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I have installed a WordPress plugin in order to just test the actual work for that plugin. But I found it was the best ever choice of me in plugins. The plugin has great features. You will also amaze to see. Previously when I did not use permalink feature I shared a lot of posts. But when I used permalinks then obviously it changes links to all of my existing pages. I redirect all of my posts to new page links. But had missed some unchanged. Today I found people coming to my blog and landing on pages with 404 errors only due to WP Logs Books Plugin. I think you are familiar many other plugins who can share logs of your 404 error pages but they mostly offer only logs of landing pages. But WP Logs Books Plugin not only shared 404 error pages it will also share the referred pages logs too.

The above information is not sufficient for amazement. Now ready to have some eye popping logs offering.

A person tries to hack my blog…!!!

This is the first day log which WP Logs Book Plugin shared with me.

WordPress Plugin

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Obviously it is an alarming situation for me. WP Logs Books can provide login attach logs with following details.

  • It will show you date and time of bad login attempts.
  • Username and password tries by a hacker to hack your WordPress site and also the IP number of hackers.

3 more information are also being provided by WP Logs Book when available. Hope this plugin will also help you to make your blog more secure and 404 error free by providing detailed logs. The plugin is Free.

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