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Win 75$ and Free Genesis WordPress Themes

Here we come with a great Giveaway of 75 dollars and with a pack of Free Genesis WordPress Themes plus Free Genesis Framework 1.9.2

Man from Mostly Use is crazy about participating in Giveaways. Recently he has won 250 dollars from Giveaway. Now he decides to conduct his own Giveaway. He is offering 75 dollars hot cash direct to your PayPal Account.


[box color=”yellow” icon=”wand”] Who will be the winner of 75 dollars? “Participant with more points” [/box]

Mostly Use sponsoring only one prize of 75 dollar PayPal Cash and I am offering two with Free Genesis WordPress Themes and Free Genesis Framework 1.9.2

In this giveaway you can have a chance to win 1 prize out of 3.

1st Prize: 75 dollars (PayPal Hot Cash)

2nd Prize: 2 Free Genesis WordPress Themes and Genesis Framework 1.9.2

3rd Prize: 1 Free Genesis WordPress Themes and Genesis Framework 1.9.2


Free Genesis WordPress Themes


Requirements to Win 75 dollars Hot Cash, Free Genesis WordPress Themes and Free Genesis Framework 1.9.2

We have certain requirements to participate in this Giveaway.

  • The participant should have a valid email address or Facebook account to participate.
  • First winner should have a PayPal account.
  • As I mentioned above winner would be the person who earn maximum points.
  • So everyone has an equal chance to win 75 dollars hot cash, Free Genesis WordPress Themes and Free Genesis Framework 1.9.2.
  • There is no random selection of winners.

Enter Now With Your Facebook Account or a valid Email Address or Download Genesis WordPress Themes and Framework



Earn Extra Points to Win Free Genesis WordPress Themes

After sharing you will get a unique referral link. Copy that link in a notepad then copy the code from below.


[button_icon icon=”box_down” color=”dark” url=”” rel=”dofollow“] Copy Referral Code [/button_icon]



Now replace YOUR CODE with your unique referral code you have code previously. Now place this complete code in your blog’s widget area. When any visitor uses your referral link you will get 1 point and if that referral join the giveaway you will get 5 points.

Notice:[highlighter color=”yellow” ]We do not appreciate SPAM. So if we find any one getting points by SPAM activity then those points would not be considered as valid.[/highlighter]

e.g; [highlighter color=”yellow” ]If your are getting points using Auto Traffic websites then those points would be considered as cancel. Specially points earn using alexaboostup (dot) com will be considered as invalid.[/highlighter]

Best of luck…!

Image courtesy of James Barker at

By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

82 replies on “Win 75$ and Free Genesis WordPress Themes”

Hi Mubashir,
Great giveaway bro . I’m first to comment here!
Hope I’ll win the first prize. I have placed the widget on my blog’s widget area.
Thanks again for conducting this giveaway!


Hey Sri,

Glad to see you again on my blog. Yah you are first one to comment on this giveaway. I hope can win. You have made good stratgy to earn points through referral link.

Best of luck Sri…

Welcome Srikanth,

Its your first comment on this blog. I warmly welcome you. I hope you will come again to join us.

Thanks for comment and thanks for your participation in giveaway.

Sai Kumar,

You are an active blogger. I almost seen you everywhere on blogs. Its a sign of active bloggers who comments on blogs. By the way I like your giveaway too which you are conducting on your blog.

Thanks for participation

Thanks for the giveaway. I have a blog, but I don’t update it anymore. I have to much going on. Great prizes.

Hey Mendy,

If you have blog then I suggest you to do not leave your blog useless. Update your blog on regular basis.
BTW Thanks to participate in giveaway…

Hello Mubashir,

I have done all requirements. I hope I can win this game…
lets do it
Thanks for the giveaway bro

Hey Husnain,

Glad to see you on my blog again. Sounds interesting when you give name to this giveaway 😳 .
So play the game 😛

Best of luck…

I have never won a giveaway. Let’s see what happens this time, hope the my “loosing period” ends soon! 😛

I have completed all steps 4 days ago. And from my referral link I made 88 more points. Hope to win.

Here are a few approaches that you can decide which item greatest
suits your requires.
75 dollars Cash or WordPress Themes.
I want to win cash..

Yes… you are right Suresh
Winner of this contest will be the person who will earn maximum points.
glad to see you on this blog and thanks for taking apart.

Hey, in the post it says that the person who gets the highest entries will win !! That is great … Random selection sucks !!

Very True,

I did not like Random Selection, even I did not take part in Random Selection giveaways. I believe who works hard so he should deserve their reward.

Thanks for your first comment

If I win this Awesome Giveaway I’ll buy a New Graphics card for myself or maybe I can finally afford some hosting for myself !! … Anyways … It is an awesome giveaway ,,, Hope that I win !! 🙂

Hello Mubashir,
This is some hot give away you put up and a tempting one if i must say. I hope I am not too late to participate? 🙂 Now have yourself a lovely weekend.

This is a very good give-away. I have participated and i am sure i will one among the victors 🙂 Wish the best of luck to all participants.

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