Bloggers can change comments avatar with their own choice. By default blogger has two default avatar seems like in below image.

Default Comments Avatar

One is used for those who comments anonymously and second for those who make comments and are belongs to blogger or have a blogger account. There is also a third avatar option. The Commentator if already set his own picture or avatar for his or her account then custom avatar did not change that avatar. So it is also a plus point. Modification process is so easy. You just have to follow some steps in order to things to be worked for blogger comments. First overview default avatar of blogger.


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If you want to replace your default blogger avatar with the following avatar then do as written below.


change comments avatar


Change comments Avatar

  • Go to Blogger “Dashboard”
  • Click on “Template”
  • Click on “Edit HTML”
  • Check the box ”Expand Widget Template”
  • Then find below code </body>
  • Now copy the below code and paste it before </body>') .ssyby('blank')']") .attr('src', '') .ssybya('blank')

  • Finally click "Save Template" button.

If you have a dark blogger template then you can use this avatar. To get these avatars, use below code.

Blogger Comments Icon') .ssyby('blank')']") .attr('src', '') .ssybya('blank')


Some Custom Blogger Avatar Links

If you want to make your blogger comment avatar more beautiful according to your template design, then you can replace below codes with the above written highlighted codes to change comments avatar.

If you like then please share this. So other bloggers can change comments avatar too.