Want to know what are illegal things on Facebook? Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms today with a growing number of millions of subscribers. Facebook is always changing its company user policy and not everyone could perhaps cope with its terms of conditions that continue to expand, grow and updated once in a while in order to embrace the ever changing trend in the use of social network sites.

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There are many illegal things that you cannot do from Facebook and it might be helpful in knowing these in order to avoid your account from being banned on the site. In order to help you save the efforts of searching about the illegal things that you can do on Facebook, here are some of the things that Facebook finds to be illegal thing on their site that you might not know ever and it will catch you by surprise to find your account as completely banned on Facebook.

Sharing and liking contests are illegal things on Facebook

Facebook does not allow contests like sharing and liking a particular page on the site as this is widely abused by many online marketers these days as they ride on the website’s popularity in the internet. First of all, Facebook is not a marketing site basically. It is a social network that promotes social interaction among online users that connect the world in a single site. While you can create a Facebook page to promote your organization or business, the essence of share and like contests on Facebook is subject to abuse because the site is being used as a voting mechanism for marketers for business promotion which is not a Facebook brand.

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It is important that when using the Facebook for your promotion scheme, you should mention that the contest is not related to Facebook and any information that you collect from the contestants is not given to Facebook. Facebook required by its terms that any contest should be conducted on a Facebook app which is a third party application not directly connected on the Facebook website. It is also illegal thing to contact any winner through Facebook facilities like chats, instant message and posts.

Illegal things that you can do using Facebook Advertisement

Any video or flash presentation that you display on Facebook is required to encourage viewer interaction. It is illegal thing to post flash and videos that your viewers will not find relevant and significant to view. So if you post videos that are useless without anyone viewing it, your post will be most likely removed from Facebook. Any content that you post on your Facebook ad should be true and not fraudulent or misleading otherwise your account will be completely banned from Facebook.

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It is too basic to remind you that you should also write with the proper grammar when advertising on your Facebook page which is a requirement for all Facebook users. Your ads should also provide a relevant and functional landing page that will direct your visitors to a different page other than that of Facebook. The failure to comply with these Facebook terms will constitute an illegal activity on the site.

Word count limitation on photo captions and texts

One of the common places where a Facebook policy violation occurs involves the posting of cover photos on a Facebook user’s profile. Facebook has updated its company policy involving the texts on cover photos. While you are still allowed to include a call to action on your photos, it would be illegal thing to use texts that would be more than the image or cover photo itself. This 20 percent text rule is commonly violated by many businesses that are using the Facebook page and they remain unaware that they are already doing an illegal Facebook activity that would endanger their business from the risk of getting banned from Facebook.

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