Two Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get High Rank

SEO Plugins for WordPress are playing a major role for WordPress SEO. As I mentioned in last post “Best SEO Rules for Single Post and Single Page Optimization” I will share 2 Best SEO Plugins with you those are extremely helpful for you if you are using a WordPress Blog. Because the functionality of these plugins are so easy and effective for Search Engine Optimization of WordPress. I will also explain how you can use these SEO plugins. The plugins I am going to discuss in this post are; All in One SEO Pack and Meta Tags Optimization.


The first plugin, All in One SEO Pack is known to approximate a 90% of WordPress Bloggers. But not all knows the actual use of this plugin to get maximum results out of it.

If you implement ‘what I am going to share with you’ I am sure you will soon find your WordPress blog in search results with a continuous progress. After using this mt blog has reached to Page Rank 1 and I am sure with the help these plugins I can increase the reputation of my blog day by day. It is a good achievement for any of webmaster to get Page Rank 1.

You can download these plugins by clicking on following links

All in one SEO pack

Meta Tags Optimization

How to Use All in one SEO Pack Plugin

I am using free version of All in one SEO Pack Plugin and I could not test the functionality of pro version. For me free version of All in one SEO pack is sufficient if you learn how to use this WordPress Plugin.

All in One SEO pack has three parts.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords

If you plan to use All in one SEO pack then please keep in mind you are now working on two Title options. One for Search Engine optimization and other one for your Post Title.


Don’t be. I am here to explain the matter.

Consider the example of this post. The title of this post is “Two Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get High Rank” It is a title which shows the subject of this article or post.  And you can see in the title bar of your internet browser, title of this post is different “WordPress SEO Plugins: To Get High Page Rank” because this title I have written in ‘All in one SEO pack title bar’ and this second title is also visible in search engine instead of first title.

Why I have used two titles?

The reason behind of using two separate titles is to get maximum traffic out of two catchy titles. First title is for human beings like you and the second title is for search engine robots. The first title includes the words which will be visible when I comment on any commentluv enabled blog and people reads it and second title is keyword rich title because I have used one keyword in my second title ‘WordPress SEO Plugins’

On the other hand if you are satisfied with one title and want to use single title in the search engine too then copy the whole title and paste it into ‘All in one SEO Pack’s title space’. And if you want another title to show in search engine for the same post then use another title in ‘All in one SEO pack title’

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How to Write Description in All in One SEO Pack

Description of your post is automatically selected by search engine and you can also use your own choice custom description or summary of your post in All in one SEO pack description box. In description you can write up-to 160 characters maximum. And minimum characters length is 120 characters for better results. It is recommended to start your description with a keyword.

How to Write Keywords in All in one SEO Pack

It is very simple to write keywords in All in one SEO pack.

  • You can write up-to 5 keywords in keyword area.
  • All keywords should be comma separated
  • Do not use a comma after fifth keyword

Meta Tag Optimization Plugin for WordPress

Meta tag optimization plugin is directly integrated with All in one SEO pack. It will not work if you have not installed, All in one SEO pack.

Why we use Meta Tag Optimization Plugin?

Meta Tag Optimization Plugin is used to confirm whether you have written your SEO data correctly or not, in All in one SEO pack.

See the image below I have write title, description and keywords in All in one SEO pack but Meta Tag Optimization Plugin shows error.

Now I have made necessary changes as I wrongly put a comma after last keyword and I did not start description starting with keyword and title includes no keywords.

Look out still Meta Tag Optimization shows error in Title. So what I need to do as I have used Title correctly using one keyword and title is no more than 64 characters.

To resolve the issue I will now put a separator after keyword to highlight the search engine that Title includes this keyword so search engine robots gives priority to this keyword


Now all done and at least my post is now optimized for search engine.


By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

24 replies on “Two Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get High Rank”

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best free plugin for SEO in my opinion as it not only optimizes the SEO for your articles, but helps train new bloggers on how to SEO optimize by showing on post page analysis and recommendations as well as providing an SEO checklist so bloggers can make sure every post is optimized for SEO.

One thing I don’t do that most should consider is look for SEO keywords to find topics to write about, I usually just write a topic and SEO optimize what I wrote about after the fact, but this doesn’t always capitalize on targeting keywords first to garner better SERP for posts. It can help provide content ideas too.

Hi Justin!

Glad to see you on my blog. Actually I have made this tutorials for newbies, and those are unable to understand the SEO by Yoast in first go untill they knows basics of SEO.

You have quite a nice blog here. I am myself also recently starting out in blogging areas. I will surely save your blog for futurre reference so that I can get new tips that you might post here in future.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best free plugin for SEO in my opinion as it not only optimizes the SEO for your articles as well as for search engine too.

I love to use Squirrly SEO plugin 🙂 For me it’s much fun to write articles with Squirrly rather then Yoast.

Hi Andreea!
I have also used Squirrly, No doubt it is an outstanding plugin. But they are offering only two posts per month to optimize through Squirrly for free users.

Hey Andreea,
You can share coupon refferal link if you have. I don’t mind, if you will share your personal coupon code. Although we are here for the same cause.

Hi Ummi,

SEO by Yoast is used for on-page optimization. On the other hand All in one SEO pack uses for search engine optimization. If you use both parallel then you can find better results.

Thanks for a good question

I am using All in one SEO pack for my blog and the results are pretty much better than WordPress SEO plugin.

Hi Ajay,

No doubt All in one SEO pack is awesome plugin. Now they update their plugin a few months ago and adds a lot more options to optimize blog posts. I will review All in one SEO pack new features very soon.
So stay tuned and be updated.

Thanks for comment

Good Article Mubashir . SEO is the most important thing of any website or blog and Title and Description are the backbone , But I have checked that your are using yoast . Is it better than All in one SEO ?

Hi Amrish,

Its true I am using SEO by Yoast. And no doubt it is an awesome free SEO plugin. But we can’t ignore All in one SEO pack. And AIO plugin is now updated. And it has now many features for on-page optimization.

Thanks for the great information, I am just starting out and was quite lost on all things SEO, wordpress and plugins. I read a lot about the all-in-one SEO plugin, I use Yoast, but then trying to figure out what all the fields were was like going back to calc 2. I am going to check out the all-in-one to try and take my site the “next level”. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to keep up on your blog!

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