Marketing your business requires creativity and the right combination of strategies. Among the strategies that you should employ to bring in more customers and improve your brand name is social media marketing. Although the method of getting your name out through social media is different than traditional marketing strategies, it is a powerful tool to reach your company goals.

Use Social Media to Market your Business

Market Your Business with these Social Media Tips

Getting Discovered

A simple way to use social media for your business is through diversification. Open accounts with a wide variety of social media websites. Do not stick to only the most well-known names because it will limit your reach and prevent you from connecting with customers who prefer other outlets.

According to Media Bistro, roughly 15 percent of consumers look for local businesses through a social media website. Media Bistro continues by stating that around 71 percent of consumers are likely to buy from businesses that they follow online. Even if you are just starting out, setting up accounts and updating the information on a regular basis will help you reach customers in your local community. Your business becomes easier to find, especially if you provide local services.

Update Information Regularly

When you are dealing with online customers or you are trying to improve your brand, regular information is a key part of marketing. suggests that you post updates on a regular basis before you start looking for friends. It is not enough to have a company page on social media accounts. You need to give your followers and friends information to retain them for any length of time.

If you are unsure about the best content, then focus on your area of expertise. For example, if you are running a retail company for beauty products, then give your followers tips to deal with different problems they might face. Subtle advertising is more effective than outright discussion of your products or services. Allow your customers to figure out that your products are the best for their goals. Focus on giving them the tools to make a decision and maintaining professionalism in your approach.

Ask for Feedback

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, particularly when you are trying to market via social media. According to Yahoo Small Business Advisor, consumers mention brands to their friends, family and co-workers through social media roughly 90 times per day. You want to get customers talking about your brand and a simple way to get started is asking for feedback, suggestions or areas that need improvement on your social media page.

When you are given suggestions, reply to the customer or potential customer to show that you are thinking about the idea. Even if it is not possible to apply the suggestion, your customers will appreciate that you took the time to think about it and will tell others as they become more comfortable with your brand. 

Build On Customer Relations

After you have established your social media accounts, you will notice that your customers make comments, follow your posts or add you to their friends list. After you get your name out there, it is then time to focus on building up your relations with customers.

Reply to any comments that you receive on the business account. Address concerns, thank customers for their comments or answer questions about products as promptly as possible. Building up a reputation for courteous service and prompt answers will add to the number of times you enter conversations online. It is beneficial to your company because word of mouth helps bring in new customers and allows your business to grow. It also ensures that your customers come back for repeat services or new products.

Marketing through social media is not complicated, but it does require careful planning, updating and work to maintain relations with your customers. With the right combination of new content and replies to customers, you can make a solid impression that builds up a positive reputation.