SEO Myths That Are Holding Back Your Campaign

Every industry around the world has its fair share of myths and legends.  These usually gain traction thanks to people who think they know what they’re talking about; when in reality they don’t have the first idea about SEO Myths and Mistakes. One such industry where a lot of this takes place is online marketing, […]

Role of Google Plus in SEO

Google plus social network launched in June 2011 and every day increases its number of users. Every day is increasingly important to be on this new social network, if you want to increase online visibility, increase social network appearance. This makes Google a real SEO tool. Google Plus as a social network, a page dedicated […]

Create Custom Search Engine for Blogger and WordPress

There are many ways to create a custom search engine in WordPress and Blogger. In this post you will find two tips to create and add your own custom search engine in Blogger and WordPress. So we are discussing two platforms but later we will find two out of three ways can also work for […]

How To Show Your Picture In Search Results For Blogger

Blogger provides the facility to make our free blogs on blogger. We wright a number of posts on our blog, and those are our original content. So we have the right to show author of that post and Blog Markup in Search Results and claim Google Authorship. For this we must have our Google Plus account, […]

8 Best Tips and Tricks for Google Search

Article includes Google Search Tips and Tricks. According to a survey about 70 million users on the internet are using Google as primary Search Engine daily. Google is famous among all Search Engine due to easy access and good interface. We can’t neglect the importance of Google on internet world. Almost every person used Google […]

How to get approved for Google AdSense

Before apply for Google Adsense it is necessary to know what is Google and what Google providing you. Then I will tell you about Google Adsense program by Google. So you can get approved for Google Adsense fast. What is Google? Basically Google is a search engine and with the help of search engine you […]

How to Check Suspicious Website for Malware

There are millions of websites which are violating the copyright act and busy in distribution of suspicious software and content without permission of original producer or company or have Malware on websites. Google has taken a step to check and find those websites. Google visits websites regularly to check them if they are violating copyright act and busy in the distribution […]

What is SEO?

SEO used to increase traffic. It is a slight introduction of SEO which will helpful for you to learn basics of SEO. First of all question is: “What is SEO“? ‘SE’ means Search Engine, whereas ‘O’ means optimization. Collectively it is called Search Engine Optimization. First we will talk about Search Engines. As you also know […]