Best Free Android Phone Launcher Download – Solo

Solo Launcher is best free Android Phone Launcher. This launcher is having all premium features for free. There is no need to pay for extra features. Solo launcher is not showing ads. In this tutorial I will show you, how you can download this launcher. And how you can get full benefits out of this android phone launcher.

I recommend you to download this launcher from the Google play store. Because other app stores are not providing 100% secure mobile apps. They are injecting their own ads in mobile apps. For those who don’t know, how to configure Google Play store, they can read my tutorial. “Configure Google Play Store”

Download Android Phone Launcher

So, downloading process is pretty much easy. To download this android phone launcher, you should have active internet connection. The size of this launcher is 4.8 MB. So if you are going to use your mobile data to download this solo launcher, then you must have sufficient data.

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  • To download this launcher, Go to the play store and type Solo Launcher or click here to download solo launcher.
  • After you download, just open this launcher and “set as default launcher”.

Android Phone Launcher Basic Settings

To put the launcher on default, you need to follow the steps.

Open the solo android phone launcher after installation. Or if you already open this launcher and want to set  as default. Then click on menu button and tap solo settings.

Best free Android Phone Launcher
Image 1


Now tap on “Set as Default Launcher”. A new selection pop up will open.


Download Android Phone Launcher


From the below selection box, tap on “Solo Launcher” and tap “Always”


Android Phone Launcher download free


Your solo android phone launcher is now ready to use. You can explore many premium features of this launcher for free. Solo launcher is also providing beautiful free wallpapers for your android phone. To access the free wallpapers, just tap on menu button and then select wallpaper.


Android Phone Launcher wallpapers


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Download all Facebook Pictures Videos & Messages

Facebook pictures videos & messages can be downloaded from your Facebook account. While going through subjected process you will get 2 types of things. First and most obvious you can download your Facebook pictures videos & messages. And the best thing is, you can also recover your deleted Facebook pictures videos & messages. So I am sure this sounds good for you. There is no need to buy any paid software to recover deleted data from Facebook. Facebook itself providing you option to download and recover your Facebook pictures videos & messages.

How to Recover Facebook Pictures Videos & Messages

Before going through the process, I want to tell you what you can recover / download from your Facebook. The good news is, you can recover / download almost everything from your Facebook account. So this thing is not limited to Facebook pictures videos & messages.

Here is list of Facebook data you can recover / download.

Get Start to download Facebook pictures videos & messages

So all you need to do is, follow the instructions below.

Go to the settings by clicking top right drop-down arrow and then settings. (You can also access Facebook settings by visiting following link

stop friends posting

  • Now click on “Download a copy” link.

Facebook pictures videos messages


From the next page click on “Start My Archive” button. After clicking you will be ask to type your password. Just type your password and click “Submit”

So here you see, Facebook is asking password. It means you have maximum Facebook security for your personal data. So you can recover / download Facebook pictures videos & messages securely.

Learn about Facebook Account Security

In the meantime you will also receive an email to cancel the request. Means, if you change your mind then you can go to your email account. Open the email with subject “Facebook download request”. And now click on link given for cancellation of request.

From above pictures; after finishing the last step, Facebook will take some time to collect your data. It depend on, how much data you have in your account, and how much data you have deleted already.

Facebook will again send you email with data recovery of your Facebook account. The subject of the email will be “Your download request is ready”. So now open the email and click on the link given in email. You will be redirected again to the step number 4 from above pictures. Now no need to be panic. Just click on “Start My Archive” button again and submit the password. Your download button will become ready. Just click on “Download Archive” button.

You will be redirected again to the step number 4 from above pictures. Now no need to be panic. Just click on “Start My Archive” button again and submit the password. Your download button will become ready. Just click on “Download Archive” button.

Download Facebook Files[signinlocker][/signinlocker]

Downloading will start now. The file size also vary, and it is totally depend on data whatever you share. So finally you will be having all of your Facebook pictures videos & pictures in your device.


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Stop Friends Posting on Your Facebook Wall or Timeline

We can stop friends posting on your Facebook wall and timeline. Facebook wall is old name of timeline. Facebook change the name of Facebook wall to Facebook Timeline. Your Facebook wall is your private property on Facebook. As soon as you post on your wall or timeline, all of your family and friends can see your post. This process does not require sharing. Okay! its fine for me and for everybody using Facebook. But it is against ethics, if somebody is posting their posts on your Facebook wall without permission. I never did this and I never want others to do this without my permission.

If you are new on Facebook and you are adding your friends and family in your friend’s list. Then there might be a risk factor is involve. May be your untrusted friend post illegal and unethical post on your wall or timeline. If this happen then your all family and friends can see that post. Which may cause misunderstandings and problems in relations.

So the best solution is to stop friends posting on your Facebook wall or timeline.

How to Stop Friends Posting

To fix this problem Facebook is also giving you solution to stop friends posting on your Facebook wall. This option called timeline review. You can activate timeline review option by entering in your Facebook account.

Let me show you how it works.

  • Log in with your Facebook account.
  • Go to settings by clicking top right drop-down arrow and then settings. (You can also access settings by visiting following link

stop friends posting

  • In the settings page click on “Timeline and Tagging” option.
  • And then click on first “Edit” under option “Who can add things to my timeline?”
  • Now change the settings to “Only Me”.

If you select this option then you are going to stop friends posting on your Facebook Wall or Timeline. For an instant if you want to manually select the posts to appear on your timeline then you can go through second step. You can activate timeline review option to review the post before appearing on your wall or timeline.

  • To activate the review option click on second “Edit” under “Who can add things to my timeline?”
  • Then select “Enable” option and close it.

stop friends posting

[box color=”white” icon=”information”]That’s it. You are now good to go safe on Facebook. :-)[/box]

Now no body can put his or her post on your timeline. And you will become the only owner of your Facebook Wall or Timeline posts.

How to accept Facebook Timeline Posts

You already stop friends posting on your Facebook or Timeline. Now question is if somebody try to post on your Facebook Timeline then what will happen? After your friend share post on your timeline you will receive a notification on your timeline picture area. Or you can also access the timeline review option by clicking top right corner drop-down arrow button. After clicking you will find an option named “Activity Log”. In this option you can review timeline posts. You can either approve or hide them from your timeline.

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How to Make Sure You Come Across Well on Facebook

Did you know people can accurately judge your character based on your Facebook profile? That might seem like an unlikely claim, but there’s plenty of evidence to support the idea, and that illustrates just how important it is that you think carefully about what you’re going to put on your page. People are going to be basing their opinion of you on your profile and that could even lose you friends or potential jobs if you aren’t careful.


Here then we will look at how to ensure you come across well on Facebook and that your profile is a good ambassador for you rather than something that’s just going to damage your reputation.

Don’t Install too Much

Facebook apps and games can be great, but if you install too many then you can end up ruining the experience for yourself and actually becoming something of a nuisance to others. This is especially true if you’re constantly inviting other people to join in on whatever app you’re currently using. Don’t be that guy or gal – install just a few apps that you actually think will be useful and make sure to a) read reviews to ensure they won’t cause any harm and b) skip the option to invite your entire address book.

Choose a Good Range of Pictures

The photos you upload should act as a window on your life that show people who you are and how you like to spend your time. As such, they should be varied and should try to show different sides to your personality. If every photograph is of you drinking in various clubs, then you’ll end up looking like an alcoholic or like you’re trying too hard to live a party lifestyle. On the other hand, if every picture is of you and your partner/family, then you’ll look like you live in a bubble and never go out. Remember: you don’t have to upload every picture that you take, so cherry a pick a few from each event and make sure that you get a good range.

Don’t Update Your Status too Often

One of the most annoying things you can do on Facebook is to update your status every two minutes to tell the world about every little thing you’re doing, or your opinion on every single subject. Not only does this make it look like you just love the sound of your own voice, but it will also give people the impression that you aren’t getting enough interaction with people in the real world. Plus it clogs up the home feed…

Keep it Positive

Another important tip is to keep your updates positive. No one wants to hear your cryptic descriptions of why you’ve had the worst day ever – all it does is put a blight on their day and make you look like an attention seeker. Talk to your friends about your problems sure, but don’t share them with the world.

Don’t Attempt to ‘Craft’ an Image

While you’re making a few changes to your Facebook to try and make it less irritating for your connections, you shouldn’t be trying to completely change your page in an attempt to portray a certain image. This is always obvious and transparent and will only make you appear desperate. Stay honest, just be a bit less in-your-face…


Social Media

Top Illegal Things on Facebook You Don’t Know Ever

Want to know what are illegal things on Facebook? Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms today with a growing number of millions of subscribers. Facebook is always changing its company user policy and not everyone could perhaps cope with its terms of conditions that continue to expand, grow and updated once in a while in order to embrace the ever changing trend in the use of social network sites.

illegal thing

There are many illegal things that you cannot do from Facebook and it might be helpful in knowing these in order to avoid your account from being banned on the site. In order to help you save the efforts of searching about the illegal things that you can do on Facebook, here are some of the things that Facebook finds to be illegal thing on their site that you might not know ever and it will catch you by surprise to find your account as completely banned on Facebook.

Sharing and liking contests are illegal things on Facebook

Facebook does not allow contests like sharing and liking a particular page on the site as this is widely abused by many online marketers these days as they ride on the website’s popularity in the internet. First of all, Facebook is not a marketing site basically. It is a social network that promotes social interaction among online users that connect the world in a single site. While you can create a Facebook page to promote your organization or business, the essence of share and like contests on Facebook is subject to abuse because the site is being used as a voting mechanism for marketers for business promotion which is not a Facebook brand.

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It is important that when using the Facebook for your promotion scheme, you should mention that the contest is not related to Facebook and any information that you collect from the contestants is not given to Facebook. Facebook required by its terms that any contest should be conducted on a Facebook app which is a third party application not directly connected on the Facebook website. It is also illegal thing to contact any winner through Facebook facilities like chats, instant message and posts.

Illegal things that you can do using Facebook Advertisement

Any video or flash presentation that you display on Facebook is required to encourage viewer interaction. It is illegal thing to post flash and videos that your viewers will not find relevant and significant to view. So if you post videos that are useless without anyone viewing it, your post will be most likely removed from Facebook. Any content that you post on your Facebook ad should be true and not fraudulent or misleading otherwise your account will be completely banned from Facebook.

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It is too basic to remind you that you should also write with the proper grammar when advertising on your Facebook page which is a requirement for all Facebook users. Your ads should also provide a relevant and functional landing page that will direct your visitors to a different page other than that of Facebook. The failure to comply with these Facebook terms will constitute an illegal activity on the site.

Word count limitation on photo captions and texts

One of the common places where a Facebook policy violation occurs involves the posting of cover photos on a Facebook user’s profile. Facebook has updated its company policy involving the texts on cover photos. While you are still allowed to include a call to action on your photos, it would be illegal thing to use texts that would be more than the image or cover photo itself. This 20 percent text rule is commonly violated by many businesses that are using the Facebook page and they remain unaware that they are already doing an illegal Facebook activity that would endanger their business from the risk of getting banned from Facebook.

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Deliver Quality Blog Traffic Via FB Group Discussion

Deliver quality blog traffic with FB group discussion” wills be a topic for our tip today. I know this tip may not a new idea for any experience bloggers who has older age of internet business blogging but I could promise that this tip will be useful tip for any newbie bloggers who less experience with social media strategy. Moreover, I promise that FB group discussions are important and powerful way to deliver quality blog traffic and engage readers effectively.

deliver quality blog traffic

As we could know Facebook is one of potential social media platforms which there were many people are interested around the world, especially Cambodian teenagers. I will not talk about people in bigger countries of world who are currently using Facebook as social networking tool but I just use a small country as my example. You know? A lot of people in Cambodia like Facebook, especially teenagers because sometime they skip their class because they are talking with their friends on Facebook. Therefore, if your audiences are living Cambodia I will recommend Facebook as potential way for you to deliver quality blog traffic to your personal blog, offered, or anything else such as products offers.

Well, It just small country which have around 15+ millions people as whole population of this country but 60% -70% of whole people are owning and using Facebook every day. Also, we did not yet talk other bigger countries who have hundreds billion of population such as India, US, UK, China, and other countries which bigger than Cambodian. Absolutely, there were billion+ users are using Facebook every single day. If you could communicate and engage those users thus  you will deliver quality blog traffic effective to your personal blog.

There were many effective way to increase quality blog traffic through Facebook social media strategy such as delivering content marketing via own timeline, FB fan pages engagement, direct message, charting, and so many ways else. But today I will focus on only delivering quality blog traffic with FB group discussion. Before I will talk about the topic, I please say thanks to owners of those potential social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and others who have designed those valuable websites which it were many social media benefits for blogging business such as give us way increase quality traffic to our website as well as direct selling around the platform and many other social media benefits. And here our tips

Deliver Quality Traffic via Own Facebook Group

Okay! Those all for me thanks, right now please back to our topics. As many bloggers got to know this Facebook has many features for internet business blogging monetizing such as a FB fan page which way increase more able to engage with audiences and customers by create a business FB page and release to content marketing to subscribers of new updated FB page posting. But since last year Facebook have released a new useful feature call “FB Group Discussion” which it could deliver quality blog traffic effectively, especially available for free to every user.

facebook group

Create your own FB group and invite some friends who interested to related topics of discussion and strive to increase group as many as possible you can do it, you have promoted your FB group through sharing into your time and ask people to join it. Remembers, the more you could Increase FB group members, you increase the ability to deliver quality traffic effectively via FB group. Yeah, it’s just an easy way but it is more potent and effective way to engage more audiences than just sharing only timeline with few friends, colleges, and families.

Additional benefit is we could broad out networking build stronger relationship as well as engage the right target audiences since members who join the FB group interested in the topic of discussion and ability to invite others to join with them as well.

Share Post on the other FB Group could Deliver Quality Blog Traffic Effectively

I am proof that I have created a strong social relationship and engage well my audiences in the FB network but I proof that I have a large networking with my Facebook profiles. I have around 2k+ FB fans who subscribed my Fan pages. I have more 1+ million users who could see my content marketing whenever I posted It because have joint more 30+ FB group discussion related to my topics and each FB group has around 1k+ members. Whenever I posted or shared anything in all those groups unless 100k+ people will see my post and at least 500+ clicking  which I could get sharing post. So, I could notice that it effective way. How about you?

FB Groups’ Even act as an Important Way to Deliver Quality Blog Traffic

Thank you very much, Facebook! You gave me one more potential way to engage with other people and more ability build social relation, especially I could alert those people about some evens such birthday, workshop, and my content market offering. You know? I never try any automatically social media marketing tools because I feel like Facebook gave me enough ability to scheduling, planning my content marketing, and as well as deliver quality blog traffic effectively via the event creation.

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Set up an even in the FB group about your post scheduling and invite some members to attend that event is a good idea to engage with social media with pressure thus we gain the benefit from access to the real need of readers. Please imagine that I deliver a content marketing call “Reduce blog bound rate with simple but effective way” as title via my oven and have put some brief of benefits from reading this post in detail of the FB even publishing, especially I set Monday next week as the deadline. Moreover, I have putted my personal blog url in celebrated place.

I know, it has two outcomes for me (bad or good). If you interested in my even you will join and wait for the post was published on next Monday, especially you could enjoy some older post because I have left my blog url in even celebrated place. Addition benefit is you may subscribe my blog or FB fan page before the event was published because the older post have engaged and gave you what are interesting.  But if you don’t like this just skip or click decline this event invitation. Never mind, I need only my target audiences who want to read my tips so I just let you go and sorry to make you noisy with my even.

Image courtesy of Pixomar and jannoon028 at
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Exploring the Relation Between SEO and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media branding continue to play a crucial role in determining a brand’s success. It has been quite some time since the rightful integration and combination of these two aspects of a business have been discussed or talked about. Gone are the days when you could actually treat them as totally different attributes, thereby delegating responsibilities to two different departments completely segregated from each other.  Know for a fact that if you want to secure desired results for your company, you have to make sure that your SEO team is duly aware of the various implications of the Social Media branding for your product, and vice versa.


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Let us learn on how you can use these two tools effectively to optimize results.

The fact, that having a solid SM presence can directly influence your Google ranking is known by many. Listed below are some of the Search Engine Optimization techniques that you should use while managing the various profiles of your brand on SM. Let’s find out.

SEO Tools For Boosting your Social Media Presence

Social Media campaigning in its own way has taken the world of Internet marketing by storm. However there is still a lot to be explored regarding the proper utilization of these platforms with the help of SEO. Here are some of the ways by which you can do that:

The social optimization of your brand starts right from the time you create profiles on several of the platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. LinkedIn etc. No matter whichever of these networking sites you choose- engagement with users on a regular basis, optimization of photo file-names using specific keywords, hash tags etc remain crucial for bolstering your brand visibility online. Keeping the basics same, there are some specific SEO techniques required for different platforms:


A relevant solid 160 word Bio is what you will have to introduce your product to the world. Make sure that you are using all the relevant information here. The SEO link juice can be provided by means of linking the sites to your blogs or homepage

The Twitter handle can be fixed by using the tool Google adwords keyword to gain an idea of what variants of your brand name are being searched the most

Google +

The profile created by you should mainly contain your name and your occupational detail whereby you should make sure that the details are seen by people


The key would be, not to hurt your viral growth rate by stuffing your page with a host of keywords— choose the first name that is credited with due significance by Google

Choose a unique URL that is going to be given due weightage by search engines

Ensure proper keyword optimization for onsite SEO


Check out the latest SEO hotspots for Pinterest!



7 Customized Facebook Floating Widgets for WordPress and Blogger

Previously I have shared Facebook floating widget for blogger, Facebook floating widget is now available for WordPress and it is also compatible with Blogger website. The Facebook floating widget can get more likes for your Facebook page as compared to other Facebook widgets. This widget has a dynamic behavior and eye popping for your visitors. And you can also have more space on your website for other use. I have seen different websites, who is using Facebook floating widgets but 90 percent websites have same theme color for the widget. So I decide to make it unique for my visitors. I have made this widget in different color themes. You just only have to copy your required code and paste into your blog’s widget/gadget according to your website theme.


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Click on your desired color link and copy the code.

[togglebox state=”closed” head=”Click to Open Codes” ]Black  Lime  Red  Purple  Blue  Pink  Grey



After copying the code, replace mrmubi2 with your own Facebook Page Profile username. For any issue make comments…


Facebook Floating Widget/Plugin Installation in WordPress

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Appearance.
  • Then Click on Widget.
  • In Widgets Add New Text Widget.
  • And copy your desired code into it.
  • Then select any area on your site and save the widget.

Check if the widget is working by visiting your WordPress blog. If yes then leave below steps. Otherwise follow below step in order to add jQuery. If you have not installed jQuery then follow the steps;

  • From your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance.
  • Then click on Editor.
  • Now click on Header.php
  • And paste below code before <header>

[box color=”white” icon=”information”]<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>[/box]

Facebook Floating Gadget Installation on Blogger

  • Log in to your Blogger dashboard.
  • Click on Layout
  • Click Add a Gadget
  • Now Select HTML/JavaScript
  • Paste the copied code into it and save.

In some cases floating plugin will not work because it will require jQuery installed on your blog. If you want to add jQuery on blogger then follow the below article and See the jQuery addition process below the article.

Add JQuery in Blogger

If you have any problem or question then feel free to ask. I can also create a more stylish Facebook plugin on demand.

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How to Protect Your Facebook Account

Securing your Facebook account was hard before past years. Because spammers and scams were on high before, Facebook introduces new security measures for their users. But in these days everyone is 99 % safe by using new Facebook security options. It is a great Facebook Help. If you are unaware of how to secure your Facebook account by using Facebook new security measures then read below lines.

Facebook Password

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First change your password and do select a strong password as much as you can. To know about whether your password is strong enough please read my article.

Check if your password is secure

How to Change Facebook Password

To change Facebook login password is quite easy. These are the steps to be followed in order to change Facebook account Password.

  • Login in to your facebook account and then click on “downward arrow” (located top right of the Facebook page as shown in the above image)
  • Click on “Account Settings”
  • Click on “Edit” located at the fourth line at the end of “Password”
  • Follow the instruction and click “Save Changes”

How to Secure your Facebook Account Login

You should activate secure browsing for Facebook in order to prevent scams and spam.

  • Go to “Account Settings”
  • Click on “Security” located on right side menu
  • Then click “Edit” located at the end of “Secure Browsing”
  • Then tick the box and click “Save Changes”

Make Facebook Password More Secure

Here is 99% secured way login your Facebook Account.

For this you should have your own cell phone with active connection.

  • Go to “Account Settings” then Click on “Security”
  • Click on “Edit” located at the end of “Login Approvals”
  • On Pop-Up window click “Setup Now”
  • Enter your password in next popped-up window and click “Submit”
  • In next popped-up window select your country and enter your phone number (without zero) on which you want to get verification code on every login and click “Submit”
  • You will soon receive your confirmation code on your phone number.
  • Now enter that confirmation code in next popped-up window and click “Confirm”

Now if you are using your personal computer/laptop/mobile for Facebook then you can allow Facebook login without confirmation code by giving names of your device. After clicking “Confirm” in the previous step you will be asked to enter your device name on which you are currently logging in on Facebook, enter your desired name and click next otherwise close that window.


For Android and iPhone users can set a “Code Generator” for their device if they do not want to receive confirmation code through text every time on login. You will be asked code generation in the very last of above mentioned process if you skipped then you can access and download “App” by following steps. Account Settings/Security/Login Approval → Edit/Setup Code Generator.

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How to Remove Apps and Groups in Facebook

Facebook is a dynamic site and it provides very easy access to their users to develop apps, groups and pages of their own choices. While working on Facebook our friends or social friends makes apps, groups and pages of their own choices and invite us to be the part of that group app or page by different means.

Remove Facebook Apps


You can accept request to confirm joining of Facebook group or Facebook apps or you can LIKE the page to confirm fan of that page or personality or product or any other thing the page is related to. As I told above Facebook is a dynamic site so we can see changes occur on Facebook feed page easily. Any of our friend or social friend when makes a change on their profile of share any feed then we will notify instantly on our feed page. Sometimes these things irritate us and we want to disable or remove apps and groups on our Facebook profile. In this article you will learn how you can remove apps and groups from your Facebook Page. So let’s start work. Please follow instructions below.

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How to Remove Apps in Facebook

  • Login in to your Facebook account.
  • Click Home Button on top bar.
  • On left Pane Drag your mouse on the app you want to remove and “Click Pencil Button
  • On drop down menu click “Remove App


How to Leave Group in Facebook

leave groups

  • Login in to your Facebook account.
  • Click Home Button on top bar.
  • On left Pane Drag your mouse on the group you want to remove and “Click Pencil Button
  • On drop down menu click “Leave Group

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