7 Tips to Become a Profound Blogger

So you choose blogging as career and you want to make yourself a Profound Blogger? It is not so much difficult. You just need to follow some tips to be found yourself among top profound bloggers.

Work on Your Topic Before Posting

A number of bloggers writing blog posts after searching online. When they found some topic they try to write on topic without proper study. And without having complete information about topic. But to become a profound blogger you should need to be master of your topic. You have to research deeply and write wisely before pressing publish button.




Write About Sub Parts of a Topic

As I mentioned above research your topic deeply before publish. So you can find yourself; you can write about some most important areas of that topic. What I meant here, I can explain by putting an example

Suppose I have read a post in which writer explains all basic and advanced parts of SEO. In SEO you will find many parts like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword research  backlinking etc… so to become a profound blogger focus on sub topics also. You can write separately about above listed parts of SEO.

Make Blogging Ideas That Never Shared

I suggest every blogger to write on such ideas that are unique and no one shared before. But in this case it is not possible that everyone can write on a unique topic every time. Most probably when bloggers read different posts and articles online then; if there is some modification required according to their knowledge, they try to write on that topic. That’s way a series updates also continues.

But again try your best to write on ideas driven from your own mind.

Debate on Ideas

You just forget that every person will like your work or agree with you. Every one has his own mind set. So if you really want to become a profound blogger then debate other’s written topics as well as on your own written articles. In this way if you have better knowledge then you will get a loyal reader for your blog. And people would love to read your articles. Besides that if you have less knowledge then other will update you.

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become a profound blogger

Write Articles All in one

Do not let your reader go away until they read your whole topic. So how you can motivate your reader to read your article or post completely. Its very simple; you know your reader is start reading your article because he want to know about subjected article. So if you write a post with less information your reader will not trust on your writing again.

So what I suggest to become profound blogger

  • Cover your article completely
  • Write only that information which is verified and authentic information.
  • Do not write off-topic material.
  • Focus on every aspects of your topic.
  • Try to write briefly like nothing left about this topic.
  • If there is a need, write on sub topics and link them within main topic.
  • Ask your readers to speak their mind.
  • Offer them your free services for any further information.

Change your Writing Style

To become profound blogger, try to be realistic. Pretend your reader like you are talking with them (live). And try to interact with your readers.

Change your Mind to Become Profound Blogger

It is very important to become profound blogger, you should change your mind and way of thinking. Even you are coming up with your new blog.

  • Start thinking like a pro.
  • Believe on your brand whatever you have.
  • Never under estimate your qualities.
  • Always present yourself a man of commitment with fun.
  • Never afraid if you make a mistake.
  • Do not hesitate to learn from others.

Final Words

We are all profound bloggers. We can do anything which we want to do online. Lets rock the world with blogging.

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By Mobashhir

I am founder, designer and author of How To Words. I am SEO expert. My areas of interest are blogging, web designing, web development, online marketing, techology reviews and social media.

23 replies on “7 Tips to Become a Profound Blogger”

Hi, Mubashir! How are you today? Thanks for sharing awesome tip. Absolutely, you tips what we have to follow in order to archive blog founder and getting presented. I love write the tips but writing is very hard for none native English. Many people of my readers complaint about my writing but I plan to review all post again every month. Thanks for sharing.

If you are doing Grammatical mistakes then I suggest you to use some grammar software to rectify errors. Use Ginger, it is grammar correction plugin for chrome as well as for Microsoft office.

Hi Mubashir,

very comprehensive article… never bored reading it till the end. congrats!

allow to make some short comments myself, maybe we could take discussion further, all right? 🙂

I truly believe in the blind leading the blind reality of today’s writers and bloggers… too many people focus on “theory” writing instead of first practicing and then relating or story telling their experiments with topic X or Y.

This happens not just in the self help industry or dating, but in all niches across the globe… that’s why I strive to write solely from personal experience and share as many real-life examples and case studies to help others mimic my success and experience even greater results.

I guess not many have the guts to disagree with Darren Rowse or other top bloggers in their space… however, I’ve read yesterday one “tiny” blogger who took the plunge… and her arguments were solid… it was a debate on what it takes to start a blog… cannot find the link to share though 🙁

Anyway, I’d like to know more about your experience writing as I like your style and examples with this particular post… how do you research your topic, what’s your method and for how long have you been doing it? Do you also have your own blog?


Hi Mubashir,

Great Share!

Thanks for the Tips. become a profound blogger have good qualities Like Helping others. Giving respect and all! Btw! Thanks for Writing this Post! 🙂

Stay updated and Stay Rocking 😉 😛


Becoming a problogger really comes from the inside, until you begin to write your opinions without being scared of being criticized you may not unlock the problogger inside you and as your confidence begins to grow you will begin to do better and everyday you keep doing better you are getting so good at blogging. The points you listed here if well followed can really take one’s writing ability some notches higher in making such a person a problogger thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

You have a point, Mubashir.
I never go by the word length when I start writing.
I make my article as long as it should be. Whether it is 400 words or 1400- I dont care.
Readers will keep coming back for more if you serve them quality information.

Well I appreciate your writing. This is what a profound blogger should have. If all of bloggers follow your writing style then they would succeed in their blogging career.

Hello Mubashir,
To be a problogger, you will have to get the passion for it. Write what you feel like but you know your reader would like. Being the best in your niche takes time and patience and hard work. Thanks

Hi Mubashir,

Writing like you speak forms an instant bond with your blogging audience. People want to make a strong connection with you. Be authentic. Be real. Chat with your readers to form strong bonds and grow your audience.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Ryan,

I have seen many of bloggers write their article like they are some kind of robots. To become a profound blogger its very necessary to make connections and people would not like to make connections on robotic discussion.

Hi Mubashir, this is a very awesome. I really love the way it was presented. Becoming a Problogger is not a day’s job, it takes time and dedication.

Thus, applying some of the tips explained here, i think one can go places when it comes to blogging.

Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice day ahead of you.

You are right Mubashir that writing unique content is not always possible and on top of that writing about something that was never shared is almost very rare. However, this does not limit you from being unique. There might be an incident but the perspective and views about that incident is naturally different for each individual. Writing unique means to believe in own DNA 🙂

Thanks for these tips.

Obviously, it is not possible. I suggest to become Profound blogger, when you found an article poorly explained then try your best to write supreme version of that article. If you success to deliver ideas in a way that people easily understand then congratulation you become a profound blogger.

I have an extra one – focus on quality articles rather than on quantity. Quality articles are the ones that are worth the time – they get more shares via social media, more backlinks, and overall more visits. I’ve always had the thought that a few quality posts a week are better than a medicore post every day. What are your thoughts?

Hi James,

I am 100% agreed with you. Quality matters more than quantity. That’s why I did post only a few articles within week.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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