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How to get approved for Google AdSense

Before apply for Google Adsense it is necessary to know what is Google and what Google providing you. Then I will tell you about Google Adsense program by Google. So you can get approved for Google Adsense fast.

What is Google?

Basically Google is a search engine and with the help of search engine you can find or search your required information. With the help of Google you can approach on all those websites you are searching for.  Google is not an only one search engine in the world. There are also many other search engines too, like Yahoo, Bing, YouTube etc… But Google is leading them and all other search engines are far away from Google.

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get approved for Google AdSense

What is Google Adsense?

Before start learning get approved for Google Adsense learn about Google Adsense. Although Google is the world’s number one search engine but Google is also offering several programs for the user benefits. In those programs Google Adsense is for earning money online. Although there are a number other companies offering the same type of programs but once again Google product, Google Adsense is on number one among those other programs. By using Google Adsense you can earn a lot online. Google Adsense shows different company’s Ads on your website and visitors of your website clicks on those Ads and Google pays you a commission. And if your website is famous and have high PR in Google then you can earn thousands of dollars monthly. It seems so easy but in reality it is much difficult. It is not a shortcut to earn money. If you are serious to earn money online with Google AdSense then you must have much time for your website content and need so much attention and hard work.

Google Adsense Approval Requirements

Before Apply on Google Adsense you read these basic requirements. After I am sure you will get approved for Google Adsense.

Before two to three years before the opening of a Google Adsense account is so easy, but now a days it is so difficult. You have to do a lot of hard work before applying. There are certain main requirements before applying to get approval.

  • First of all your domain name must register in your own name. The domain name should also short.
  • The domain name must be 6 months old otherwise you have less than 50 % chance to get approved.
  • There must be a blog on your website. I suggest WordPress for making blog which is also SEO friendly.
  • Your Website structure should be SEO friendly.
  • So website content should be in English language or any other language which Google Adsense may support.
  • Your website content or material should be original, in other words, not copied from other websites. So I suggest you make a website on those topics for those you are experiencing.
  • Your website has a satisfactory traffic from Google Search Engine
  • Your content on websites should not be copyrighted of another website, For Example: Maximum Software and Games are copyrighted material.
  • You do not link to those websites, those busy in distribution of copyrighted material or Porn sites.
  • If you make a Porn Site then you never get approved for Google Adsense.

Hope my findings about to get approved for Google Adsense are helpful for you.

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