How to Enable and Disable Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is a task manager application which comes with the Microsoft Windows NT family’s operating systems. Windows Task Manager provides detailed information about running applications on computer, current processes and computer performance along with CPU usage; it will also provide information of commit charge and memory information, network activity and statistics, logged-in users, […]

How to Remove navbar from blogger

Hello friends today I will teach you how you can remove Navbar or hide navbar from your blogger. Below tutorial was created in June 2012. The procedure I am going to show you includes editing of your blogger template. Blogger itself has an automatic option to hide or remove navbar from blogger accounts. Navbar is top bar […]

How to Add Page Navigation Bar in Blogger

In Blogger Page Navigation Bar has much importance if you are publishing your articles often. How you can add a page navigation bar in blogger under the blog post. A simple procedure to add page navigation bar in blogger is given below. See Also: How To Change Comments Avatar in Blogger Adding Page Navigation Bar Go […]

How to get approved for Google AdSense

Before apply for Google Adsense it is necessary to know what is Google and what Google providing you. Then I will tell you about Google Adsense program by Google. So you can get approved for Google Adsense fast. What is Google? Basically Google is a search engine and with the help of search engine you […]

How to Change default URL of Blog Post in Blogger

Earlier Google was not providing facility to change default URL of Blog post in blogger posts and bloggers was unable to customize blog post links according to their needs. Now Google provides the facility to edit Blog post links with their own custom links. And this is such good news for bloggers those are suffering with default and boring links. […]

How to Uninstall Software using DOS

Sometime working with software or applications we need to install and uninstall different software and applications. We used Add or install option in windows in order to uninstall. Sometimes due to a bug in software or in our window we may unable to install software or applications properly, and this may cause serious disturbance for […]

How to Find Unseen Symbols

Although this is a very simple trick to find unseen symbols using your windows numeric pad but it is very handy if you want to use symbols in your short names. A lot of social media users uses symbols to create their short names or signs. You can get different symbols by using Alt key […]

How To Make Windows Firewall User Friendly

Maximum users using Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 etc., But they used different third party software as a firewall. It’s interesting because they never believe on built in firewall in windows. It’s amazing; question is why this is so? See Also: Send exe file through email Because Microsoft has not included any tutorial on how […]

How to get Hidden Themes and Wallpapers in Windows 7

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share an interesting and informative stuff with you. Today’s topic is how we can get hidden Themes and Wallpapers in Windows 7. As you know while Windows 7 is being installed on your computer, during installation you will asked to choose Time, Date and Country. The installer then […]

How to Show Post Title First in Search Result

How we can put blogger title comes first in search engine results and on title bar of browser. In blogger by default, when you publish any post then you will see your blog title first then post title in title bar and in search results of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. For instance […]