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4 Secrets to Increase Online Reputation and Become Successful Blogger

Increase online reputation is an important key to become successful blogger on internet blogging business. Did you know? Well, I know what you was answer, I am the same to you as well. To be a profession internet blogger require us to do many works in order to present ourselves to both online readers and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other. Thus we have to increase online reputation and build a good brand image of our personal blog which are requirements of this new online presented.

Increase online reputation

The internet blogging business is hot war business which all of us are right fighting at a frontier with our competitors or people around the world, right now. I please aware you that, now a day thousands of newbie bloggers attended to the internet market and are struggling to make a personal blog survive and being become successful blogger by their increase online reputation and getting presents themselves to online readers. While other successors are striving to be a sustainable in the internet blogging business thus it mean that now is very difficult and hard-working to win internet blogging competition.

That is cool! You all did the right with your life, internet blogging business are wonderful way to generate quick extra income online from blogging and we all could enjoy funny salary from our works and anywhere we want to work. And as we could know blogging is a business, it requires a strategy and key successful for doing this internet blogging business. Increasing of online reputation and build a strong social relationship around the net are ways to become successful blogger. And here some tips which could help you to make sense how to win internet blogging business competition.

#1 Build a Good Brand Image by Deliver Regularly and Unique Contents

Yeah of cause, the readers really love quality content marketing. I will define its’ meaning as the follow “it is any contents which fulfill both readers and webmasters needed. It mean that r content marketing have to be useful for any problems solving, educational, expertise, and experiences sharing or could help some newbie bloggers to become successful blogger on internet blogging business. Especially, it could make readers want to read and share it to other people. Additionally, a quality content marketing has to able presented itself to readers around net by standing in high positioning of SERP”.

Wow, so amazing definition! If we could do this perhaps “how to increase online reputation” is not our problem anymore. How could anyone can write this kind of quality contents? I don’t know too! Maybe some blogger who became a successful blogger and have attended internet blogging business for around 20 to 30 years ago (maybe) and they could know clearly about friendly SEO techniques for writing a popular blog post for their own personal blog (I think that s/he could do write but not me). Right now, I am not yet to produce that kind of quality content marketing even only one for my own. Even though, I could write those kind of articles but whenever I am writing some articles always told myself to strive include some of above benefits for my readers.

I am so sorry that I defined this definition! I am not meaning that we all have to include all above benefits into our articles and cannot miss even only a benefit. Also, I am absolutely not meant that we could increase online reputation without writing of above quality content marketing. However, I just want to aware you that all online readers love these kinds of contents. And if you are trying content for your blog posts you have to increase benefits for your readers as much as you can do it.

#2 Social Media Strategy to Become Successful Blogger

The social media platforms such Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and etc are places where you could deliver and advertise your quality content marketing for free. All social media users are waiting for reading articles and share it to other members around the social media networking. And especially, everyone wants help you to advertise your quality content marketing for free of charges which one of social media benefits.

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NO! Not only just delivering and lets other know about your expertise around social media networking but social media platforms are new internet world which everyone around the world spent a lot of time and lay on communication and discussion. Getting involved into the social media networking mean that you strive to take chance to share your expertise, experience, and build new relationship outside world. Also it is best chance for you to increase online reputation and getting presented your brand to other people in all around internet blogging business and become successful blogger by using of social media strategy.

#3 Build Internet Reputation Around Blogging Community

Delivering your blog tips to your readers via social media platform is not enough, in order to archiving quality online reputation and getting present. But you have to take a look to your competitors, partners, and other bloggers, in order to increase online reputation and build good brand image. Thus, you have to build a strong relationship and engage the both readers and other bloggers around internet blogging business. And there were many different and typical way to improve stronger relationship with other bloggers but I preferred only two ways. Those ways are guest blogging and blog commenting strategy which most of the bloggers has used it to deliver their quality contents marketing and build up active communication with others bloggers. Remembers, creating and straightening social relationship with other bloggers around internet blogging business through guest post and blog commenting strategy are key for building stronger blogging relationship and increase online reputation. And stronger relationship and reputation are key of become successful blogger.

#4 Increase Online Reputation through Forum Posting

The social communication natures call forum which bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business men enjoy in using it as platforms for discussion about business, career, and some expertise sharing. Unlike social media platform, the forum communication is focus on more professional discussion of business such as experiences sharing, problems solving, and some business or blogging ideas. Thus, selected forum as way to increase online reputation is more effective than social media platform (it is my opinion), but however the both of them (social media platforms and forum discussion) have its’ own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, I please recommended, before follow my tips and use this as marketing strategy increase online reputation and to build good brand image. Also before, you decided to use it as way to become successful blogger on internet blogging business. You should learn more about it.

become successful blogger

It is you turn:

Well, developing some quality content marketing and deliver it to any useful place such as social media platforms, higher PR ranking blog, and forum discussion are great ways to increase online reputation, which I have been used these for many years ago of my internet blogging business. And especially, it gave me back many effective benefits which lead me to become successful blogger future (what I expected). What about you? Did you agree these are useful ways or want to add some more useful strategy? Please lets’ me know by comment form bellow.

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By Kimsea Sok

Kimsea is owner and found of Basic blog Talk, He was a blogger for two years ago. I love write, reading, listing, and talking about basic blogging tips. Also, I am an active blogger who always guest post and comments, we could connect together for successful blogging career.

9 replies on “4 Secrets to Increase Online Reputation and Become Successful Blogger”

Hello Kimsea,

I agreed with your points. But which one is most important? Everyone has its choice. I found Forum Posting generating a lot of visitors and this activity helps any blog to grow within few months.

Absolutely, Mubashir! Forum is the professional discussion and problem solving. I to ask some people about how to get visitor to my blog and I got many both solution and visitor. Thanks for approved my post…

Its great. I did not post too much articles. But still I got PR2. I used social media with a great way to increase the visitors of my blog and get maximum exposure.

Absolutely, Social Media strategy have a lot of benefit for PR and traffic we all could gain the social media benefits for free and avoilable for everyone. That great you have done the right way. Anyway, thanks for commented on my post


I agreed with your points. Informative article, I have build my blog in January and could not get succeed in blogging. Still learning.

Thanks for the sharing.

Absolutely Faisal, Mubashir talk the true and really 100% true. I am visited your blog as well. It is less information and internal linking try to improve better. Thanks for leave comments


Before Kim suggest you, I want to suggest a few lines. If you want to get success in blogging career. Then focus on your blog’s reputation by writing quality articles. And make your blog’s navigation and design user friendly. I am suggesting you this because I have visited your blog. Your articles are not well formatted and blog has a lot of free space. So use your free space to get fruit.

Thanks for your comment

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