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How to Make Sure You Come Across Well on Facebook

Did you know people can accurately judge your character based on your Facebook profile? That might seem like an unlikely claim, but there’s plenty of evidence to support the idea, and that illustrates just how important it is that you think carefully about what you’re going to put on your page. People are going to be basing their opinion of you on your profile and that could even lose you friends or potential jobs if you aren’t careful.


Here then we will look at how to ensure you come across well on Facebook and that your profile is a good ambassador for you rather than something that’s just going to damage your reputation.

Don’t Install too Much

Facebook apps and games can be great, but if you install too many then you can end up ruining the experience for yourself and actually becoming something of a nuisance to others. This is especially true if you’re constantly inviting other people to join in on whatever app you’re currently using. Don’t be that guy or gal – install just a few apps that you actually think will be useful and make sure to a) read reviews to ensure they won’t cause any harm and b) skip the option to invite your entire address book.

Choose a Good Range of Pictures

The photos you upload should act as a window on your life that show people who you are and how you like to spend your time. As such, they should be varied and should try to show different sides to your personality. If every photograph is of you drinking in various clubs, then you’ll end up looking like an alcoholic or like you’re trying too hard to live a party lifestyle. On the other hand, if every picture is of you and your partner/family, then you’ll look like you live in a bubble and never go out. Remember: you don’t have to upload every picture that you take, so cherry a pick a few from each event and make sure that you get a good range.

Don’t Update Your Status too Often

One of the most annoying things you can do on Facebook is to update your status every two minutes to tell the world about every little thing you’re doing, or your opinion on every single subject. Not only does this make it look like you just love the sound of your own voice, but it will also give people the impression that you aren’t getting enough interaction with people in the real world. Plus it clogs up the home feed…

Keep it Positive

Another important tip is to keep your updates positive. No one wants to hear your cryptic descriptions of why you’ve had the worst day ever – all it does is put a blight on their day and make you look like an attention seeker. Talk to your friends about your problems sure, but don’t share them with the world.

Don’t Attempt to ‘Craft’ an Image

While you’re making a few changes to your Facebook to try and make it less irritating for your connections, you shouldn’t be trying to completely change your page in an attempt to portray a certain image. This is always obvious and transparent and will only make you appear desperate. Stay honest, just be a bit less in-your-face…