How to Configure or Setup Akismet for Free

Every blog can setup Akismet for free. Bloggers knows the value of Akismet. Akismet is a free plugin which helps you to get ride of spammers. And I found it is best ever anti-spam plugin. The thing is how you can setup akismet plugin on WordPress for free?


In order to use this plugin you have to register at Akismet. Registration process is free and you don’t need to have a credit card. I see many of my friends unable to understand how to register Akismet for free. Its a very easy process. For my readers, I am going to show you a free image and video tutorial tutorial to setup akismet.

Setup Akismet for Free Image Tutorial

  • First of all you need to download Akismet.
  • After download install the plugin and activate it.
  • After activating paste your Akismet API key in plugin setup area.

If you did not have Akismet API key then follow the instructions below.

Get Free Akismet API Key

  • To setup Akismet for free visit plugin page.
  • Select Personal Plan and click Signup as seen in below image.



Akismet Config 2


  • After clicking on personal plan to setup akismet fill out your registration details.
  • After filling up click on Sign Up.

Akismet Config 1

[box color=”green” icon=”wand”]Here you can set your contribution. As I am going to show you how you can setup akismet for free. So drag the slider to left most as shown in below image. Until contribution amount comes to zero.[/box]

Akismet Config 3

 When slider goes to zero credit card options will automatically switched off. And you only need to put you complete name here and click on continue.

Akismet Config 4

 After successful subscribe you will receive and API key via email. And you can also get your API key by log in to Akismet official website. Paste your Akismet API key in Akismet plugin area from your WordPress dashboard. Now all set. You have now successfully setup akismet for free.


By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

12 replies on “How to Configure or Setup Akismet for Free”

Nice Sharing Mubashir Bro Keep it up
Keep posting these types of Articles with us
Best of luck

Very nice Trick, I tried many times. But I don’t have the right directions to activate Akismet. Now I activate this and start blocking spam comments successfully.

Thank you MOBASHHIR for this Useful Guide.

Hello Mobashhir,

You know what? Akismet saved me!

Spammers started to hit me very recently and the best available tool (yet free) was Akismet! It is shielding me ever since from the spammers!

Highly recommended tool for every blogger at any level of blogging!

Great easy guide to acquire Akismet! So happy to share it!

BTW, your CommentLuv isn’t working. I am seeing an error “Error. Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized”, you might want to check. 🙂

~ Adeel

Hi Adeel,

Yes, you are right. Akismet is best plugin to control spam comments. According to my dashboard its accuracy is 99 percent. But I don’t know, why your last comment was in SPAM. 🙂

1 percent mistake, but overall this plugin is rocking star.

And thank you for highlighted JSON problem. I have fixed the issue just before this comment. And you help me get an idea to write a new tutorial for my readers.

Thank You again for stopping by and for your comment

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