Some Blogging Mistakes and their Solutions

Many of Bloggers are not aware of Blogging Mistakes. In my short blogging career I have learnt a lot about blogging. Still I am learning. I cannot say I am perfect but I can say I can explain what I have learnt.ย I have visit a number of blogs and found some mistakes. Blogging mistakes are not common but few of them exist in almost every blog.

How to Present Blog Post

Presenting or writing blog post has different aspects. Some of these I have listed below.

Use of Spaces and Paragraphs in Blog Posts

I have seen a number of blog posts that are unreadable. I am not telling about grammatical errors in this case. But the thing is that some bloggers are not using paragraphs and also not giving proper spacing.

To increase the readability of your blog post I recommend you to write your post in paragraphs. Each paragraph should not more than 4 lines or you can cut the line after 4 to 5 sentences. It will surely increase readability because this method is reader friendly.

Use of Headings in Blog Posts

I also recommend using headings while writing your posts. Headings increase the beauty of your article and your readers can easily find different ideas shared in single post.

Use of Picture/Image in Blog Posts

You cannot ignore this part of blogging. I dont know why still bloggers are lazy to use relevant images in blog posts. Use of images is part of SEO. Image in blog post increases beauty of post and some time your image explains the whole summary of your blog post.

I recommend to use at least one image in post.

Other Blogging Mistakes

Do Regular Posting

So you have a blog? Are you writing at least one post in three days? If yes then jump to next heading. ๐Ÿ™‚ So what I mean, there is a number of bloggers who are not regularly updating their blogs. Never mind I am also week in this case.

I recommend you and myself to write at least one post in three days. The reason behind if, you are not updating your blog then you cannot expect revisit. On the other hand you have also fewer chances to be searched in search engines.

So make it habit to write at least one post in three days. If you can, then write more.

Theme Selection

Theme selection is also major part in blogging. I have seen bloggers using dark themes. Those are not nice. I recommend light color themes with light or white background. That website with dark theme, look like hackerโ€™s websites.

So avoid dark background color. Use light background and dark font color. Black font is recommended.

Purchase Custom Domain

Still many of bloggers using free domains. Even they know benefits of using custom domain names. Why they are not purchasing custom domain names? May be due to financial issuesโ€ฆ!

To avoid these blogging mistakes, I strongly recommend those bloggers to purchase their custom domain name as soon as possible and enjoy the sweet fruit of blogging. I have also covered cheapest domain name and hosting company review. Or you can view the rates by clicking hosterpk.

Bore Commenting System

There are a number of third party comment plugins those can be use on your blog. But not all are good enough to use. A huge number of bloggers are still using plugins that can never help readers.

Commenting system on your blog is really important. What I found online when visiting blogs; the bloggers those create WIN WIN situation on their blog, getting more traffic. So how you can create this situation on your blog?

Itโ€™s simple; install a commentluv plugin. So by using this plugin you start taking care of your readers those are connected with same online industry. Indirectly you are helping yourself.

Start Avoiding Blogging Mistakes

I have listed only a few blogging mistakes and their possible solutions. If you agree with me then do let me know and tell me what you think about these blogging mistakes.

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By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

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You’re right about those things. To be honest the hardest thing I had before is think what would be the best domain name to applied on my blog. You know, something that is really become familiar to my readers.

Hi Mubashir,

Writing regularly is OH so important….I love your tips because each can help bloggers shorten their learning curve by years, if not by a longer period of time.

I post 10 times – or more – daily. Is that too much? Ummmm….mashable seems to do OK with it, and so does The Onion, and if Ryan Biddulph is to become as successful running his blogs and generating Adsense revenue then yep, he better do it, too.

As for the other tips, dead on dude. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚


O great man…
I like your spirit of work. Seriously I am not such a position to write as much as you are writing daily. People should learn from you.
Writing regularly is like blood circulation in our body.

That great..! Mubashir, I feel long time no see. List is what we have to follow to make the blog update. I love commentluv and plan to Premium version…

Hey Bro,
Nice post i do agree a presentation is most important for every blog and bloggers must follow some guidelines like the way you have represented but still people are creating the blogs for the sake of making money in short time but not giving the importance to make the blog profession i’m sure your tips can give them an mission to achieve the goal

Obviously.. I learn because I have experienced these things. And now I come to know I was wrong. But to be some extent that was learning phase too.

Thanks for your valuable comment Shameem

Nicely explained Mubashir!
And I’m not doing regular posting. And I will rectify it soon.
And we should avoid using Complicated commenting systems. And theme selection also matters.

It must be terrible to read a blog post without paragraph breaks and proper spacing! I wonder for whom the guy is writing :O)

The biggest mistake I see among most newbie bloggers is blogging in subdomains – or similar ๐Ÿ˜€ It is truly necessary to have your own domain name if you are really serious about blogging!

Thanks Mubashir for the helpful tips!

Most bloggers make these mistakes even without being aware, presenting a blog post properly with headlines and in paragraphs will make it easy and pleasing to read. You have shared interesting bloggers make here and i am glad you also proffered solutions. Thanks

Nice compiled list, if we follow these simple guidelines, we will get good presentation and most important;y it will develop readership for our blog, thanks for sharing these tips with us ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Mubashir,
What a lovely post that goes with the weekend ๐Ÿ˜€ You bring out some great tips which i love and would also love to say something about. When i started blogging new, i used to post everyday because of search engine but after a while, i reduced the post to 4 times a week. And now i am posting two times a week. The reason i post two time a week now is because; my blog has become an authority blog in the sense that Google indexes my blog exactly 1mins it is been published and i have loyal readers and commentators (what more can you ask for?). Regular and valuable posting will definitely get you and your post out there for people to see. Thanks once again for this lovely post and do have a lovely weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes Posting every day is just like creating messed among readers. But if people love your writing, and your presentation and blog environment is good then readers must do read your daily posts. Many of bloggers writing posts daily because people love to read them… It depends on reputation

Well, these are most common mistakes every will make ๐Ÿ™‚ I have made each every mistake which you have discussed here !! Really it will helpful for readers if admin like you share their experience in blogging !! Thanks
Cheers !!

Agree on all the points that you have mentioned. Readability can be a very big issue sometimes. I myself was using he the default font size of blogger at the beginning, but then realized tha tit is too small. So I had to increase the font size in each of my posts.
Blogger has a very bad comment system, so I installed Intense Debate with CommentLuv enabled. I hope it helps to some extent.

Thanks for mention, Obviously font size is also serious part. I cannot recommend exact size because it vary in font class. I’m using Alike font and my font size is 15

Hi Mubashir,

Hope this my first visit to your blog, its good ๐Ÿ™‚

Your blog post title pulled me to your blog to read the blogging mistakes.

Yeah, I agree with your point of views.

Specifically, I too don’t like in writing the long paragraphs which would annoy the readers to leave our blog.

So i used to write with short n simple paragraphs and sometimes with numbered points for better understanding of the readers.

Nice post, keep writing, will try to visit and read your posts regularly ๐Ÿ™‚

hi there. mubashir. thank you for wonderful list would surely help newbie bloggers

i believe that one of the reasons of many bloggers for not using pictures is the fear of copyright infringement. many bloggers might not be aware of or morguefile as a source of free images that can be used in their blogs.

at first, my blogs have no pictures at all but when i found about wikimedia commons and freedigitalphotos, i started to put pictures on my blog from those sources and they only require some of attribution

Very true.
Same problem was with me. I have create a lot of pictures using different picture editing software. And I wasted a lot of time on them. When I came to know free image service after that I had never waist my time I prefer to add free images.

Hello Mubashir,
I was thinking to change my blog theme to black or dark color theme. I love to listen music and I have seen many music website’s using dark color theme. That’s why I am thinking about that. But you open up my eyes. in this case I cannot use a theme with dark background. You stops me for upcoming mistake bro.

Thanks for sharing

Good points…. you gave good information to correct my blogging mistakes… good reminder…

Very right, Mubashir. Some of these mistakes can actually do a lot of damage.
The first thing one needs to have is a good theme, and I would suggest to always go for a premium theme- they are worth the little money that you pay to them.
And yes, one cannot ignore the importance of doing the right on page stuff.

The number or frequency of posting new articles depends on the niche of your site. If your nice is a tutorial like at wpspeak, than 1 article per day should be fine. For personal site with general topic, 1 article per 2 or 3 day is succificient. However, for news-type of site, 1 article per day is not enough. Should be at least more than 3 articles per day.

Hey Mubashir Bro
Nice to Read Your this Post this is informative article u made and share with us
thanks for sharing this..

In blogging every one does mistakes .I think you cannot be perfect in any field without making mistakes . Mistakes are way to learn and know more about that topic . I have also seen mistakes of paragraphing and heading on popular blogs also . By paragraphing and adding headers in you blog post you may help readers to read properly and make them more understand by adding headers

The post might be old , but the content is always ever fresh … every blogger need to check what we are writing , some times small mistakes makes big damage , its a good tutorial for beginners .. i did lot of spelling mistakes now before posting the article will check the grammar and spelling mistakes thanks for sharing mate.. !

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