Maximum users using Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 etc., But they used different third party software as a firewall. It’s interesting because they never believe on built in firewall in windows. It’s amazing; question is why this is so?

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Because Microsoft has not included any tutorial on how we can configure Windows Firewall to allow or block things. And also there is neither any third party software is available to control or configure Microsoft Windows Firewall.

Reason Behind:

  • Windows Firewall Configuration which is set by default is not secure.
  • And also there is no setup available to make it secure and usable.
  • Bad user interface: as no one knows from where it can modify or set up rules according to our requirements.
  • Insecure accessibility: as multiple malicious can disable it easily.
  • For an instance till now this is useless.

Make Windows Firewall User Friendly:

People didn’t know good features inside built in firewall of Microsoft Windows. According to our findings we believe Windows firewall is good to use and provide us a better security. It can be user friendly by making some changes and installing a third party software which will enable all hidden good features of built in firewall.

You all need to install Tiny firewall softwar on your computer which is freely available over internet to enable those features.

After installation you will find Microsoft Firewall is better than other third party firewall software. There are lot of good features are included which are required and sufficient to fulfill our needs. Now we will control multiple settings with multiple options and great thing is we can also set firewall start and end time according to different application and software.