Adopt 7 Qualities to Become Successful Blogger

Everyone in the blogging world wants to become successful blogger. Nobody in earth was successful by birth. People earn their success by doing hard work.  Any success that I have seen is the result of hard work and exceptional quality people have. There are certain features you must have to become successful blogger.

My first year of blogging experience still continues and I have come to know what makes a successful blogger. And features that have made them what they are. They avoid doing blogging mistakes. What I have find they have most common 7 qualities in them. And they become successful bloggers.


7 Qualities of Successful Bloggers

1. Blogging Passion

A unique feature of successful bloggers is their passion for the blog. They love what they do and it shows everything they teach or write. You cannot speak, without giving any blog. To a certain level, bloggers who managed to get to the point of spirit and her love to blog that make them out of their comfort zone to do something.

2. Successful Bloggers are  Naturally Engaging

There is one thing that bloggers who are not false, and it is “interaction”. You know what blogs seriously, what makes a point to discuss heavy duty reader and conversation where readers. They expressed their love and feel that they are taken care of, because they really take care of them

3. They Always Loves Their Readers

If you have a blog that is getting satisfactory amount of comment, then it is not an easy task. Only successful bloggers can get achievement and people trust. It’s not a matter of interest and successful bloggers, they are always willing to receive their comments and reactions, readers come to your blog. They often learn from comments that are pointing some negative aspects. Because they want to find out if they are weak at certain point of blogging. The ability to tolerate the negative thoughts from readers and make them positive thoughts, make them a successful blogger.

4. They Never Think They Have Sufficient Information

There is a proverb that says, “If you are not aware, they are way off.” Successful bloggers never fail to read and learn. They have reached a level in their career as a blogger does not prevent them to explore all the time. In fact, what distinguishes them from other bloggers is consistent in their reading and research. They are always discovering new things the other copied them.

5. Their Minds Driven Quality

Successful bloggers always gives priority to quality over quantity. Today, what makes you stand out among pro bloggers is quality of your work. This is what makes a successful blogger, charged with the responsibility to provide something better than others.

6. Leaving Blog is not Their Dictionary

It is a large gap between successful bloggers, and those who try to cross the line. Successful bloggers do not have the word ‘ later ‘ in their dictionary. Because they really understand what it takes, and they talk about they are leaving blog is the only thing that cannot be heard in the mouth.

7. Successful Bloggers Work with Patience

Patience is one thing most bloggers could not be found. Everyone wants to immediately hit the boat, and when the expected destination not arrived the next things happens they is nothing in this field. Here I also would say that the spirit of working with patience. Successful bloggers are always to be patient with what they do, not the number of tests, which will carry out the time.


Blog Internet

Win 499$ from My First Guest Blogging Contest (Revoked)

My first guest blogging contest on will be live from 20th June to 19th July. I was planning to conduct second cash prize giveaway on my blog. But after my first cash giveaway experience I found my giveaway was for those, they were not my loyal readers. All three winners were those they hardly came to my blog after contest. My aim is to get loyal readers.

guest blogging contest plus cash prize

So I am going to put a WIN WIN situation for my friends. Well I am going to give free hand to the participants in this Guest Blogging Contest. What I am going to offer in this Guest Blogging Contest for my friends are listed below.

Guest Blogging Contest Prizes

  • Cash Prize 250$
  • SEO Powersuite Professional worth 249$ (perfect for website owners and webmasters)
  • All winners will get reviewed
  • 468×60 Top Header Advertisements (For 30 Days)
  • 250×250 Footer Advertisements (For 30 Days)

How I will Distribute Prizes

1st Prize:

  • 150$ Cash
  • Website Review
  • SEO Powersuite Professional
  • 468×60 Top Header Advertisements (For 30 Days)

2nd Prize:

  • 100$ Cash
  • Website Review
  • SEO Powersuite Professional

3rd Prize:

  • SEO Powersuite Professional
  • Website Review
  • 250×250 Footer Advertisements (For 30 Days)

Topics Available for Guest Blogging Contest

  • Blogging (All Topics)
  • Themes and Plugins
  • How-to
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Technology Tips and Tricks
  • Making Money

Points Distribution

  • 1 Like – 2 points.
  • 1 Tweet – 5 points.
  • 1 Stumbleupon – 5 points.
  • 1 Google Plus – 10 Points.
  • Your post visit receives – 2 point
  • Linking with your post – 100 points
  • Answer the Questionnaire – 800 points (Link will displayed on 3rd to 10th July on this post)
  • A Post related to category “how to” will get extra – 200 points. (A perfect tutorial)
  • Original comments excluded your replies – 5 points each

win 499 dollars

Contest Rules and How to Participate

  • Contest duration is one month (From 20th June to 19th July)
  • Join the blog from here and update your profile.
  • In your profile you must write “Guest Blogging Contest Participant” in about the author area.
  • I will update your subscription to contributor within 24hour and you will receive a confirmation email on your given email id.
  • Guest post should include at least 600 words. (For Guest Blogging Contest)
  • Your content should be SEO rich.
  • Content should be original and never shared before anywhere. (You will disqualify from this contest if we find your content is not original)
  • You must write a review for this contest on your blog and link back to your post. (Within 5 days of your post publish for guest blogging contest)
  • Everyone hates spam, so stand out naturally.
  • Results will be announced after 10 days of contest will end.

For any update about this guest blogging contest you must stay in touch on this page.

So best of luck…

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How to Marketing Your Blog Via Facebook Social Media Strategy

Today, I have one tip to talk with you about how to marketing your blog using Facebook social media strategy. Well, I think that everyone knows about this social platform and maybe you are implementing business and doing internet marketing your blog with this platform. You know? It is not only one of biggest and potential social media platforms. But it will be new amazing search engine Facebook Graph Search which all bloggers and internet marketers have to put more eyes implementation friendly blog SEO optimizing.

Facebook social media strategy

With the Facebook social media strategy you will gain many benefit direct and indirect from doing business. It is a very important way to marketing blog and business effectively. If you did not started yet I recommend to you start it from now. And here three elements do not miss for integrating business strategy.

#1 Started with profiles page engagement

Setting up profile page is ways to getting started with Facebook social media strategy. There were many people thinks that it a very simple idea and you already had one. Great! I know everyone is using currently Facebook. I just want to make sure that you profiles are related to your business and ability to marketing blog effectively. Within your Facebook profiles please fill out completely information related interests to your business and career such occupation, interested, address, and other related information. To make sure everything were done right of all and correctly. Please remembers to keep the information relevant is way to engage right people!

#2 Facebook social media strategy fan page

Facebook fan page is an important factor for keeping connects and engages right audiences. This is simple process of how to marketing your blog with Facebook but be sure your fan page could promote your business well such building trust and brand image. As bellow snapshot is my business fan page.

Whenever users clicked like your fan pages mean that they interested in your contents inside page. Thus, they want to receive new update information from your fan page. If you have a lot of people like your Facebook page it mean that you could increase high conversion rate and easy to interact with those people. But how to get more people like your Facebook page? Lol! We will talk about this magical question next post.

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#3 Group Discussion

It is recently new feature for Facebook social media strategy, with group discussion it allowed users to spread information and discuss with other users by join groups. Also, it is one of important element that you should not miss it. The group discussions are really best place to marketing your blog on Facebook. I have strong recommended creating your own group for own business as well as join others related group. You will gain more benefit from the groups such more ability to interact with other users outside your network and increase quality blog traffic via Facebook group discussion.

Right now it is your turn

I never want to right this topic because I thing that it is not unique idea for Facebook social media strategy but I think that I have to aware about this 3 important element. Because these 3 important elements are what we should not missed. Moreover, right now Facebook not only one of important social media platforms but it is new search engines which we should careful about it. I have write a guest post about Facebook graph search but How to optimize friendly blog SEO for Facebook graph search will come up next.

Oh, any opinions about this Facebook social media strategy? Or you can add your own in comments.


Some Blogging Mistakes and their Solutions

Many of Bloggers are not aware of Blogging Mistakes. In my short blogging career I have learnt a lot about blogging. Still I am learning. I cannot say I am perfect but I can say I can explain what I have learnt. I have visit a number of blogs and found some mistakes. Blogging mistakes are not common but few of them exist in almost every blog.

How to Present Blog Post

Presenting or writing blog post has different aspects. Some of these I have listed below.

Use of Spaces and Paragraphs in Blog Posts

I have seen a number of blog posts that are unreadable. I am not telling about grammatical errors in this case. But the thing is that some bloggers are not using paragraphs and also not giving proper spacing.

To increase the readability of your blog post I recommend you to write your post in paragraphs. Each paragraph should not more than 4 lines or you can cut the line after 4 to 5 sentences. It will surely increase readability because this method is reader friendly.

Use of Headings in Blog Posts

I also recommend using headings while writing your posts. Headings increase the beauty of your article and your readers can easily find different ideas shared in single post.

Use of Picture/Image in Blog Posts

You cannot ignore this part of blogging. I dont know why still bloggers are lazy to use relevant images in blog posts. Use of images is part of SEO. Image in blog post increases beauty of post and some time your image explains the whole summary of your blog post.

I recommend to use at least one image in post.

Other Blogging Mistakes

Do Regular Posting

So you have a blog? Are you writing at least one post in three days? If yes then jump to next heading. 🙂 So what I mean, there is a number of bloggers who are not regularly updating their blogs. Never mind I am also week in this case.

I recommend you and myself to write at least one post in three days. The reason behind if, you are not updating your blog then you cannot expect revisit. On the other hand you have also fewer chances to be searched in search engines.

So make it habit to write at least one post in three days. If you can, then write more.

Theme Selection

Theme selection is also major part in blogging. I have seen bloggers using dark themes. Those are not nice. I recommend light color themes with light or white background. That website with dark theme, look like hacker’s websites.

So avoid dark background color. Use light background and dark font color. Black font is recommended.

Purchase Custom Domain

Still many of bloggers using free domains. Even they know benefits of using custom domain names. Why they are not purchasing custom domain names? May be due to financial issues…!

To avoid these blogging mistakes, I strongly recommend those bloggers to purchase their custom domain name as soon as possible and enjoy the sweet fruit of blogging. I have also covered cheapest domain name and hosting company review. Or you can view the rates by clicking hosterpk.

Bore Commenting System

There are a number of third party comment plugins those can be use on your blog. But not all are good enough to use. A huge number of bloggers are still using plugins that can never help readers.

Commenting system on your blog is really important. What I found online when visiting blogs; the bloggers those create WIN WIN situation on their blog, getting more traffic. So how you can create this situation on your blog?

It’s simple; install a commentluv plugin. So by using this plugin you start taking care of your readers those are connected with same online industry. Indirectly you are helping yourself.

Start Avoiding Blogging Mistakes

I have listed only a few blogging mistakes and their possible solutions. If you agree with me then do let me know and tell me what you think about these blogging mistakes.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

7 Tips to Become a Profound Blogger

So you choose blogging as career and you want to make yourself a Profound Blogger? It is not so much difficult. You just need to follow some tips to be found yourself among top profound bloggers.

Work on Your Topic Before Posting

A number of bloggers writing blog posts after searching online. When they found some topic they try to write on topic without proper study. And without having complete information about topic. But to become a profound blogger you should need to be master of your topic. You have to research deeply and write wisely before pressing publish button.




Write About Sub Parts of a Topic

As I mentioned above research your topic deeply before publish. So you can find yourself; you can write about some most important areas of that topic. What I meant here, I can explain by putting an example

Suppose I have read a post in which writer explains all basic and advanced parts of SEO. In SEO you will find many parts like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword research  backlinking etc… so to become a profound blogger focus on sub topics also. You can write separately about above listed parts of SEO.

Make Blogging Ideas That Never Shared

I suggest every blogger to write on such ideas that are unique and no one shared before. But in this case it is not possible that everyone can write on a unique topic every time. Most probably when bloggers read different posts and articles online then; if there is some modification required according to their knowledge, they try to write on that topic. That’s way a series updates also continues.

But again try your best to write on ideas driven from your own mind.

Debate on Ideas

You just forget that every person will like your work or agree with you. Every one has his own mind set. So if you really want to become a profound blogger then debate other’s written topics as well as on your own written articles. In this way if you have better knowledge then you will get a loyal reader for your blog. And people would love to read your articles. Besides that if you have less knowledge then other will update you.

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become a profound blogger

Write Articles All in one

Do not let your reader go away until they read your whole topic. So how you can motivate your reader to read your article or post completely. Its very simple; you know your reader is start reading your article because he want to know about subjected article. So if you write a post with less information your reader will not trust on your writing again.

So what I suggest to become profound blogger

  • Cover your article completely
  • Write only that information which is verified and authentic information.
  • Do not write off-topic material.
  • Focus on every aspects of your topic.
  • Try to write briefly like nothing left about this topic.
  • If there is a need, write on sub topics and link them within main topic.
  • Ask your readers to speak their mind.
  • Offer them your free services for any further information.

Change your Writing Style

To become profound blogger, try to be realistic. Pretend your reader like you are talking with them (live). And try to interact with your readers.

Change your Mind to Become Profound Blogger

It is very important to become profound blogger, you should change your mind and way of thinking. Even you are coming up with your new blog.

  • Start thinking like a pro.
  • Believe on your brand whatever you have.
  • Never under estimate your qualities.
  • Always present yourself a man of commitment with fun.
  • Never afraid if you make a mistake.
  • Do not hesitate to learn from others.

Final Words

We are all profound bloggers. We can do anything which we want to do online. Lets rock the world with blogging.

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Blog Social Media

Deliver Quality Blog Traffic Via FB Group Discussion

Deliver quality blog traffic with FB group discussion” wills be a topic for our tip today. I know this tip may not a new idea for any experience bloggers who has older age of internet business blogging but I could promise that this tip will be useful tip for any newbie bloggers who less experience with social media strategy. Moreover, I promise that FB group discussions are important and powerful way to deliver quality blog traffic and engage readers effectively.

deliver quality blog traffic

As we could know Facebook is one of potential social media platforms which there were many people are interested around the world, especially Cambodian teenagers. I will not talk about people in bigger countries of world who are currently using Facebook as social networking tool but I just use a small country as my example. You know? A lot of people in Cambodia like Facebook, especially teenagers because sometime they skip their class because they are talking with their friends on Facebook. Therefore, if your audiences are living Cambodia I will recommend Facebook as potential way for you to deliver quality blog traffic to your personal blog, offered, or anything else such as products offers.

Well, It just small country which have around 15+ millions people as whole population of this country but 60% -70% of whole people are owning and using Facebook every day. Also, we did not yet talk other bigger countries who have hundreds billion of population such as India, US, UK, China, and other countries which bigger than Cambodian. Absolutely, there were billion+ users are using Facebook every single day. If you could communicate and engage those users thus  you will deliver quality blog traffic effective to your personal blog.

There were many effective way to increase quality blog traffic through Facebook social media strategy such as delivering content marketing via own timeline, FB fan pages engagement, direct message, charting, and so many ways else. But today I will focus on only delivering quality blog traffic with FB group discussion. Before I will talk about the topic, I please say thanks to owners of those potential social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and others who have designed those valuable websites which it were many social media benefits for blogging business such as give us way increase quality traffic to our website as well as direct selling around the platform and many other social media benefits. And here our tips

Deliver Quality Traffic via Own Facebook Group

Okay! Those all for me thanks, right now please back to our topics. As many bloggers got to know this Facebook has many features for internet business blogging monetizing such as a FB fan page which way increase more able to engage with audiences and customers by create a business FB page and release to content marketing to subscribers of new updated FB page posting. But since last year Facebook have released a new useful feature call “FB Group Discussion” which it could deliver quality blog traffic effectively, especially available for free to every user.

facebook group

Create your own FB group and invite some friends who interested to related topics of discussion and strive to increase group as many as possible you can do it, you have promoted your FB group through sharing into your time and ask people to join it. Remembers, the more you could Increase FB group members, you increase the ability to deliver quality traffic effectively via FB group. Yeah, it’s just an easy way but it is more potent and effective way to engage more audiences than just sharing only timeline with few friends, colleges, and families.

Additional benefit is we could broad out networking build stronger relationship as well as engage the right target audiences since members who join the FB group interested in the topic of discussion and ability to invite others to join with them as well.

Share Post on the other FB Group could Deliver Quality Blog Traffic Effectively

I am proof that I have created a strong social relationship and engage well my audiences in the FB network but I proof that I have a large networking with my Facebook profiles. I have around 2k+ FB fans who subscribed my Fan pages. I have more 1+ million users who could see my content marketing whenever I posted It because have joint more 30+ FB group discussion related to my topics and each FB group has around 1k+ members. Whenever I posted or shared anything in all those groups unless 100k+ people will see my post and at least 500+ clicking  which I could get sharing post. So, I could notice that it effective way. How about you?

FB Groups’ Even act as an Important Way to Deliver Quality Blog Traffic

Thank you very much, Facebook! You gave me one more potential way to engage with other people and more ability build social relation, especially I could alert those people about some evens such birthday, workshop, and my content market offering. You know? I never try any automatically social media marketing tools because I feel like Facebook gave me enough ability to scheduling, planning my content marketing, and as well as deliver quality blog traffic effectively via the event creation.

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Set up an even in the FB group about your post scheduling and invite some members to attend that event is a good idea to engage with social media with pressure thus we gain the benefit from access to the real need of readers. Please imagine that I deliver a content marketing call “Reduce blog bound rate with simple but effective way” as title via my oven and have put some brief of benefits from reading this post in detail of the FB even publishing, especially I set Monday next week as the deadline. Moreover, I have putted my personal blog url in celebrated place.

I know, it has two outcomes for me (bad or good). If you interested in my even you will join and wait for the post was published on next Monday, especially you could enjoy some older post because I have left my blog url in even celebrated place. Addition benefit is you may subscribe my blog or FB fan page before the event was published because the older post have engaged and gave you what are interesting.  But if you don’t like this just skip or click decline this event invitation. Never mind, I need only my target audiences who want to read my tips so I just let you go and sorry to make you noisy with my even.

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Blog Social Media

4 Secrets to Increase Online Reputation and Become Successful Blogger

Increase online reputation is an important key to become successful blogger on internet blogging business. Did you know? Well, I know what you was answer, I am the same to you as well. To be a profession internet blogger require us to do many works in order to present ourselves to both online readers and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other. Thus we have to increase online reputation and build a good brand image of our personal blog which are requirements of this new online presented.

Increase online reputation

The internet blogging business is hot war business which all of us are right fighting at a frontier with our competitors or people around the world, right now. I please aware you that, now a day thousands of newbie bloggers attended to the internet market and are struggling to make a personal blog survive and being become successful blogger by their increase online reputation and getting presents themselves to online readers. While other successors are striving to be a sustainable in the internet blogging business thus it mean that now is very difficult and hard-working to win internet blogging competition.

Blog Internet

Why Blogging is Important to Earn Money Online

If you want to earn money online through the Internet then you will find a number of information to earn online. But its hard to find a work which is not a scam. Most of people waists their time because scams attracts the needy persons. It becomes very necessary for you to get the right information about how to reach in the most efficient manner to earn money online. In this case, I suggest you a website based work. The information for a blogger can help you a lot while making huge amounts of money for you. These blog sites allow you to provide the knowledge for everyone and for all the people who want to acquire benefits by writing blogs. Today, with the continued growth of the Internet, also increased the number of ways to earn healthy money.

earn money online


Image courtesy of cooldesign at

One of the main benefits of web-based information is that they offer different ways to generate additional income, which are reasonably priced so that anyone can easily make money blogging online. The only thing you have to do is invest a little time and effort to achieve the desired results consistently. And you will earn money online.

Big Companies Making Money Online Using Blogs

Today there are a number of owners of small, medium and large companies are preferred internet marketing to grow their business. For this reason, blogging is an effective tool to be huge traffic to their websites. So, that if someone writing talent shows and lives anywhere in the world, that person can be hired by these entrepreneurs to promote their websites and earn money from them. So, it is always a great source of income on the basis of the writing talent and some effort.


making money online


Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut at

What You Required to Earn With Blogs

People try to search the ways for part-time and full-time income which they can earn on spare time. For general information about making money online through blogging, it is very important to get a good orientation for the benefits. These days, there are several techniques available to marketing your blog, so all you have to do is choose one of them. Yesterday, many people have seen blogging as their hobby, but now it has become one of the most innovative ways to generate revenue and earn money online. And it works on every level. But earning potential varies.


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I have discovered some recommendations and features of blogging.

  • The application of blogging techniques to a new way to making money online is too easy to discover.
  • The only requirement is to select the platform in a straight line with good planning.
  • Makes a few posts on a regular basis.
  • The best thing about blogging online is that there is no age bar and unlimited education.
  • Any person who cannot reach all communities and age of its benefits
  • To rent, there is no need for evidence or to acquire a degree, but the only requirement is to show your writing talent.

So I find persons with any age can make a blog but it is recommended most of the ad publishing companies that the person should be 18 years old. And one another thing there is no qualification required except writing skills and marketing strategic mind.

Therefore it is more creative and innovative, and everyone can write blogs. It is not a difficult task for the ones who are committed and love to write.You’ll have soon making money online. Of course, it will take effort and time constant. Because without efforts you cannot achieve your goals and desires. But in the end the good results for earn extra income residue will show the path earn money online. So what you are thinking for. Start your own blog today and earn money.



How to Change Comments Avatar in Blogger

Bloggers can change comments avatar with their own choice. By default blogger has two default avatar seems like in below image.

Default Comments Avatar

One is used for those who comments anonymously and second for those who make comments and are belongs to blogger or have a blogger account. There is also a third avatar option. The Commentator if already set his own picture or avatar for his or her account then custom avatar did not change that avatar. So it is also a plus point. Modification process is so easy. You just have to follow some steps in order to things to be worked for blogger comments. First overview default avatar of blogger.


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If you want to replace your default blogger avatar with the following avatar then do as written below.


change comments avatar


Change comments Avatar

  • Go to Blogger “Dashboard”
  • Click on “Template”
  • Click on “Edit HTML”
  • Check the box ”Expand Widget Template”
  • Then find below code </body>
  • Now copy the below code and paste it before </body>') .ssyby('blank')']") .attr('src', '') .ssybya('blank')

  • Finally click "Save Template" button.

If you have a dark blogger template then you can use this avatar. To get these avatars, use below code.

Blogger Comments Icon') .ssyby('blank')']") .attr('src', '') .ssybya('blank')


Some Custom Blogger Avatar Links

If you want to make your blogger comment avatar more beautiful according to your template design, then you can replace below codes with the above written highlighted codes to change comments avatar.

If you like then please share this. So other bloggers can change comments avatar too.