Search Engine Optimization and Social Media branding continue to play a crucial role in determining a brand’s success. It has been quite some time since the rightful integration and combination of these two aspects of a business have been discussed or talked about. Gone are the days when you could actually treat them as totally different attributes, thereby delegating responsibilities to two different departments completely segregated from each other.  Know for a fact that if you want to secure desired results for your company, you have to make sure that your SEO team is duly aware of the various implications of the Social Media branding for your product, and vice versa.


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Let us learn on how you can use these two tools effectively to optimize results.

The fact, that having a solid SM presence can directly influence your Google ranking is known by many. Listed below are some of the Search Engine Optimization techniques that you should use while managing the various profiles of your brand on SM. Let’s find out.

SEO Tools For Boosting your Social Media Presence

Social Media campaigning in its own way has taken the world of Internet marketing by storm. However there is still a lot to be explored regarding the proper utilization of these platforms with the help of SEO. Here are some of the ways by which you can do that:

The social optimization of your brand starts right from the time you create profiles on several of the platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. LinkedIn etc. No matter whichever of these networking sites you choose- engagement with users on a regular basis, optimization of photo file-names using specific keywords, hash tags etc remain crucial for bolstering your brand visibility online. Keeping the basics same, there are some specific SEO techniques required for different platforms:


A relevant solid 160 word Bio is what you will have to introduce your product to the world. Make sure that you are using all the relevant information here. The SEO link juice can be provided by means of linking the sites to your blogs or homepage

The Twitter handle can be fixed by using the tool Google adwords keyword to gain an idea of what variants of your brand name are being searched the most

Google +

The profile created by you should mainly contain your name and your occupational detail whereby you should make sure that the details are seen by people


The key would be, not to hurt your viral growth rate by stuffing your page with a host of keywords— choose the first name that is credited with due significance by Google

Choose a unique URL that is going to be given due weightage by search engines

Ensure proper keyword optimization for onsite SEO


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