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7 Effective Ways to do Off-Page Optimization

24 thoughts on “7 Effective Ways to do Off-Page Optimization

  1. Awesome Post bro… You mentioned every step to get best SEO rank
    Thanks alot

    Zeeshan Ahmed

  2. I do follow all of these steps except Directory submission…These days Directories have lost their quality and most of them are full of spam things…I do agree with you that We must do Directory submission but only to selected and reputed directories like Dmoz etc…:)

  3. Well, some good sources here. I’m following some of them and did not get much time for some others.

    I wonder if directory submission are still valuable for search engine optimization. Similarly, I doubt with article directories too.

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Many people doubt on these two directory submissions. This is just because of spammers misused them a lot. But still if you submit details by selecting proper category then we could get better results. But delayed…

  4. Tagging on bookmarking sites makes a big difference Mubashir.

    Take a second to optimize and drive targeted traffic to your posts; tag your bookmark and write a short but detailed description to do a better job optimizing.

    A few steps taken each day can make a world of difference.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      When I start sharing my links on bookmarking sites, I was not using proper tags. Later when I try to add some proper tagging closely relevant to my topic then I feel a big positive change in traffic. But slowly.

  5. Good post!

    Yes, as Suresh told, I don’t think the directory and article submission are not that much effective in off page SEO. Am not doing it too.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing some useful stuffs for the bloggers 🙂

  6. Unique and awesome points here!

    Off-Page optimization is very important

    Getting Dofollow and High Quality Backlinks is the best off-*optimization process you can do for your blog!

    thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Charan
      Yes it toughest. That’s why SEO experts charge a lot of money for SEO. But if we work consistently and honestly then we could save a lot and can get a lot experience.

  7. Blog commenting has been my most engaged Off page SEO method of promoting my blog, not only will you earn traffic but backlinks too. I comment on especially blogs that have CommentLuv plugin. Forum comenting and answering on Q and A sites are also great i personally use Replyz and its been great.

    1. Well Nwosu,

      These are most common practice these days. But in Q n A case, many of bloggers are not taking it serious. Its is nice source of incoming links bloggers.

  8. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important part of the blog. i already working with most them.
    Anyways thank’s for sharing tips. it will help many newbie bloggers.

  9. Hey Bro,
    I found some valid points but have one question regarding article directory do they still worth as many sites been affected bcoz of Google update would like to have your comment presently i have stopped this method

    1. Hi shameem,

      I don’t think so Article directory can hit your reputation or Google can penalize on this. Its a part of blogging. People getting link back to their blogs. But again this will required a lot time to write separate articles.

      Well after sharing my thoughts 60 percent of commentators respond me directory submission and article submission nearly dead. 🙁

      So we have a great alternative.
      We can write article as guest posts on popular blogs. 🙂

  10. Right . You have covered all most every tactics of off page optimization . These all will help to get better backlinks . And if you want to rank faster social bookmarking may do that . But You missed blog commenting and guest posting . Google love blog links . By doing that you may also deliver traffic

    1. Hi Amrish,
      I have added Blog Commenting in post. May be you missed. 😛
      Yes you are right Guest Posting is also a way to do off-page optimization. Thanks to remind me. 🙂

  11. Mubashir doing a good job Bro.. Keep it Up..
    Bro one request that why don’t you put some post about some dofollow blogs? so I can easily navigate for baclinks for my blog or website 🙂

  12. Hello Mubashir, this is some great information. I’m sure a lot of bloggers and site owners don’t even realize or even think about off-page SEO techniques and strategies. You would think things like XML sitemaps and blog commenting would be no brainers, but a lot of people still don’t see the value. There is also a group of folks that decry social bookmarking as being spammy, but I disagree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights here and keep up the great work!

  13. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM Mubashir I wanna ask something I started my website 2 weeks before and I am making backlinks by commenting and other sources you explained but here in SEO Quake do not showing any backlinks like L and LD of my website that is showing of others site but not mine whats reason ?? My site is new therefore that is not showing ??

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