Adopt 7 Qualities to Become Successful Blogger


Adopt 7 Qualities to Become Successful Blogger

Everyone in the blogging world wants to become successful blogger. Nobody in earth was successful by birth. People earn their success by doing hard work.ย  Any success that I have seen is the result of hard work and exceptional quality people have. There are certain features you must have to become successful blogger.

My first year of blogging experience still continues and I have come to know what makes a successful blogger. And features that have made them what they are. They avoid doing blogging mistakes. What I have find they have most common 7 qualities in them. And they become successful bloggers.


7 Qualities of Successful Bloggers

1. Blogging Passion

A unique feature of successful bloggers is their passion for the blog. They love what they do and it shows everything they teach or write. You cannot speak, without giving any blog. To a certain level, bloggers who managed to get to the point of spirit and her love to blog that make them out of their comfort zone to do something.

2. Successful Bloggers are ย Naturally Engaging

There is one thing that bloggers who are not false, and it is “interaction”. You know what blogs seriously, what makes a point to discuss heavy duty reader and conversation where readers. They expressed their love and feel that they are taken care of, because they really take care of them

3. They Always Loves Their Readers

If you have a blog that is getting satisfactory amount of comment, then it is not an easy task. Only successful bloggers can get achievement and people trust. It’s not a matter of interest and successful bloggers, they are always willing to receive their comments and reactions, readers come to your blog. They often learn from comments that are pointing some negative aspects. Because they want to find out if they are weak at certain point of blogging. The ability to tolerate the negative thoughts from readers and make them positive thoughts, make them a successful blogger.

4. They Never Think They Have Sufficient Information

There is a proverb that says, “If you are not aware, they are way off.” Successful bloggers never fail to read and learn. They have reached a level in their career as a blogger does not prevent them to explore all the time. In fact, what distinguishes them from other bloggers is consistent in their reading and research. They are always discovering new things the other copied them.

5. Their Minds Driven Quality

Successful bloggers always gives priority to quality over quantity. Today, what makes you stand out among pro bloggers is quality of your work. This is what makes a successful blogger, charged with the responsibility to provide something better than others.

6. Leaving Blog is not Their Dictionary

It is a large gap between successful bloggers, and those who try to cross the line. Successful bloggers do not have the word ‘ later ‘ in their dictionary. Because they really understand what it takes, and they talk about they are leaving blog is the only thing that cannot be heard in the mouth.

7. Successful Bloggers Work with Patience

Patience is one thing most bloggers could not be found. Everyone wants to immediately hit the boat, and when the expected destination not arrived the next things happens they is nothing in this field. Here I also would say that the spirit of working with patience. Successful bloggers are always to be patient with what they do, not the number of tests, which will carry out the time.


24 thoughts on “Adopt 7 Qualities to Become Successful Blogger

  1. Passion and patience are very important. I’ve seen a friend of mine, he passionately updates his blog himself for few years, earn very little money for few years. However, after about 5 years now, he’s a very successful blogger, earning thousands per month.

    • Hi Rudd,

      Yes patience and consistency is key of success. If one have these qualities then he would never fail in his blogging career. People those without these qualities mute them for blogging very soon.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Hi Mubashir,
    you have made a valid point there that nobody in this earth is born successful.
    Success only comes through hard work. There are however many roadblocks which we have to face but we have not to get demotivated.
    Patience and passion towards what we are doing is always the key to success.
    Nice post.

    • Hi Yogesh,
      Here I want o point out one more thing, one should do hard work but in the right way. Because if we one is doing hard work but his chosen path is not right then he would get benefit of his hard work.

  3. Yeah this article is informative for everyone Mubashir bro thanks for this beautiful post
    Thanks for apprised us with great tips
    Best of luck my Dear bro

  4. Two most important qualities to become a successful blogger like i always say is patients and passion. You need enough of those two to succeed as a blogger and another thing is you must read to learn always, blogging evolves everyday so you must read to be abreast with the latest happenings and that way you won’t go against any law that will drag you down. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brother really amazing post unique points ๐Ÿ˜€
    a successfull Blogger should be helpful with others because this is what blogging is all about
    thanks for sharing this awesome post
    shared everywhere ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Anis,
      Very True… Successful bloggers always help others. Because they learn from people needs and try to provide their best knowledge.

  6. Nice post for the bloggers to improve their qualities.

    Yeah, the words ” Passion, patience and quality ” related to blogging and every blogger should have these qualities.

    Also they should love their readers as you told which would convert them a permanent visitors for their blog.

    Good post, keep up your nice work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Nirmala,
      Many times I read comments having negative response what writer wrote. But author publish them and gives polite and satisfactory reply. Having such attitude is sign of successful bloggers.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  7. I think Passion is something which can create wonders. To be a successful person or say blogger you definitely need to adhere to this qualities.

  8. absolutely. patience is a number one virtue that every successful blogger has. this is the reason why i do not recommend blogging to those people who have limited amount of patience. someone ask me whether it is advisable to create a blog in order to gain customers for her accounting skills.

    i told her not to blog if it that is her sole reason because her blog will not gain customers immediately; thus, this requires patience. she can take advantage of or in order to gain clients.if she get a few regular clients, then she can start blog to widen her customer base

    • Nice Advice,
      Marilyn, She can start blogging when she has a lot of information and tasks to do online and have much time for blogging. If she want to earn with his technical skills online then she can work directly for clients too. And as you suggest elance and freelancer are best sites for technical skilled person. Those want to offer their services. (Like Accounting)

  9. Patience is the quality jumping out at me Mubashir.

    By working smart, and patiently, day after day, you can become successful. Only after you passed the persistence test though ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. As you said Patience is very important for any blogger…I have seen many blogger quit blogging after rejected or banned by Google AdSense…According to me blogging is not only about money….There are millions of blogspot users left their blog for some silly reasons…If we have patience we can surely have the problogger title with our name…:)

    • Very True,

      I was also among them who want to earn fast. But after 5 month of blogging using free account on bloggers I learnt, there is nothing in blogging if my purpose is only to earn money.

      Then I changed my mind and come up with aim to focus on just blogging and not to make money for at least more 6 months. Well I am earning with Yahoo Ads and Affiliate links. But try not to bother them.

  11. I think Passion is something which can create wonders in our life. To be a successful person or say blogger you definitely need to adhere to this qualities and we should learn from everything.
    inspirational post.

  12. Yes, Patience and consistency is the key of success in our life. If one have these qualities then he would never fail in his blogging career or we can say in his life. People those without these qualities mute them for blogging very soon.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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