How to Remove navbar from blogger

How to Remove navbar from blogger

Hello friends today I will teach you how you can remove Navbar or hide navbar from your blogger. Below tutorial was created in June 2012. The procedure I am going to show you includes editing of your blogger template. Blogger itself has an automatic option to hide or remove navbar from blogger accounts.

Remover Navbar From Blogger

Navbar is top bar which is by default included when you make a new blog. Blogger Navbar has better options. If you are login to your blogger account and working on your page then you can easily access different blogger editing options. You can click on NEW POST to write a new post without opening your blogger account page again and again. You can click on the DESIGN to open your blogger account main menu. You and your visitor can click on NEXT BLOG to visit next blog.

Hide or Remove Navbar YouTube

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But there is a major drawback of Navbar is REPORT ABUSE Button which is often against the blog owner, If someone click on it and claims spamming or copywriters material offence. By the way, this is not only logic because there are also other ways to report abuse.

The reason why I recommend removing Navbar from your blog is to make your blog more attractive and clean. And dont let your reader go away from your blog by pressing next blog button.

How To Remove Navbar in Blogger

Here is the process to be followed to remove navbar:

  • Login in to your blogger account.
  • Click on Template.
  • Click Edit HTML then Proceed.
  • Find ]]></b:skin> by pressing Ctrl + F
  • Then paste following code before ]]></b:skin>


#navbar {

height: 0px;

visibility: hidden;

display: none;



  • Click Save Template then Close.

Refresh your blogger page your Navbar will be removed.

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