4 Websites to Check Copyright Content


4 Websites to Check Copyright Content

This is a critical issue if Google bots found duplicate and copyrighted content on your website or blog. As we all aware of copying of copyrighted material are crime so we should not copy any other website’s content. I want to highlight some ways to check the theft material from your website. And also many of webmasters offer guests posting in order to boost up blogging experience and make some sense to take part in the race of PR ranking in Google. But most of them are not aware of the best way to check whether the same content is a copyrighted material or not.


Okay let me tell you the way of how you can check the copyright content published from your website or you can verify whether a guest post is a copyrighted material from any other website before published on your website. There are many websites which are offering services to check the copyright and pilgrimage.

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Websites To Check Copyright Pilgrimage Material

  • www.google.com
  • www.duplichecker.com
  • www.copyscape.com
  • www.plagspotter.com

From above listed website Google search engine is the best way to check the copyright and pilgrimage. You just only need to search same paragraph of your article. You can search different lines of your article from top middle and from last paragraph in order to check whether someone copied your material or not. This procedure is also helpful for those who want to verify a guest post is a copied version or original one. Here I want to mention if you enclosed your searching paragraph or line in inverted commas then Google will provide you result of exact searched paragraph details.

The second listed website also provide your details by following the same way as mentioned above. So you have more option to verify your content.

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Third and fourth above listed websites work is different from other. You only need to enter your website or page URL to check your words are appearing on other blogs or websites. I hope these links will definitely help you find the thieves. So if you found a thief then you definitely have two options available. One is you can contact to that person who uses your written copyrighted material for the content removal. And if he agrees to remove all theft words then its fine otherwise second option is always available for you or you can use it straight away. A second option is you can make a complaint against the thief. Google has no tolerance for those who are not following fair rules of webmaster world so submit a Google DMCA complaint. It is a lasting solution to make things work for you.

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  1. Fantastic article.
    I have one query,
    If i can copy the words for another website it’s better or should not?
    Please help me.
    Thanks for sharing the article.

    • Copying words is somehow not a big problem. But copying whole phrases, articles, images and videos are not advisable until unless you have proper permission from the original content writer.

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