Create Custom Search Engine for Blogger and WordPress

There are many ways to create a custom search engine in WordPress and Blogger. In this post you will find two tips to create and add your own custom search engine in Blogger and WordPress. So we are discussing two platforms but later we will find two out of three ways can also work for any other website too, which is not a WordPress Website or not hosted on Blogger. Below are details to add Custom Search Engine.



Hard Way to Create Custom Search Engine for AnyWebsite

As I mention it is hard way to add CSE on websites because in this way you will need to create a search engine in Google. But it has plenty of options available according to your needs. So let start work.

  • Go to CSE.
  • Then press the blue button Create a Custom Search Engine.
  • Log in using your existing gmail account.

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Now here you can start making your custom search engine. Type your website’s address in box under heading “Sites to search”

Note: If you want your visitors when search on your website they only get results from your own website then proceed to the next step otherwise if you want your visitors will have results from multiple websites then you can add another website on the second line. E.g; Do not type 2nd web address on the same line. So you can add more websites you like for.

After that select a language. And leave Name option as it is and click “Next” You will find a code on the next page. Now copy the code and paste it where ever you want to display search engine on your website.

Easy Way to Show CSE on your Website

Easiest way to show Custom Search Engine on your website is copy the code below and paste it on your website, where ever you want to display Custom Search Engine

<form action = “ ” method = “get”> <input class = “textinput” name = “q” size = ” 25 “type =” text “/> <input value=”search” class=”buttonsubmit” name=”submit” type=”submit”/> </ form>

Replace the red highlighted website link with your own website link. And if you want to modify the length of the Search Engine box then you can modify red highlighted 25 according to your requirements. The greater the number means an increase in length of the search box. In this way you can only add one domain search engine.

How to Add Custom Search Engine Code in Blogger

Follow below steps to add code in your Blogger Template.

  • Login in to your Blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Layout.
  • Click on “Add a gadget”
  • Then Select “HTML”
  • And Paste copied code into it and press Save.

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How to Add Custom Search Engine in WordPress

Follow below steps to add CSE code in WordPress

  • Login in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on “Appearance”
  • Now go to widget area by pressing “Widget” button
  • Now Add a “Text Widget”
  • And Paste copied code into it.
  • Select area and click Save.

If you opt in the first method for creating custom search engine then you have more options to modify the theme and functionality of google’s CSE by visiting control panel option of your Custom Search Engine Manage options.


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  1. I might incorporate something like this to my blog. I need to think about it. On one hand, it would be very convenient for people to have the search bar right there. On the other hand, most browsers have google search built in right now. Chrome has joined the URL/search bar into one, and Safari has its own Google search on the side.

    Either way, I like this idea. Thanks for explaining it, and if I do use it, I will be sure to let you know what the experience is!

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