Pop up ads interrupts while working online. In this article I will show you, how you can remove pop up ads from Google Chrome. But if you want to block or remove pop up ads from any other browser then write in comment. We will surely give help you to get rid of pop up ads from other browsers.

Remove or Block Pop Up Ads

To remove the pop up ads follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Google Chrome “Settings”

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For those who don’t know where is Settings button / tab. Just drag your mouse to the top right hand side of the page and click icon with 3 vertical lines. And you will find “Settings” in the menu.

  • Or simply copy and paste following link in your browser chrome://settings/
  • Now on Settings page, drag down the page and find the link name “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Click on “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Now click on “Content Setting” button. This button is under the option of “Privacy”
  • A new window will open. In this window find the “Pop-ups”
  • And the select the option “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)”

pop up ads

  • But if you already have selected this option and still pop-up ads are coming then click on “Manage Exceptions” under the same Pop-ups area. And delete all sites in the allowed list.
  • For an instant if you are browsing any site which require pop up to work then you can manually allow the pop up in Manage Exceptions option.
  • Once you finish just click on “Done” and close the settings window.

So this was very simple way to block pop up ads. But sometimes clever ad injectors install ad extensions in Google Chrome Extensions. Or in your Windows Program Files. So if the above instructions doesn’t work for you then you have to take advanced steps.

Remove Pop Up Ads Extensions

Open the Extensions option. For those who don’t know where is Extensions in Chrome simply copy and paste following link into their browser chrome://extensions/

Now delete all unknown extensions from the list. If you are facing problem while deleting unknown extensions then write a comment with extension name. We will support you how you can get rid of pop up ads extension.