How to hide folder using DOS

Another question is how to hide folder without software using DOS. If you are wondering that it is not possible and if possible then not reliable then you are wrong, try to follow me as I have guide you in this post. You will see it is best free trick to hide your folders. Many users use different software to lock a folder or hide folder from others, there are many software and mostly of them are paid, so if you don’t afford paid software to hide or lock your private folders then this trick will work for you. I will teach you the process using DOS.

Hide Folder

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All you need to follow certain steps.

Suppose I have made a folder in my D drive, the folder name is My Private Folder

To hide the folder Click on Start Menu

  • Click Run or Press Windows + R
  • Then type following cmd and hit Enter
  • In Command Window type C:>attrib+s+h d:My Private Folder
  • The folder will hide. And you can’t even search that folder through search option.
  • To get back that folder, simply type this code in command window.
  • C:>attrib-s-h d:My Private Folder

NOTE: I have typed full path of my folder in red color for your understanding. You also required entering full path of folder. Suppose you save your folder in drive D > My Folder, Then your folder path should be d:My FolderMy Private Folder

Hope this will help you.

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