How to Repair and Avoid Hard Drive Bad Sectors

We can repair bad sectors from hard drive. Repairing process did not need any software except window’s default repairing options. First of all we should need to know about bad sectors? What are Bad Sectors Bad sectors on hard drives are sectors that are physically damaged and those sectors can no longer be accessed by […]

4 Secrets to Increase Online Reputation and Become Successful Blogger

Increase online reputation is an important key to become successful blogger on internet blogging business. Did you know? Well, I know what you was answer, I am the same to you as well. To be a profession internet blogger require us to do many works in order to present ourselves to both online readers and search […]

How to Optimize Website Images Using Yahoo

Images optimization is very important for better search engine optimization. Google loves and support a fast loading of the website. It also helps us in the field of SEO. Webmaster use big size images because they do not want to compromise with the quality of image. Many of bloggers and webmasters fail to decrease the loading time […]

4 Websites to Check Copyright Content

This is a critical issue if Google bots found duplicate and copyrighted content on your website or blog. As we all aware of copying of copyrighted material are crime so we should not copy any other website’s content. I want to highlight some ways to check the theft material from your website. And also many […]

How to Secure Your Wifi from Hackers

Wifi network is not secured as compared to wired network. The reason is that wifi signal can easily reachable to hackers if they are in range of your wifi network signals. So, why we use wifi? The answer is very simpler, wifi is much cheaper than wired network and network area remains clean from wires […]

How To Change Windows Taskbar Position and Icon Size

Windows taskbar can be modify in order to looks good. In windows 7 and windows 8, taskbar is slightly capture more space than windows XP. So the user has less space to work with other applications. Most of people did not bother to experience different sizes of taskbar icons available in windows 7. For those who […]

How to open Big Software, Applications and Games in Less Time

While working with software and applications on computers or laptops we used to open different software, applications and games etc… Some of them are used to open with a lot of time, like Corel Draw, Need for Speed, Adobe Photo Shop etc… It will slow down the processing speed of Windows while opening. Today I […]

How To Send EXE File Through Email

Send exe file through email is not a big deal. First of all we should know Electronic Mail is known as E-mail and by using Emails we will send digital information to one or more people. Sending Emails is the best way to communicate over the internet. We will never neglect the importance of the […]

How to Remove Apps and Groups in Facebook

Facebook is a dynamic site and it provides very easy access to their users to develop apps, groups and pages of their own choices. While working on Facebook our friends or social friends makes apps, groups and pages of their own choices and invite us to be the part of that group app or page […]

How to Set Windows Drive Icons to Default

Microsoft provides us facility to change windows drive icons according to user requirements. Users often change drive icon to their own choice. They love to modify things on the computer. And sometimes things damage or corrupt system files and folders. The same has been happening with me. When I used to drive icon change software […]