WordPress SEO by Yoast Settings and Configuration

You can Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast step by step. First of all you should know what actual function of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is. This is an on-page optimization plugin. On-page optimization is very important for any website. One cannot neglect this part of SEO.

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I have covered an article for on-page optimization manually. SEO by Yoast is best free on-page optimization plugin till now.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast General Settings


This means developer want to track your SEO settings. This will help developer to rectify errors if found and collect data to further updates. If you check option then you are going to allow developer to track. Don’t worry they do not collect your personal information. Your privacy and other information except SEO would not be collected. If you want to help developer, then check the tracking box.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Security Settings

If you are only author and administrator of your blog then you can remain this option unchecked. Otherwise check this option. Because if you leave unchecked then your authors or writer would get access to redirect your posts, change meta data, noindex posts for search engines etc…

WordPress SEO by Yoast Webmaster Tools Settings

There are three tools available in WordPress SEO by Yoast Webmaster Tools Settings. These tools can only be used to verify your website or blog that you are the administrator of your blog. If you are non technical and want to verify your website then paste the provided code in respected area available in Webmaster Tools.

Or if you already verified your blog then leave them blank.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Titles and Metas

  • General

a)      Title Settings

Check this box if you want to allow WordPress SEO by Yoast to rewrite your Titles. Or if you want to write titles of your posts manually then uncheck this box.

b)      Site wide Meta Settings

If you want to index your sub-pages on your website then uncheck this option. But if you are a blogger and you are publishing new posts often then it is strongly recommended check the box.

“Use Meta keywords tags” should remain unchecked.

“Add noodp meta robots tag sitewide” should remain unchecked.

“Add noydir meta robots tag sitewide” should also remain unchecked.

c)       Clean up the Head

You can check all boxes here to speed up page loading and clean up your blog head. After checking boxes WordPress SEO by Yoast remove respected unnecessary data from head.

  • Home

In home page settings there are two templates you can change. Title template and meta template only for home page. If you have already add your meta description for your blog anywhere in blog then you can leave them blank.

  • Post Types

Here you can change title templates of posts, pages and media. If you are unaware of these then I recommend do not change any pre-defined settings here. Or if you are using permalink option then do not change these settings.

Leave meta boxes blank to use them manually while publishing new articles. In post type options “Meta Robots” and “Authorship” options should remain unchecked in posts, pages and media. “Date in snippets preview” option can be checked as per your need. And “WordPress SEO Meta Box” option should remain unchecked because it will hide option of editing meta description while publishing articles.

  • Taxanomies

Same like post types you can use these options.

  • Other

If you understand how you can use meta description and title templates then use them according to your need.

WordPress SEO by Yoast XML Sitemap Settings

First of all if you want to create sitemap then use check the first box. Then change below mentioned settings. For better results I suggest following settings here. Following options would be checked here.

[list style=”bullet-tick”]

  • Ping Yahoo
  • Ping
  • Media (attachment)
  • Catogories
  • Tags
  • Format


Other options should remain unchecked here. And you specify the maximum pages or posts to be included in per sitemap in “Entries per page” option.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Permalinks Settings

If you are already using permalinks on your blog then you do not need to change them here. Otherwise use them wisely.

Here I have shared most required SEO settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast. There are also a number of options there. To learn about them go here.

You are welcome to raise questions if you are facing any difficulty to setup WordPress SEO by Yoast.

By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

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Hey Mubashir,
WOW man really nice post. I am using SEO by Yoast for a quite long time but didn’t know about that much feature. You are a pro. I must Learn something from you.
Once again thanks for the nice share. Keep up the good work 🙂

Helpful step by step tutorial here.

Gotta pay attention to SEO if you want to prosper online.

Targeted traffic counts most; using tools to target the traffic makes your job easier.


Hi Prince,
Thanks for visiting and commenting on How to Words.
Yes SEO by Yoast is great alternative of paid plugins. It has almost everything which paid plugins have.

I also use this plugin and its really a great one if configured properly but could mess up one’s blog is not well configured. Thanks for providing the configuration for those that haven’t already configured theirs.

Thanks for sharing this tutorial . I was searching for tutorial on yoast . But could not got . I am using this plugin to my blog and facing problem to setting it as my blog requirement

Seo By Yoast is such a wonderful SEO plugin
it’s really useful and extremely helpful and handy when it comes to on-page optimization!
thanks for sharing this awesome post!

Yes Anis, It is awesome plugin to do on-page optimization. I learn complete on-page optimization after using this plugin. Because it helps while we are writing articles.
Thanks for comment

Hi Mabsahir,

WordPress SEO is one the aspect of wordpress I love most, and this has really made wordpress always a head way ahead of blogger platform. Nice job here !

Very True.
This is best free on-page optimization plugin. You know Adesanmi, after using this plugin I have seen a big change in search engine traffic.
WordPress SEO by Yoast has built in option for xml sitemap. So my post automatically sent to Google Webmaster after publish.

Yoast plugin is best for SEO. What is great is that it incorporates everything from a snippet preview and page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions etc. Thanks for the step by step tutorial.

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