Role of Google Plus in SEO

Google plus social network launched in June 2011 and every day increases its number of users. Every day is increasingly important to be on this new social network, if you want to increase online visibility, increase social network appearance.

google plus

This makes Google a real SEO tool. Google Plus as a social network, a page dedicated & an author profile are very important to give the results of research importance and beauty. Such as being recognized as authors of a particular site / article, or by connecting a Google Plus Page you can be recognized as Publishers.

How Google Plus Uses Authorship

Just think about the authorship (rel = author), is an attribute introduced by Google and closely linked to their profile in Google Plus that has changed the face of Snippet and visually SERP. Integrating it with other Google services you get a chance to improve some specific research in different SERP.

For example, if the company that you want to connect to Google, is a Hotel and therefore has a physical location is important (remember that we can always divide the various recipes using the new Google Tags) create a page in Google Local and position to geo-locate the business and to make sure that it is found more easily by all users who visit the site from both PC that smartphones & tablets.

[box color=”white” icon=”information”]Google loves, who claim authorship of his/her content. To claim the authorship and to get your picture in Google Search Results Read my Article How to Show Picture in Google Search Result[/box]

Soon the results of research will also be visible to Google services:  Google Hotel Finder to search for hotels and Flights. Google Search to search for flights. Therefore, many companies in these sectors and across the armature would do well to adopt a business profile in Google as integration of its strategy like SEO Company.

The influence that G+ has in Social Search opens new scenarios and raises the level of quality in terms of response to specific user searches.

And you’ve already set up your Google+ profile & a page?