Top WordPress Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Account

Lets talk about your WordPress account security with the help of WordPress Plugins. As you may know, WordPress is incredibly popular. Unfortunately, this makes your WordPress account more vulnerable to security threats and issues. While keeping updated on how to protect your site can seem like a daunting task, thankfully there are many WordPress plugins out there to help secure your site. Here are the top 6 WordPress plugins that will help better your site security and make your life much easier.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence is one of the most popular security plugins out there. It continually scans your themes, files, and plugins to ensure they have not been compromised. Wordfence will notify you as soon as it comes across an infection. Wordfence also scans your post, comments, and malicious URLs to help keep your site safe.

Was your site unfortunately found under attack already? Well thankfully Wordfence also has the ability to recover core files from your WordPress Blog. What makes this plugin even more wonderful is that it is completely free! But, if you wanted additional features such as country blocking, scheduled scanning, or two step-authentication, then the Premium version of the plugin may be right for you. In the long run, spending money on extra security features could quickly pay itself off.

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All in One WP Security & Firewall

As the name says, All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin is one of the most extensive and comprehensive security plugins out there. Users love this plugin not only because it is free, but also because it is easy to learn and use. The plugin continually checks for security vulnerabilities and helps assist you in taking every precaution possible to secure your website. It even grades you on how well you are protecting your websites based on the security features you do or do not have activated. This is a great option for someone new to website security and wants a plugin to get started.

iThemes Security for Your WordPress Account

With iThemes security you will find over 30 ways to secure and protect your site. iThemes security takes measures to stop automated attacks, strengthens user credentials, and fixes common loopholes in order to prevent invasions. One of iThemes more interesting features are its measures to prevent brute force attacks. If a user is trying to login too many times, or is presenting suspicious activity, they will immediately be blocked from the site. iThemes does this not only by monitoring suspicious logins, but by also monitoring and recording any changes that have occurred to the site in order to catch any potential threatening activity. iThemes is also free, but has the option of updating to a Premium account that will offer extra safety features.

Bulletproof Security WordPress Plugin

This popular plugin provides a 1-click security solution. You simply need to activate the plugin, and then let it do its job of protecting your site. Users of this plugin enjoy its simplicity and ease of use. While this plugin may be easy to setup, it still does plenty for security protection. It protects the WordPress admin folder, as well as secures sites against RFI, CRLF, XSS, Base64, Code injection and SQL injection hackings. The plugin will also keep track of login attempts, and report to you when any malicious activity has occurred. This plugin is effective, reliable and easy to use, making it a great choice for a security plugin.

Google Authenticator WordPress Plugin

Google Authenticator is a simple plugin that offers a heightened level of security. It does so by providing a two-step authentication process. In order to do so, the plugin user needs to also have the app for an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android. You will not be able to use this plugin if you do not have a smartphone or other device.

Once the plugin is installed you are able to set a QR code with the secret key. You then enter the QR code on your smartphone or device, linking it with your WordPress account. With this plugin, every time you log into your WordPress account you will also need to open your Google Authenticator app. The app will generate a code that you enter to login into your WordPress account. This plugin makes users feel safe knowing they are the only ones logging into their WordPress sites.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a great option if you have never had any sort of security plugin before, and would like to ensure that there is not already malware infecting your site. After installing, every 3 hours Sucuri Security will check your site for website malware to ensure your site has no malware from malicious attacks. The plugin also offers a last login feature. This feature allows you to see the date, time an IP address of the last login on your account.

One of the more unique features of Sucuri Security is its post hack option. Obviously we hope that the plugins mentioned will protect us from security issues. However, if you have been hacked, the post hack option allows you to change your username and password while you are being hacked to help put an end to it.

Additional Security Tips and Tricks

Keep Plugins, Themes and WordPress Updated

It is important to always keep your themes, plugins and WordPress updated. The new versions usually come with improved security features. The security issues of older versions are better known. Even an inexperienced hacker may be able to bypass security measures of an older version. But, by continually staying updated, you eliminate the risk of potential security problems.

Use a VPN for Heightened Security

A VPN, or virtual private network, is another great way to ensure the safety and security of your WordPress account. A VPN will encrypt your data and information so that any data you receive or send is protected from anyone trying to intercept and access it. A VPN will protect not only your online activities, but also any critical information from your WordPress login or site that you do not want to get in the wrong hands. To learn how to pick out the VPN that will work best for you check out

Create Strong Passwords

This one is simple, but incredibly important. While plugins like the Google Authenticator can help ensure a safe login process, one of the best ways to avoid someone hacking into your WordPress account is to have a strong password. This means a password with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and characters. Be sure to also stay away from passwords that could be easily guessed, or that could be associated with you. If you have trouble remembering passwords there are many new services out there, such as LastPass or KeePass, to help in keeping track of passwords.

Do you use any of these WordPress plugins? What are your favorite security plugins to use? What other tips and tricks do you use to ensure your sites safety?