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How To Use Multiple Numbers on WhatsApp

Use multiple numbers on WhatsApp: You can use multiple numbers on WhatsApp with the help of 2 extra WhatsApp 3rd party applications. This is a trick and it is so simple and safe. You can only be able to use this trick on android phone.

[su_note radius=”8″]Before going through with tutorial. Let me give you brief summary, what we are going to do?[/su_note]

The WhatsApp you are already using is default WhatsApp application. And the color is green. Okay! so we will install two new WhatsApp applications. And both new WhatsApp application color is purple. We will verify our three numbers step by step. So please follow the steps carefully. 🙂

This process is fully optimized and safe for your WhatsApp data and mobile. You will not lose your WhatsApp data by following these steps.

Use Multiple Numbers on WhatsApp

What you need to do is, take backup of your whatsapp chat (First Number) from original green WhatsApp. Taking backup is most important step here. If you don’t know, how to take backup of WhatsApp, then follow the instructions below.

Step # 1 :- Tap on whatsapp menu and tap settings, then tap chat settings. From chat settings, you need to take backup of WhatsApp chat. This step is important to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp. And your data and chats will not deleted.

take whatsapp chat backup


backup whatsapp chat now


use multiple numbers on WhatsApp on android



Step # 2:- Go to Android phone settings and tap on “Apps”, find Original WhatsApp green app and open it. After you open WhatsApp from Apps option, you need to clear files. You can clear data by tapping “clear data” button. This is also required in order to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp.

use multiple numbers on WhatsApp
Go to Settings and Tap on Apps
how to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp
Find Original Green WhatsApp
use multiple numbers on WhatsApp now
Clear Data

Step # 3:- Now install the first 3rd party application from link below. The application you are going to download is replica of original WhatsApp. Having same functionality and user experience. In order to download the app, click on download link, and download APK file. After you download, it will be saved in your download folder, which you can access through file manager.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef662d” size=”5″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: floppy-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”2px 0px 0px #000000″]Download New WhatsApp # 1[/su_button]


install blocked apps


[su_note radius=”8″]If you are facing problem while installing new WhatsApp then follow below instructions to install.[/su_note]

  • Go to Mobile Settings.
  • Then Security Settings.
  • Check Unknown Sources

how to install block android apps


use multiple numbers on WhatsApp

Step # 4:- Now open the new WhatsApp application and verify your first number again. Please make sure; only verify that number which you already takes backup on original app, otherwise your number will not verify. After verification, new WhatsApp number 1 will ask you to restore data. Tap on restore data, you all chat messages will restore. Your first number is ready to use on first downloaded new WhatsApp application.

restore whats app data


use multiple numbers on WhatsApp

Step # 5:- Now open original green WhatsApp application again and verify your second number. After verification you need to send two or three messages to your friends from original Green WhatsApp application. This step is also important in order to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp. The reason why, we are doing this. Because we are going to take backup again. So repeat step # 1 and step # 2 again to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp. (Take backup from original green WhatsApp application and clear data from App Info for original WhatsApp.)

Step # 6:- Download second 3rd party application from the download link below.


[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#ef662d” size=”5″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: floppy-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”2px 0px 0px #000000″]Download New WhatsApp # 2[/su_button]


Step # 7:- After you install second new WhatsApp application. Just verify second number and restore data again on second new application.


Step# 8:- Open original WhatsApp and verify your 3rd and last number.

use multiple numbers on WhatsApp

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You can use multiple numbers on WhatsApp now


Hurray….!!! 😛

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Best Free Android Phone Launcher Download – Solo

Solo Launcher is best free Android Phone Launcher. This launcher is having all premium features for free. There is no need to pay for extra features. Solo launcher is not showing ads. In this tutorial I will show you, how you can download this launcher. And how you can get full benefits out of this android phone launcher.

I recommend you to download this launcher from the Google play store. Because other app stores are not providing 100% secure mobile apps. They are injecting their own ads in mobile apps. For those who don’t know, how to configure Google Play store, they can read my tutorial. “Configure Google Play Store”

Download Android Phone Launcher

So, downloading process is pretty much easy. To download this android phone launcher, you should have active internet connection. The size of this launcher is 4.8 MB. So if you are going to use your mobile data to download this solo launcher, then you must have sufficient data.

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  • To download this launcher, Go to the play store and type Solo Launcher or click here to download solo launcher.
  • After you download, just open this launcher and “set as default launcher”.

Android Phone Launcher Basic Settings

To put the launcher on default, you need to follow the steps.

Open the solo android phone launcher after installation. Or if you already open this launcher and want to set  as default. Then click on menu button and tap solo settings.

Best free Android Phone Launcher
Image 1


Now tap on “Set as Default Launcher”. A new selection pop up will open.


Download Android Phone Launcher


From the below selection box, tap on “Solo Launcher” and tap “Always”


Android Phone Launcher download free


Your solo android phone launcher is now ready to use. You can explore many premium features of this launcher for free. Solo launcher is also providing beautiful free wallpapers for your android phone. To access the free wallpapers, just tap on menu button and then select wallpaper.


Android Phone Launcher wallpapers


In my next tutorial, I will be having deep review for this solo android phone launcher. So subscribe to this blog or like our page on Facebook.

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Download all Facebook Pictures Videos & Messages

Facebook pictures videos & messages can be downloaded from your Facebook account. While going through subjected process you will get 2 types of things. First and most obvious you can download your Facebook pictures videos & messages. And the best thing is, you can also recover your deleted Facebook pictures videos & messages. So I am sure this sounds good for you. There is no need to buy any paid software to recover deleted data from Facebook. Facebook itself providing you option to download and recover your Facebook pictures videos & messages.

How to Recover Facebook Pictures Videos & Messages

Before going through the process, I want to tell you what you can recover / download from your Facebook. The good news is, you can recover / download almost everything from your Facebook account. So this thing is not limited to Facebook pictures videos & messages.

Here is list of Facebook data you can recover / download.

Get Start to download Facebook pictures videos & messages

So all you need to do is, follow the instructions below.

Go to the settings by clicking top right drop-down arrow and then settings. (You can also access Facebook settings by visiting following link

stop friends posting

  • Now click on “Download a copy” link.

Facebook pictures videos messages


From the next page click on “Start My Archive” button. After clicking you will be ask to type your password. Just type your password and click “Submit”

So here you see, Facebook is asking password. It means you have maximum Facebook security for your personal data. So you can recover / download Facebook pictures videos & messages securely.

Learn about Facebook Account Security

In the meantime you will also receive an email to cancel the request. Means, if you change your mind then you can go to your email account. Open the email with subject “Facebook download request”. And now click on link given for cancellation of request.

From above pictures; after finishing the last step, Facebook will take some time to collect your data. It depend on, how much data you have in your account, and how much data you have deleted already.

Facebook will again send you email with data recovery of your Facebook account. The subject of the email will be “Your download request is ready”. So now open the email and click on the link given in email. You will be redirected again to the step number 4 from above pictures. Now no need to be panic. Just click on “Start My Archive” button again and submit the password. Your download button will become ready. Just click on “Download Archive” button.

You will be redirected again to the step number 4 from above pictures. Now no need to be panic. Just click on “Start My Archive” button again and submit the password. Your download button will become ready. Just click on “Download Archive” button.

Download Facebook Files[signinlocker][/signinlocker]

Downloading will start now. The file size also vary, and it is totally depend on data whatever you share. So finally you will be having all of your Facebook pictures videos & pictures in your device.



How To Configure Gmail on Outlook with Pictures

Configure Gmail account on outlook is same on all versions of outlook. Although Gmail itself is having great user experience. But somehow if you want to configure outlook then you can do it easily. Most commonly used desktop email client is Outlook. I will show you how you can configure Gmail on Outlook all versions.

Configure Gmail on Outlook

The following method is applied on Microsoft Outlook versions from 2000 to 2016. There are two ways to access mail settings to configure Gmail on any outlook version. First of all you need to do Gmail settings.

Gmail Settings

Open your Gmail account on any browser and click in gear icon and then settings.

configure gmail

In next window, select “Enable IMAP” and then press “Save Changes” button. You can also select “Enable POP” if you wish to use POP account instead of IMAP.

setup pop account for gmail

Gmail IMAP or POP settings is now done to configure Gmail.

Now open your computer’s control panel and double click on “Mail” or “Mail (32 – bit)”. Here you can either directly open Outlook or you can access “Mail (32 – bit)” option from “Control Panel”.

email configuration

After clicking “Mail (32 – bit)” you will be ask to create new profile. Just give any name to your profile and click OK.

imap setting

If you already create one profile before then you can use that one. If profile already exist then you might see following window.

email accounts

From this window you can continue by pressing “E-mail Accounts” or “Data Files” button. After you press any of these button you will see following window.

configure gmail

From this window, click “New”. You will now configure Gmail. You will see a window named “Add Account”. On this window, check the option “Manual Setup or additional server types” and then click “Next”.

configure outlook

Select the option “POP or IMAP” and click “Next”. This option is same for both POP and IMAP settings.

setup outlook

Now you need to fill all of your Gmail account information as shown in picture below. If you wish to configure Gmail with POP account then you need to select POP in “Account Type” and servers will be as following.

Incoming Mail Server for POP accounts or you can type

Outgoing Mail Server for POP accounts or you can type

configure gmail to outlook

Incoming Mail Server for IMAP accounts or you can type

Outgoing Mail Server for IMAP accounts or you can type

After filling up all information in above window you need to go to “More Settings”. A new window will popped-up. In that window you need to click on “Outgoing Server” and then make the changes as shown below.

email setup on gmail

After you go through number 7 and 8 settings you need to click “Advanced”. In this advanced settings you need to change settings under “Server Port Number”. In other words you need to change port settings here. Select first Incoming encryption method to “SSL”. Once you select this option “Incoming server (IMAP)/(POP)” will automatically change.

If you are using IMAP then its value will be 993 and if you are using POP then incoming server value will be 995. But outgoing server SMTP value will remain constant for both POP and IMAP. Select Outgoing encryption method TLS and change value to 587 or 465.

gmail account settings

To go further with configure Gmail; click OK and from next window click “Next”.

pop account settings

Once you click “Next”, you will see new popped-up progress window. In that window you will see outlook is automatically testing your settings. For incoming and outgoing emails.

configure or setup gmail outlook

Once you successfully done. Click Close and then Finish. So finally your Gmail is configured on outlook. You can send or receive all emails through outlook.

Final words; if you are facing any problem and unable to setup outlook then just write your problem is comment, I will get back to you with resolution.

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Stop Friends Posting on Your Facebook Wall or Timeline

We can stop friends posting on your Facebook wall and timeline. Facebook wall is old name of timeline. Facebook change the name of Facebook wall to Facebook Timeline. Your Facebook wall is your private property on Facebook. As soon as you post on your wall or timeline, all of your family and friends can see your post. This process does not require sharing. Okay! its fine for me and for everybody using Facebook. But it is against ethics, if somebody is posting their posts on your Facebook wall without permission. I never did this and I never want others to do this without my permission.

If you are new on Facebook and you are adding your friends and family in your friend’s list. Then there might be a risk factor is involve. May be your untrusted friend post illegal and unethical post on your wall or timeline. If this happen then your all family and friends can see that post. Which may cause misunderstandings and problems in relations.

So the best solution is to stop friends posting on your Facebook wall or timeline.

How to Stop Friends Posting

To fix this problem Facebook is also giving you solution to stop friends posting on your Facebook wall. This option called timeline review. You can activate timeline review option by entering in your Facebook account.

Let me show you how it works.

  • Log in with your Facebook account.
  • Go to settings by clicking top right drop-down arrow and then settings. (You can also access settings by visiting following link

stop friends posting

  • In the settings page click on “Timeline and Tagging” option.
  • And then click on first “Edit” under option “Who can add things to my timeline?”
  • Now change the settings to “Only Me”.

If you select this option then you are going to stop friends posting on your Facebook Wall or Timeline. For an instant if you want to manually select the posts to appear on your timeline then you can go through second step. You can activate timeline review option to review the post before appearing on your wall or timeline.

  • To activate the review option click on second “Edit” under “Who can add things to my timeline?”
  • Then select “Enable” option and close it.

stop friends posting

[box color=”white” icon=”information”]That’s it. You are now good to go safe on Facebook. :-)[/box]

Now no body can put his or her post on your timeline. And you will become the only owner of your Facebook Wall or Timeline posts.

How to accept Facebook Timeline Posts

You already stop friends posting on your Facebook or Timeline. Now question is if somebody try to post on your Facebook Timeline then what will happen? After your friend share post on your timeline you will receive a notification on your timeline picture area. Or you can also access the timeline review option by clicking top right corner drop-down arrow button. After clicking you will find an option named “Activity Log”. In this option you can review timeline posts. You can either approve or hide them from your timeline.

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How to Speed Up Windows using Microsoft Fix It

Speed up Windows with the help of Microsoft free tool. This tool name is “Microsoft Fix it”. This tool helps us to remove corrupted and broken registries from windows. It helps to uninstall corrupted programs from windows. And it also helps to fix the potential issues in your laptop and computer.

The main function of this tool is to troubleshoot install or uninstall issues in windows. Microsoft fix it runs on almost all kind of Windows based operating systems.

Following is list of Windows support “Microsoft Fix It”

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2012 editions
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

How to use Microsoft Fix it to Speed up Windows

Before we start I want to explain further how it is useful to speed up windows.

speed up windows free

  • It detects corrupted registry keys and these registry keys used to control data in windows.
  • It also helps to fix and troubleshoot the problems occurred during new installations.
  • If you are facing problem to uninstall programs or your control panel is giving you restrictions to uninstall programs then this tool makes your life better.

There are two ways to use Microsoft fix it. You can either directly run this program to detect problems or you can also download to use in other operating system. Visit the following link and follow the instruction in ongoing screens.

Speed up windows sounds easy now. Write us in comment to get support. And do remember to help others by sharing this post.

speed up windows free using microsoft fix it


How to Remove Pop up Ads from Browser

Pop up ads interrupts while working online. In this article I will show you, how you can remove pop up ads from Google Chrome. But if you want to block or remove pop up ads from any other browser then write in comment. We will surely give help you to get rid of pop up ads from other browsers.

Remove or Block Pop Up Ads

To remove the pop up ads follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Google Chrome “Settings”

[su_frame align=”center”][/su_frame]


For those who don’t know where is Settings button / tab. Just drag your mouse to the top right hand side of the page and click icon with 3 vertical lines. And you will find “Settings” in the menu.

  • Or simply copy and paste following link in your browser chrome://settings/
  • Now on Settings page, drag down the page and find the link name “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Click on “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Now click on “Content Setting” button. This button is under the option of “Privacy”
  • A new window will open. In this window find the “Pop-ups”
  • And the select the option “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)”

pop up ads

  • But if you already have selected this option and still pop-up ads are coming then click on “Manage Exceptions” under the same Pop-ups area. And delete all sites in the allowed list.
  • For an instant if you are browsing any site which require pop up to work then you can manually allow the pop up in Manage Exceptions option.
  • Once you finish just click on “Done” and close the settings window.

So this was very simple way to block pop up ads. But sometimes clever ad injectors install ad extensions in Google Chrome Extensions. Or in your Windows Program Files. So if the above instructions doesn’t work for you then you have to take advanced steps.

Remove Pop Up Ads Extensions

Open the Extensions option. For those who don’t know where is Extensions in Chrome simply copy and paste following link into their browser chrome://extensions/

Now delete all unknown extensions from the list. If you are facing problem while deleting unknown extensions then write a comment with extension name. We will support you how you can get rid of pop up ads extension.


How Customizing An iPhone App Can Leverage Your Business

What would be more significant than creating a desirable app for personalized features that can help accomplish your task with greater convenience.

The advent of Smartphones has affected the way we think and work. Most importantly, the Apple iPhone has revolutionized the entire mobile realm and is consistently surprising the Touch screen mobile industry with advanced and enticing features. Since, apps are the cornerstone of the iPhone, iPhone application development has become more innovative and blooming industry.

There are myriads of apps that have successfully catered to the communication, education, business and entertainment sections, and this is why developers are heading towards app development. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective way to reach your potential customers and promote your sales and services, iPhone applications will perfectly fit into your needs.

Though there is no dearth of applications in the Apple App store, but, it is quite hard to find an ideal one for every business. As, all applications do not fit in every kind of businesses. And since, mobile apps help improve productivity, they are admired by several businesses across the globe.

For the folks, who are looking for ultimate iPhone apps that are often not available anywhere, they should develop a suitable customized iPhone app. Developing a custom iPhone app would be a perfect decision, and for this you can outsource the job to some reliable source. Since, there is a plethora of efficient iPhone app development companies out there that offers amazing services at affordable prices, you can easily locate one, which suits well to your needs. Get it developed and reap its truckloads of benefits.

Let’s have a look at some the utile features of developing a customized iPhone application.

1.) Boost your brand value with customized logo:

Whether you are running a startup business or a well-established business, the tech-savvy new generation has refined their demands and admire highly intuitive and innovative products. Thus, if you are looking for ways to brand your business then the primary and most significant step is creating a business logo.

Creating a custom app will allow you to personalize your business logo and proclaim it the way you want to. Moreover, you can deploy a desirable logo message or animated logo into your app to boast loud and clear credibility. The custom iPhone development features added versatility and facilitate businesses to epitomize the brand message via different mediums, including banners, audios, videos, animations, etc. You can design your logo to represent your app as per your business environment by implementing appropriate color schemes, graphics and a lot more.

2.) Reach a wider audience base and expand your business

iPhone being an advanced Smartphone feature a huge market base. And, with the custom iPhone application, you can easily promote your business. For marketing it, you can add in-app advertisements, push notifications, add your app link on your website, etc. However, it is advisable that insert the in-app to adds and enhance your business, when your app has got a good number of downloads. For boosting your sales and profits. And, you can even take the benefit of utile mobile e-commerce feature and push notifications to rotate your business updates and messages consistently to your customers in order to gain their loyalty.

Moreover, you can also use the custom mobile apps to meet your business needs and help the remote resources to efficiently accomplish the task. You can conveniently manage them and interact with them anytime and anywhere, and thus it helps make strives for a successful business.

3.) Establish a direct and reliable communication

Meet the diverse needs of your customers with the proficient custom iPhone applications. You can serve them with a user-friendly interface and answer their queries round the clock. For improved business’s productivity, your employees and different resources can easily coordinate with each other and accomplish the task with greater ease and efficiency.

4.) Offer secure data exchange, and easily accessible products and services

A bespoke iPhone application that is developed with intuitive interface and functions can engage your potential customers with ease. Moreover with custom app development services, you can offer secure transactions and data exchange to your staff and consumers. This can be done by encrypting data exchanges and integrating a reliable payment gateway (if required) to ensure a safe and secure application.

The custom iPhone apps offer a whooping number of bottom line benefits and helps attract the potential customers and serve their needs in a better way.

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How to Make Sure You Come Across Well on Facebook

Did you know people can accurately judge your character based on your Facebook profile? That might seem like an unlikely claim, but there’s plenty of evidence to support the idea, and that illustrates just how important it is that you think carefully about what you’re going to put on your page. People are going to be basing their opinion of you on your profile and that could even lose you friends or potential jobs if you aren’t careful.


Here then we will look at how to ensure you come across well on Facebook and that your profile is a good ambassador for you rather than something that’s just going to damage your reputation.

Don’t Install too Much

Facebook apps and games can be great, but if you install too many then you can end up ruining the experience for yourself and actually becoming something of a nuisance to others. This is especially true if you’re constantly inviting other people to join in on whatever app you’re currently using. Don’t be that guy or gal – install just a few apps that you actually think will be useful and make sure to a) read reviews to ensure they won’t cause any harm and b) skip the option to invite your entire address book.

Choose a Good Range of Pictures

The photos you upload should act as a window on your life that show people who you are and how you like to spend your time. As such, they should be varied and should try to show different sides to your personality. If every photograph is of you drinking in various clubs, then you’ll end up looking like an alcoholic or like you’re trying too hard to live a party lifestyle. On the other hand, if every picture is of you and your partner/family, then you’ll look like you live in a bubble and never go out. Remember: you don’t have to upload every picture that you take, so cherry a pick a few from each event and make sure that you get a good range.

Don’t Update Your Status too Often

One of the most annoying things you can do on Facebook is to update your status every two minutes to tell the world about every little thing you’re doing, or your opinion on every single subject. Not only does this make it look like you just love the sound of your own voice, but it will also give people the impression that you aren’t getting enough interaction with people in the real world. Plus it clogs up the home feed…

Keep it Positive

Another important tip is to keep your updates positive. No one wants to hear your cryptic descriptions of why you’ve had the worst day ever – all it does is put a blight on their day and make you look like an attention seeker. Talk to your friends about your problems sure, but don’t share them with the world.

Don’t Attempt to ‘Craft’ an Image

While you’re making a few changes to your Facebook to try and make it less irritating for your connections, you shouldn’t be trying to completely change your page in an attempt to portray a certain image. This is always obvious and transparent and will only make you appear desperate. Stay honest, just be a bit less in-your-face…


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Getting People to Tweet Your Content Is a Piece Of Cake Now!

Without any doubt, you will find a lot of social media marketers, who prefer to have the ready-made content so that they can easily spread it amongst the others. Of course, it takes high efforts to make the content working and noticeable to the world after making it available to everyone.

Tweet Your Content

According to the research, there are around 90% of the people, who rely on the already available content and never makes of their own. This becomes worse, when you get to know that you have to nudge them for spreading some link or content over the social media. However, it is as it is.

Now here comes the 9% of the gender that is actually spreading the content with some responsibility. They share, promote, and spread the information about any of the brands, person, or for the cause that they think is the finest. These sorts of individuals are called Warden of the information. It seems like that we can rely on them.

After this introduction of 90 & 9%, let’s find out those, who are those 1% remaining.

They are the minds behind the content that we share, spread, and promote. Simply, they are the master brains behind real writing, filming, designing, and creation of the content.

To Whom One Should Focus!

As we have already discussed that the 90% are really not interested in what are you doing. They are not going to share the content or even a single link, as they do not care.

Therefore, we must focus on those 10%, who actively working. They are the individuals, who care about spreading the contents. They are responsible for getting the more readers and users on your posts and links. They derive the useful strategies and the tactics to attract the consumers.

Moreover, they know that how can they even make the idle 90% twitter followers to share the links and tweets.


Let’s discuss some of the powerful tools and ways to make them spreading the content.

     Create and Click

–         By visiting, when you want to create an automatic Tweet, you just have to click on to the generate tab after writing the text, a link will be available for you to place in, anywhere you want.

–         When the person clicks the link, a message will drop into your Compose box, click on it and post.

This is the easiest way to make people share the message via Tweeting it. Lazy people will find it fun.

 Tweet & get paid

–         You can download the Tweet download button and URL, just by filling up the form at in order to get your own personal Pay.

This method will definitely attract the users to visit your site and share your message. You can pay them via e-book or can gift them anything online.

  Ask when you want to

–         The last push that you need to give to the users is to ask them once in a while about doing this favor for you. Asking them on a daily basis will reduce the impression. Be humble, polite, and nice to them so that they will do it for you instantly.

In nutshell, asking people to Tweet your content is not something difficult but it just little your little effort along with the implementation of appropriate strategy.