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Win 499$ from My First Guest Blogging Contest (Revoked)

My first guest blogging contest on will be live from 20th June to 19th July. I was planning to conduct second cash prize giveaway on my blog. But after my first cash giveaway experience I found my giveaway was for those, they were not my loyal readers. All three winners were those they hardly came to my blog after contest. My aim is to get loyal readers.

guest blogging contest plus cash prize

So I am going to put a WIN WIN situation for my friends. Well I am going to give free hand to the participants in this Guest Blogging Contest. What I am going to offer in this Guest Blogging Contest for my friends are listed below.

Guest Blogging Contest Prizes

  • Cash Prize 250$
  • SEO Powersuite Professional worth 249$ (perfect for website owners and webmasters)
  • All winners will get reviewed
  • 468×60 Top Header Advertisements (For 30 Days)
  • 250×250 Footer Advertisements (For 30 Days)

How I will Distribute Prizes

1st Prize:

  • 150$ Cash
  • Website Review
  • SEO Powersuite Professional
  • 468×60 Top Header Advertisements (For 30 Days)

2nd Prize:

  • 100$ Cash
  • Website Review
  • SEO Powersuite Professional

3rd Prize:

  • SEO Powersuite Professional
  • Website Review
  • 250×250 Footer Advertisements (For 30 Days)

Topics Available for Guest Blogging Contest

  • Blogging (All Topics)
  • Themes and Plugins
  • How-to
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Technology Tips and Tricks
  • Making Money

Points Distribution

  • 1 Like – 2 points.
  • 1 Tweet – 5 points.
  • 1 Stumbleupon – 5 points.
  • 1 Google Plus – 10 Points.
  • Your post visit receives – 2 point
  • Linking with your post – 100 points
  • Answer the Questionnaire – 800 points (Link will displayed on 3rd to 10th July on this post)
  • A Post related to category “how to” will get extra – 200 points. (A perfect tutorial)
  • Original comments excluded your replies – 5 points each

win 499 dollars

Contest Rules and How to Participate

  • Contest duration is one month (From 20th June to 19th July)
  • Join the blog from here and update your profile.
  • In your profile you must write “Guest Blogging Contest Participant” in about the author area.
  • I will update your subscription to contributor within 24hour and you will receive a confirmation email on your given email id.
  • Guest post should include at least 600 words. (For Guest Blogging Contest)
  • Your content should be SEO rich.
  • Content should be original and never shared before anywhere. (You will disqualify from this contest if we find your content is not original)
  • You must write a review for this contest on your blog and link back to your post. (Within 5 days of your post publish for guest blogging contest)
  • Everyone hates spam, so stand out naturally.
  • Results will be announced after 10 days of contest will end.

For any update about this guest blogging contest you must stay in touch on this page.

So best of luck…

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By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

37 replies on “Win 499$ from My First Guest Blogging Contest (Revoked)”

WOW, Unbelievable Giveaway ! I need to manage time to write guest post to win this giveaway (i know it will be rejected, because i am not perfect writer ) But sure i can help you by spreading this news to my circle, group and page 🙂 Have a happy time ahead !

Hi Bishnu,
I don’t think so you cannot write good article. Only need to focus research on your topic before publish. I appreciate if you are going to test your skills in positive way.

Wow! 🙂
Nice Contest Mubashir!
I Am Gonna Participate In This For Sure! (Hope To Win This Also 🙂 )
All The Best To You!

Hi Nwosu,

Thanks for the interest.
There is no limit for my guest bloggers to write articles on this blog.
But for this giveaway, you can nominate only one article for contest.

Great Thought to Grab the Attention of other Bloggers. Congrats for the Idea. I am gonna take my time to Write a Post and Submit for this contest !! Thanks for Sharing 🙂

Hey there,
Super duper cheezy offer…!! This will be an adventurous journey more, competition less..!! So many people, so many new faces etc…etc…
I am looking forward for this contest to begin..!! 🙂

Thanks a lot for this opportunity 🙂

Hi Charmie,

Welcome to my blog.
I am conducting this giveaway just only to increase the amount of loyal readers on my blog. Its like I am going to give money for advertisement. The only difference is, there is no third party advertising company involve. And Guest Bloggers will become my direct publishers. 🙂

Hi Mubashir.

Wao. Amazing Prizes
I will take part in this contest. BTW you said you are giving free hand to your participants and you also restrict for spamming. 😛

Hi Husnain,

Glad to see you on my blog again.
Yes I am giving a free hand to my participants. And giving free hand means you can use any means to promote your guest post.
But spamming is a crime. I will not appreciate it.

Good idea to improve traffic, online presence and all.

Appreciating the great work.

Will try to participate and share it to my friends too.

Keep the good work mubashir!

Hi Nirmala,
I am glad to see you on my blog.
I am thinking about give and take, so I decide to create such condition which will help me and my blogger friends. At the end I am sure we will all win.

Thanks for the comment

Hi Mubashir,
This is such an attractive blog guest posting contest, I’m looking forward to participating and winning this contest in first position. Keep your hard work up bro.

Hello Janmejai,

I will give priority to the social media sharing counter. On the other hand you have asked me, how I can tackle spam entries? To tackle spam entries is not too much difficult. There are a number of ways available to check.

Dear Mubashir thanks for your email about this contest. I will definitely participate in this contest and try to win this contest off course 🙂 Thanks for providing such a nice opportunity.
I will share this news everywhere.

Thanks Mubashir, I did not read blog for a few week. That a good information and opportunity. I get it..! =D

Hi Mubashir, this is a great give away and I would definitely like to participate. This is not only for getting the prize money, but it would be for knowing my capability of writing.

Hi Raj,

Thanks for your first comment. I would appreciate if you are thinking about to test your skills in this guest blogging contest. Don’t under estimate your skills. You have all abilities of bloggers. You can write a quality contest and can win this contest.

Best of luck

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