Windows taskbar can be modify in order to looks good. In windows 7 and windows 8, taskbar is slightly capture more space than windows XP. So the user has less space to work with other applications. Most of people did not bother to experience different sizes of taskbar icons available in windows 7. For those who did not familiar with it, will find procedure to change the size of windows taskbar icons and procedure to change taskbar position on desktop below. Original size of taskbar icons when you install new window 7 is looking like below screen shot.

Modify Taskbar

And after customizing you can change your windows taskbar position and icon size like below example screen shots.


Windows 7 Tasbar Icon


You can freely customize it by following below steps.

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Changing the size of Windows Taskbar Icons:

This method is same for windows 7 and windows 8.

  • Right click on taskbar
  • Click “Properties”
  • Alternate track path
  • Go to Start and then click on “Control Panel”
  • In Control Panel click on “windows Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • A window will open name “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”
  • In this window under Taskbar Tab check the box “use small icons”
  • And Click on Apply to view the changes.

Now if you want to use icons of windows taskbar same like windows xp then follow the steps.

In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties select option “Never Combine” from a drop-down of “Taskbar Buttons”

Windows Taskbar Other Customization:

Now if you are crazy about customization then you can also change the location of taskbar on your desktop. You will find all options under in the same window under the heading “Taskbar location on screen”

windows taskbar


Finally you can also change the idle behavior of windows taskbar to hidden mode by selecting “Auto-Hide the windows taskbar” box

I know these are simple tips for those who are well familiar with Windows 7 taskbar options but for beginners these are fruitful.

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