There are millions of websites which are violating the copyright act and busy in distribution of suspicious software and content without permission of original producer or company or have Malware on websites. Google has taken a step to check and find those websites. Google visits websites regularly to check them if they are violating copyright act and busy in the distribution of copyrighted content or having Malware on them.

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Suspecious Website


Google will provide following information on websites.

  • Current Listing status of Website
  • Are Malicious software are hosted on main domain or sub domains
  • And some more information about Malware content.

If you want to check your own website or any website whether that was suspicious for Malware or not. Then all you need to follow some certain steps.

Copy following code to your browser web address

Then type your Website Address after “= sign”

For Example:

If you want to check Google. Then you will type

Advisory Provided by Google will gives you results.

Hope this will help you with safe browsing.

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