Search Engine Optimization for WordPress makes easy when you have pre-designed plugins. But if you are using Blogger or any other platform then sometime it’s not easy to understand how you can optimized a post in search engine to get high page rank. Many of bloggers write a post and leave as it is without customized for search engine. And some of those want to customize but unable to understand how they can do this. And the common question is What is SEO?



I am writing this post for those who want0 to know how they can make their post SEO friendly. Please find the details under.

Major Parts of SEO

There are a number of elements in SEO to get high page rank but I will discuss only three parts just because of newbies who want to learn from the beginning. And want to learn how they can optimize their single post for Search Engine.

How to Optimize a Single Post/Article

First of all I suggest you to write your article well with full of knowledge and information then users will write your article and they can get their answers cleared. And must focus on below mentioned elements for SEO

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keywords

How to Write a SEO Friendly Title

Your title should be SEO friendly. But question is that how you can write an SEO friendly title and what is meant by SEO friendly title. SEO friendly title means your title covers SEO requirements.

There are some SEO friendly requirements for SEO title.

  • Post title must contain one main keyword of your post.
  • Post title should not more than 64 characters.
  • Title should be related to post.

How to Write Meta Description

Post description is very important for search engine optimization of your blog post. To write down a SEO friendly description you must keep some points in mind.

  • Your post description must be 120 characters minimum.
  • Post description should start with a keyword.
  • Do not use all keywords in description.

Keywords Selection for SEO

Keywords are the most important part of search engine optimization. In this case I suggest you to select 5 possible keywords for your article. And use them randomly in your article.


I hope you can remind these simple tips while writing your post. But it is not final words. We have a lot more to learn about SEO. But for this case I want to share 2 plugins for WordPress users to understand the Single Post Optimization for Search Engine more deeply.

Asking a question can help us learn more and effectively. I welcome your questions.