SEO Rules for Single Post and Single Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress makes easy when you have pre-designed plugins. But if you are using Blogger or any other platform then sometime it’s not easy to understand how you can optimized a post in search engine to get high page rank. Many of bloggers write a post and leave as it is without […]

Giveaway: WordPress Premium Theme Nuance by Themeforest

I have had started a giveaway for WordPress Premium Theme name Nuance WordPress Theme. Giveaway comes to an end and all winners got prizes of WordPress Nuance Theme by Theme Forest.   WordPress Nuance Theme

Make Your WordPress a Video Press Website

Article currently unavailable due to up-gradation issue.

Elegant Style Social Media Follow Buttons and Subscribe to Feed Button

Elegant Style social media follow buttons and subscribe to feed button for Blogger and WordPress is available for free to use. It can be shown in a widget of WordPress and gadget of Blogger. Design is so attractive you can see the demo of elegant style social media follow buttons.  And you are also free […]

WordPress Plugin Tells You Everything

I have installed a WordPress plugin in order to just test the actual work for that plugin. But I found it was the best ever choice of me in plugins. The plugin has great features. You will also amaze to see. Previously when I did not use permalink feature I shared a lot of posts. But […]

How To Show Your Picture in Search Results

Google has provided us a better way to mark authorship to our contents. Every Blogger and author of Website try to make their own content and write different posts on different topics in order to post original content. Here original content means website owner or author of that content or post has the copyright on […]

How To Get Dofollow Backlinks For Your Website

Commenting on websites is best to get backlinks for your websites. As you know greater the number of incoming links greater the chances of getting high page rank in Search Engine, especially in Google. But the most common question is how we can get dofollow backlinks for our websites? For those who did not know […]

How to Submit Sitemap of blog to Google Bing and Yahoo

How we can enter sitemaps of our blogs to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google stands alone and have its own Webmaster Tool to enter a sitemap. On the other hand Bing and Yahoo have a collective Webmaster Tool to submit sitemap. You just submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster, Yahoo will automatically index your site. […]