How to Add Twitter Follow Widget in Blogger and WordPress

Twitter follow widget can be used in both blogger and WordPress. The method is super easy. You all need to follow some steps to add twitter follow box in blogger and WordPress.

Benefits of using Twitter Follow Widget

  • You can use twitter follow widget without installing a plugin.
  • Your page speed will not disturb.
  • Code is equally useful for blogger and WordPress users.
  • You will get more twitter follow using this widget.
  • Method to use is so simple.

twitter follow box

How to Add Twitter Follow Widget in Blogger

Follow the below steps to add twitter follow box/widget in blogger.

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Then click on layout.
  3. Click on add a gadget in your widget area.
  4. Select a HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  5. Copy this code.
  6. Paste the code in gadget.
  7. Give name to gadget if you required. Then save.
  8. Now see the widget area by loading any page.

How to Add Twitter Follow Box in WordPress

In WordPress you can add twitter follow box/widget easily in widget area. Like in blogger adding twitter follow widget in WordPress is quite easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance
  3. Now click on widgets.
  4. In widget area select a TEXT widget and paste the above copied code into it.
  5. Give name to widget if required then save.

Customization of Twitter Follow Widget

You may customize this widget easily. Locate the [highlighter color=”yellow” ]mrmubi2[/highlighter] and replace this with your own twitter username. You can also modify the width and height of this twitter follow widget easily. Locate the 300 and replace it with your own required width according to width of your widget area. I have set the widget height 250px. To change the height of widget change this value according to your requirement.

If you need any help then write in comments. Leave your comments if you like.

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Hello Mubashir,
Great Share Man! I was thinking about how to add this some few weeks ago, but thanks to you I have now added it to my blog easily.

I already have it on my blog, and it has been attracting quite a good number of Twitter followership. I recommend it for anyone out there who may want to improve his followership on Twitter. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Bro,
I would like to convey that having social media buttons will make the users to share easily on there networks.I already social media buttons are available on my blog which getting great result and your post is simple but with strong update

I want to add this widget to my blog but It it is showing blank space to my blog . Is their any problem with the script

Thank you for sharing this, I have been looking for this a while ago, and now the searching has finally ended.

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