How to Fix Parsing JSON Request Failed Error in Commentluv

Talking about commentluv, which is a great plugin for WordPress. Sometimes it gives an error Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized. And this is only a settings issue in commentluv. And I would like to show you how you can get ride of this error and how to setup your commentluv plugin on WordPress.

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Fix Parsing JSON Request failed error not authorized

First of all I will come to the subjected point. To remove this error follow the steps below.

  • Go to your “WordPress Dashboard”
  • Click on “Settings” and then “Commentluv”
  • Find the link button “Click to Open Technical Setting
  • Scroll down and uncheck the following line.

[su_service title=” Use security nonce for ajax calls? (disable if you get Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized error)” icon=”icon: square-o” icon_color=”#000000″ size=”20″][/su_service]

See Screenshots of how to fix Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized

Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized error)

Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized
Screenshot 1
Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized
Screenshot 2

After you uncheck above box, your commentators will be able to share their links with comments. And your commentluv will not get error for Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized. Now lets talk about other features of commentluv.

Commentluv Free WordPress Plugin

If you are reading this article, then it means you might land for the solution of subjected problem in commentluv. But if you are not sure, what is commentluv and its benefits, then read from here.

Commentluv is great plugin to increase engagement on your website. It helps your readers to select their latest post links to show in your blog comments. With the help of commentluv your visitors will give more comments because they will get free backlinks and organic traffic from your blog.

How to Setup Commentluv Free WordPress Plugin

Install the commentluv free plugin from here. And upload it through your WordPress dashboard or using FTP. You can also install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Go to plugins tab under your WordPress dashboard. Click on Add New and search Commentluv in search box. This plugin is developed by Andy Bailey.

If you are not sure, how to download and install WordPress plugins then read this article. How to download and install WordPress Plugins

After installation activate this plugin and open the commentluv settings as shown in screenshot above. From primary settings you can control the visibility of commentluv. You can show this plugin under your all posts and pages as well.

Next option is Appearance; under appearance settings you can select commentluv badge. Either you can select default badge or you can also use custom badge by putting direct image link. Or if you are not satisfy with logo then you can manually write anything related to commentluv under Use Text option. There is one more option is available under appearance settings. “Enable info panel’. It totally depend on you, whether you want to use this option or not. In order to better understand this option see following video.

[su_youtube url=””]

Message Settings

Talking about message settings of commentluv plugin, I am using default settings and I did not change anything what they set for me by default. Because I am satisfied with the idea.

Operational Settings

Under these options you can select who do you want to give dofollow backlinks. In my case registered commentators will get dofollow backlink from this blog. And commentators can choose any of post from their blog. (from last 10 posts). You can modify by your own.

Technical Settings; I recommend, not to play with technical settings if you are not sure what you are doing. But where their you receive this error Parsing JSON Request failed error! not authorized, you can change the settings as mentioned above.

In last; commentluv is also giving a free gift plugin to their users. To unlock your free gift, use any one option to unlock.

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11 replies on “How to Fix Parsing JSON Request Failed Error in Commentluv”

Currently I am not using commentluv plugin on my blog. Decided to use commnetluv on my blog later! I see many bloggers face this common problem.
Definitely this article will be more helpful to them.
And MOBASHHIR bro, I am so proud to see your comment on my blog. Really you are a great person what i know.
Would love to see you more times on my blog. Your presence will add more value to my blog.
However, well written article. Keep it up bro.
Have a nice day!
Happy blogging!

Hi Minhaj,

Try using this plugin. This plugin is free and having no problem to load or use. If you use commentluv, you will see people will love to give you comments more than before.

Thank You for your great comment.

Hi Mobashhir,
This is indeed a wonderful tuto!
Though I am using CommentLuv so far I haven’t faced any such problem
Thanks for sharing this if at any such situation arises i am sure this will be
a ready reference. I am bookmarking it for my further use, 🙂
Thanks a lot for this well explained tuto
Keep sharing
Best Regards
~ Philip

Yes Mr. Philips, this problem is not common. Because Andy Bailey already fix the issue a way back by putting extra option. For me it was working fine before. But I don’t know exactly, due to some new plugin Parson JSON got crack.

Anyway! this tutorial will help those who are still facing this problem with this error.

Thank for your comment.

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