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Top 5 Best SEO Tips For Bloggers To Drive More Traffic

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Best SEO Tips For Bloggers To Drive More Traffic

  1. Hi Duryab,
    Great Post. Every blogger’s dream is to attract massive traffic to their blogs. Because its only then that the blog can be monetized. You laid out very valuable points: Eye-catching headlines, quality content, quality backlinks, keyword research and including videos.

    Another tip I will add is using the skyscraper method to create incredible content and using social media strategically to attract quality traffic. Google tends to frown on sites with content that is not generating traction on social media. And it does make sense: if your content is really good then people will like and share it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Chioma for your quality feedback…

      And thanks again for adding such a TIP about SEO, that I’ve missed in the current post. You comment will helps our readers more. And love to see your comment.

      Duryab Aziz

  2. Salam bro Duryab Aziz,

    It’s my first visit on your blog.
    Hmm well designed blog with perfect monetizetion!
    Yes, SEO is the best way to drive more traffic to blog. For this, we need proper keyword research firstly. If we make any wrong while selecting goof keyword then it will not give us good result.
    And after finding profitable keywords for our blog then it is time to optimize keyword for SEO.
    What we know content is always king. What we know content is always king. Creating quality content we can engage readers!
    That’s why some of my blog post attracted huge readers in a short time!
    However, well written article. keep it up bro!
    Would love to see your comment on by blog.
    Happy blogging!

    1. Thanks Minhaj for your such a quality feedback..

      And thanks again for adding some extra points to this quality post. Keep visiting..

      Duryab Aziz

  3. Hi Dryab,
    Its indeed a great joy to be here,
    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips on SEO
    though i do follow some of the tips mentioned here
    I never knew the benefit of sharing videos in the content
    though i did it in some of my posts but this is a new information that it boost traffic, 🙂
    Will come again to check and do read more!
    Keep sharing
    I am sharing this post into my social sites
    Good Wishes
    ~ Philip

  4. Great tips you have up there. I think I should start considering the 5th tip. I have been acting lazy this days and it’s high time I considered adding videos to my blog posts.

    Thanks for the insight, pal.

  5. Hey Duryab!
    You’re spot on with creating an eye catching post heading. It’s SO important. Including a number is supposed to help with conversions. It’s hard to create a title that’s search engine AND human friendly!

    1. Hi Edwards, Thanks for your feedback.

      You are saying the right, Headlines are the most important thing in the blog posts…

  6. Hello Duryab,

    Impressive post! Great tips on how to bring traffic to a blog. Videos, nowadays, can bring tons of traffic if it becomes viral. But, I just want to ask, do you think social bookmarking sites can still bring tons of traffic to a blog? I am doing a research about this and I want to get your opinion about this. I hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi Tristan, Thanks for your feedback about this post..

      And according to my research social bookmarking still can bring tons of traffic to your website or blog. But you have to Do many with your bookmarked links, i.e pay attention to your headlines, time of submit, meaningful description etc….

      Regards : Duryab Aziz

  7. Bro Thanks for this nice tutorial, i have some mistakes and now i’ll make correction after reading this article.
    One thing i want to know, should we must choose our website country region in webmaster tools for better search results or not. if yes then which one is the best region for WordPress tutorials blog?

  8. Hi
    i just read your article and its awesome their is so many way to get traffic on blogger but your tecniques are very helpful and easiast way to get traffic on any blog thanks admin for sharing this great post 🙂

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