as long as the user wants. Email server sends receive and store digital messages on them for future use and user did not need to be online simultaneously.

Send EXE File Through Email

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Everything on the internet or in real life has some certain rules and in Email Services there are also some certain rules. One of them is, “user could not send EXE files through Emails”. Because there are certain risk of sending EXE files through Email.

Some risk area:

  • EXE files may include viruses
  • EXE files may include malware
  • EXE files may include harmful content
  • EXE files may have a larger size


Now the question is how we can send EXE files through Emails?


How you can send EXE files through Email

Although as discussed above Email Servers do not allow sending EXE files through Email. But there is a process to send EXE files in Emails. The user can change the extension of EXE file with the help of file compressor. File compressor will compress the file to different format which can be sent through Email. For instance I am using WinRAR to compress my files. WinRAR is commonly used software and freely available over the web.

How it Will Work?

Suppose If want to send an EXE file in Email then follow the steps below:

  • Install WinRAR on your system
  • Then right click on that EXE file you want to send in an Email
  • Click on “Add to Archive”
  • Make your desired changes if you want and click “OK”

After Archive has done you will see the file size of that Archived file will less than original file.

Now attach that archive file in Email and Send

Hope this will helps you.


How to Remove Apps and Groups in Facebook

Facebook is a dynamic site and it provides very easy access to their users to develop apps, groups and pages of their own choices. While working on Facebook our friends or social friends makes apps, groups and pages of their own choices and invite us to be the part of that group app or page by different means.

Remove Facebook Apps


You can accept request to confirm joining of Facebook group or Facebook apps or you can LIKE the page to confirm fan of that page or personality or product or any other thing the page is related to. As I told above Facebook is a dynamic site so we can see changes occur on Facebook feed page easily. Any of our friend or social friend when makes a change on their profile of share any feed then we will notify instantly on our feed page. Sometimes these things irritate us and we want to disable or remove apps and groups on our Facebook profile. In this article you will learn how you can remove apps and groups from your Facebook Page. So let’s start work. Please follow instructions below.

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How to Remove Apps in Facebook

  • Login in to your Facebook account.
  • Click Home Button on top bar.
  • On left Pane Drag your mouse on the app you want to remove and “Click Pencil Button
  • On drop down menu click “Remove App


How to Leave Group in Facebook

leave groups

  • Login in to your Facebook account.
  • Click Home Button on top bar.
  • On left Pane Drag your mouse on the group you want to remove and “Click Pencil Button
  • On drop down menu click “Leave Group

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How to Set Windows Drive Icons to Default

Microsoft provides us facility to change windows drive icons according to user requirements. Users often change drive icon to their own choice. They love to modify things on the computer. And sometimes things damage or corrupt system files and folders. The same has been happening with me. When I used to drive icon change software and try to change drive icons which are more than beautiful to default icons. But that software damaged my default icons and also did not load custom drive icons. This was a bad thing for the beauty of my Windows PC software. Drive Icons were corrupted by that software. But for me it was not difficult to get back windows default icons by editing registry keys. I did change them. I think if you are reading this page then obviously you also want to change drive icons to default. OK let’s start working. Follow the below steps or see video for detailed work.


Recover Windows Drive Icons

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Recover Windows Drive Icons

  • Go to Run and type regedit
  • Open Regedit.exe
  • Then open these keys one by one


  • Now if you want to recover all drive icons in single go then delete DriveIcons key or modify one by one drive keys
  • Suppose I want to change my C drive icon to default then after open DriveIcon select drive C then in the right pane window double click on (Default) and in pop up window delete everything from Value Data option.
  • Now Click Refresh in My Computer and enjoy default windows drive icons.

Hope you will be happy now to get back windows drive icon

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