How To Configure Gmail on Outlook with Pictures

Configure Gmail account on outlook is same on all versions of outlook. Although Gmail itself is having great user experience. But somehow if you want to configure outlook then you can do it easily. Most commonly used desktop email client is Outlook. I will show you how you can configure Gmail on Outlook all versions.

Configure Gmail on Outlook

The following method is applied on Microsoft Outlook versions from 2000 to 2016. There are two ways to access mail settings to configure Gmail on any outlook version. First of all you need to do Gmail settings.

Gmail Settings

Open your Gmail account on any browser and click in gear icon and then settings.

configure gmail

In next window, select “Enable IMAP” and then press “Save Changes” button. You can also select “Enable POP” if you wish to use POP account instead of IMAP.

setup pop account for gmail

Gmail IMAP or POP settings is now done to configure Gmail.

Now open your computer’s control panel and double click on “Mail” or “Mail (32 – bit)”. Here you can either directly open Outlook or you can access “Mail (32 – bit)” option from “Control Panel”.

email configuration

After clicking “Mail (32 – bit)” you will be ask to create new profile. Just give any name to your profile and click OK.

imap setting

If you already create one profile before then you can use that one. If profile already exist then you might see following window.

email accounts

From this window you can continue by pressing “E-mail Accounts” or “Data Files” button. After you press any of these button you will see following window.

configure gmail

From this window, click “New”. You will now configure Gmail. You will see a window named “Add Account”. On this window, check the option “Manual Setup or additional server types” and then click “Next”.

configure outlook

Select the option “POP or IMAP” and click “Next”. This option is same for both POP and IMAP settings.

setup outlook

Now you need to fill all of your Gmail account information as shown in picture below. If you wish to configure Gmail with POP account then you need to select POP in “Account Type” and servers will be as following.

Incoming Mail Server for POP accounts or you can type

Outgoing Mail Server for POP accounts or you can type

configure gmail to outlook

Incoming Mail Server for IMAP accounts or you can type

Outgoing Mail Server for IMAP accounts or you can type

After filling up all information in above window you need to go to “More Settings”. A new window will popped-up. In that window you need to click on “Outgoing Server” and then make the changes as shown below.

email setup on gmail

After you go through number 7 and 8 settings you need to click “Advanced”. In this advanced settings you need to change settings under “Server Port Number”. In other words you need to change port settings here. Select first Incoming encryption method to “SSL”. Once you select this option “Incoming server (IMAP)/(POP)” will automatically change.

If you are using IMAP then its value will be 993 and if you are using POP then incoming server value will be 995. But outgoing server SMTP value will remain constant for both POP and IMAP. Select Outgoing encryption method TLS and change value to 587 or 465.

gmail account settings

To go further with configure Gmail; click OK and from next window click “Next”.

pop account settings

Once you click “Next”, you will see new popped-up progress window. In that window you will see outlook is automatically testing your settings. For incoming and outgoing emails.

configure or setup gmail outlook

Once you successfully done. Click Close and then Finish. So finally your Gmail is configured on outlook. You can send or receive all emails through outlook.

Final words; if you are facing any problem and unable to setup outlook then just write your problem is comment, I will get back to you with resolution.

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Top 5 Best Anti Spam Software

As the world is growing on a rapid rate, it is also becoming high technology and people are getting engaged in the fast growing technology. In other words, people are making their life based on various electronic gadgets available in the market made with the latest technology. In order to understand the usage of the below mentioned electronic gadgets there are various software training programs available with the help of which one can understand how to use these gadgets. Some of the mostly used electronic equipments and gadgets are

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones

Despite of the fast growing technology and increasing use of internet, there are a lot of virus and spam problems being faced by the users. The internet is a place which is full of malwares, viruses, spams and also other malicious threats which can be dangerous for your computer. The below mentioned are a few anti spam software which helps in protecting your computer and also the documents received in your e mail address.

  • POP File Spam Filter

POP File is considered to be strong and flexible software which helps in classification of the e mails in to the NNTP and POP proxy. This helps in making use of a filter spam which helps in effective classification and categorization of the correct mails automatically. The automatically filtering of the mails helps in saving a lot of time.

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  • Spamihilator

Spamihilator Free Spam Filter is another effective tool which can be used for the easy categorization of all the important mails. This software is easy to use with any e mail id and it also has a great detection service which helps in easy and quick sorting of the important and useful mails. This software is supported by most of the e mails.

  • Spam Fence Spam Filter

Spam Fence is an effective spam filtering service which helps in easy filtering of all the important mails on its own. In other words, Spam Fence helps in quick and easy filtering of all the important mails. The Spam Fence Spam Filter is free software which helps in easy saving of the important mails without harming the computer or the e mail address.

  • Spam Bayes Spam Filter

Spam Bayes makes use of sophisticated features which makes a statistics among the present e mails and saves the important ones. In other words, this software has the perfect detection rate which helps in proper detection of the correct mails and marks a difference between the spam mails and the correct mails. After the detection the important mails are saved.

  • Spam Experts Desktop Spam Filter

The Spam Experts is another spam filtering software which helps in keeping all the mails save. Under this software, automatic detection of the mails is done and after completing the detection of the correct mails, this software helps in saving the correct and important mails so that they can be used in the future. This is supported by most of the e mail ids.



Six Tips to Avoid SPAM and Block SPAM Emails

Filtering the SPAM emails in order to decrease the risk of being hacked your email and online accounts. Spammer uses different ways to hack your online system and their favorite ways are sending SPAM emails and giving SPAM comments on websites and blogs. Some people did not know the actual meaning of SPAM and how they reaches to you. Some people asks me What is spam? SPAM is the electronic version of Junk Email. It refers to unsolicited and often unwanted email messages. They waists your precious time and interrupt your important work.


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How to Spam and how Spammers reaches you

Spammers can be easily reaches to you by using different techniques. Because you are giving your email address to everyone who asks for it using catchy words. And also some website are there who are selling your email addresses for the sake of some cents . But I cannot share the name of those. May be there is huge list of website who are doing these type of unethical works. Then purchaser of your email address use different software or email clients to send you SPAM emails. They include the links which may harm your online privacy and also for your machine on which you are visiting that link(s).

We should adopt some habits in order to avoid these problems. There are a number of ways to reduce the quantity of SPAM.

How to Reduce SPAM Emails

  1. Do not give your email address arbitrarily
  2. Before submitting your email address online, look for a privacy policy
  3. Do not follow link(s) in SPAM messages
  4. Use privacy settings on Social Networking sites
  5. While signing up for some online accounts and services, be aware of the section that provides an option to receive email about other products and services.
  6. Report unwanted messages as spam or junk. This would help to train the mail filter so that such messages are not delivered to your inbox.

Hope you will find these tips helpful for you. Give your comments if you know any other tips to stop spam emails.