How to Marketing Your Blog Via Facebook Social Media Strategy

Today, I have one tip to talk with you about how to marketing your blog using Facebook social media strategy. Well, I think that everyone knows about this social platform and maybe you are implementing business and doing internet marketing your blog with this platform. You know? It is not only one of biggest and potential social media platforms. But it will be new amazing search engine Facebook Graph Search which all bloggers and internet marketers have to put more eyes implementation friendly blog SEO optimizing.

Facebook social media strategy

With the Facebook social media strategy you will gain many benefit direct and indirect from doing business. It is a very important way to marketing blog and business effectively. If you did not started yet I recommend to you start it from now. And here three elements do not miss for integrating business strategy.

#1 Started with profiles page engagement

Setting up profile page is ways to getting started with Facebook social media strategy. There were many people thinks that it a very simple idea and you already had one. Great! I know everyone is using currently Facebook. I just want to make sure that you profiles are related to your business and ability to marketing blog effectively. Within your Facebook profiles please fill out completely information related interests to your business and career such occupation, interested, address, and other related information. To make sure everything were done right of all and correctly. Please remembers to keep the information relevant is way to engage right people!

#2 Facebook social media strategy fan page

Facebook fan page is an important factor for keeping connects and engages right audiences. This is simple process of how to marketing your blog with Facebook but be sure your fan page could promote your business well such building trust and brand image. As bellow snapshot is my business fan page.

Whenever users clicked like your fan pages mean that they interested in your contents inside page. Thus, they want to receive new update information from your fan page. If you have a lot of people like your Facebook page it mean that you could increase high conversion rate and easy to interact with those people. But how to get more people like your Facebook page? Lol! We will talk about this magical question next post.

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#3 Group Discussion

It is recently new feature for Facebook social media strategy, with group discussion it allowed users to spread information and discuss with other users by join groups. Also, it is one of important element that you should not miss it. The group discussions are really best place to marketing your blog on Facebook. I have strong recommended creating your own group for own business as well as join others related group. You will gain more benefit from the groups such more ability to interact with other users outside your network and increase quality blog traffic via Facebook group discussion.

Right now it is your turn

I never want to right this topic because I thing that it is not unique idea for Facebook social media strategy but I think that I have to aware about this 3 important element. Because these 3 important elements are what we should not missed. Moreover, right now Facebook not only one of important social media platforms but it is new search engines which we should careful about it. I have write a guest post about Facebook graph search but How to optimize friendly blog SEO for Facebook graph search will come up next.

Oh, any opinions about this Facebook social media strategy? Or you can add your own in comments.

About Kimsea Sok

Kimsea is owner and found of Basic blog Talk, He was a blogger for two years ago. I love write, reading, listing, and talking about basic blogging tips. Also, I am an active blogger who always guest post and comments, we could connect together for successful blogging career.


  1. Facebook is one place to gain more exposure and conversion. I have been using facebook since 2005 and i can tell you that i am loving every moment with them. thanks.
    Babanature recently posted…How To Add Post Excerpt With Thumbnail On Blogger Blog Part2

  2. Facebook is a perfect social media platform to market anything and one can really exploit its potentials to promoting any product. Thanks for sharing such awesome strategy.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Internet Marketing Services to Get Result-Oriented Business

  3. Absolutely agree. ! I love Facebook and now yahoo and bing organic is increase thus I focus on Facebook now…
    Kimsea recently posted…Irfan Founder of Real Time Trick Interview | May 2013

  4. Hey Sok,
    Social media is an trending now all over the world which people are spending there leisure time if we use facebook in right manner sure we can generate more traffic and relationship i like the points which you have mentioned all are worth one
    Shameem recently posted…Adsense vs Indian Bloggers

  5. Hi Kimsea,
    Most people hate Facebook. Now, this is a perfect example of putting Facebook to the best possible use.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…6 Best Social Media Plugins For Website Owners

  6. Kimsea,

    I am totally inspired with group discussion. Bloggers come to know about new trends, social media and related to blogging. You will get more inspiration from people. And often people demands such things those gives you new assignment for your blog.

    Its awesome
    Mubashir recently posted…How to Add Twitter Follow Widget in Blogger and WordPress

  7. Ryan Biddulph says

    Engagement makes you stand out Kimsea. So few comment, or chat, because they feel rushed or hurried, but if you can make an impact, your social nature will improve your FB campaign. Thanks dude!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…This Cheeky Monkey Taught Me a Lesson

  8. Rather than spending franctions of time to everywhere, you can gain better benefits if you can impact. Interaction, definitely is the best tool to use Facebook as your blog marketing strategy.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Stepping Out of Your Own Blog – What Else The Guest Blogging Offers

  9. Hi Kimsea
    Very good post on How to do marketing via Facebook and you have mentioned quiet good and impressive tool.

    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted…Qadabra Review – Paying truly

  10. Victor Noah says

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips. Facebook rocks.

  11. Facebook is a really big thing. Almost 1 Billion users. Well it is great to promote your business there. I like facebook, I have setup a page , running a group and these were some tactics I am using to bring traffic.
    Now has tags are also there so we can determine and target the particular user. 🙂 Thanks for the share man
    ashi recently posted…First Ever Video Of Budget iPhone Appeared Online.

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