Microsoft provides us facility to change windows drive icons according to user requirements. Users often change drive icon to their own choice. They love to modify things on the computer. And sometimes things damage or corrupt system files and folders. The same has been happening with me. When I used to drive icon change software and try to change drive icons which are more than beautiful to default icons. But that software damaged my default icons and also did not load custom drive icons. This was a bad thing for the beauty of my Windows PC software. Drive Icons were corrupted by that software. But for me it was not difficult to get back windows default icons by editing registry keys. I did change them. I think if you are reading this page then obviously you also want to change drive icons to default. OK let’s start working. Follow the below steps or see video for detailed work.


Recover Windows Drive Icons

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Recover Windows Drive Icons

  • Go to Run and type regedit
  • Open Regedit.exe
  • Then open these keys one by one


  • Now if you want to recover all drive icons in single go then delete DriveIcons key or modify one by one drive keys
  • Suppose I want to change my C drive icon to default then after open DriveIcon select drive C then in the right pane window double click on (Default) and in pop up window delete everything from Value Data option.
  • Now Click Refresh in My Computer and enjoy default windows drive icons.

Hope you will be happy now to get back windows drive icon

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