Till now you have seen small, smart or double screen laptops, but now scientist very soon bring new laptop which will have 3d dimensions. It will be a great experiment till now, because in consumer electronics they showed 3d television but in the field of computer there is no further achievement comes to know, Now you will see 3d dimension laptops very soon. And according to engineers users can also enjoy touching experience in the 3d world. They said they will introduce laptops with 3d dimension in this year. And one another great news attached with this news they will also launch a 3d Blu-ray for their consumers with 3d laptops. People are exited for the new upcoming invention of 3d laptops.

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Engineers, who are working on this project, also thinking about conversion of old 2d technology to 3d technology, they also said consumers, can play 2d games in 3d visions. Oh! I think it will be much more interesting fact of this upcoming invention.

In these laptops they will include demo games with laptops and in these games they will include effects of avatar and other games. They will use NVidia 3d dimension card in laptops and this NVidia card will convert old 2d dimensions to 3d dimensions. Besides that some analyst said this graphic card may harm for the health of people so there is a need to carefully use of these graphic cards with detailed precautions understanding. It will be first laptop with all 3d qualities and it will get maximum likes among youngsters in last of this year. People will prefer it as favorite. Engineers and analyst said they are using best and advanced technology in the making of 3d laptops as they want to make easy access and handling for all average users.